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Here I am, presenting you the review of another of those Limited Edition thinglets by our local McDonald's.
Today good ol' Ronald sent me to Japan... As if I could refuse XD

The special edition of this exotic burger features special bread sprayed with poppy seeds, a deep fried burgher made with minced shrimps and a special citrous pink sauce (that in Japan is called "Aurora Sauce", as if it's something that we use in Italy :'D):

It was actually pretty good. A balanced mix of sour, sweet and salad, with that "fishy" touch typical of McDonald's.
Some lamented the lack of sauce. Personally, the less sauce in a burger, the higher my hope to taste actual food XD Many sauces tend to cover all the flavours, and pink dip is not really one of my favourite flavours, so the fact that I could "feel" the cruchiness of the salad and the flavour of the shrimps was a blessing for my tastebuds.
To be honest I couldn't tell if the "raw material" of the "shrimpburger" tasted any different from the McLobster that was imported from Canada the previous year, but the overall impression was quite positive.
It was a fresh, light and easy to digest burger, and in this sense it did remind me of the Japanese cousine... Even if by now my image of the Japanese McDonald's is forever stained by the WTFness of the squid ink of the Halloween Menu x'D

...And this is all! Hopefully I'll update this place more frequently now!
I know you miss me and you can barely live without me x'D

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