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Damn, I love the characters of Meguru T^T !!!

It's so hard to find a cool female character that goes beyond the usual stereotypes of shounen manga, and then you find such gems, where characters have various intriguing facets and are overall awesome in all their aspects.
Maki is my absolute favourite!!

Rough scanlation by me!
--My heart is saddened by the fact that the next one is going to be the last volume D':

Besides, I should hurry and share my thoughts about the current anime season too!
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In these days I'm extraordinarily pissed off, bothered and unmotivated, so I just used my free time to finally update my website!

Here you can find an article about my favouritest sport comic 'til now, All-Rounder Meguru. Please go and read! Hopefully you'll get hooked to it too ^_^
Aaah, volume 8 is going to be finally released on February T_T Can't wait T_T;

Also, I was thinking about adding Crows x Worst to the list-- But I don't know, it looks quite popular already, at least online D: ...Yet, I wanted to give my contribution ;_;

...Bah, I'm going to watch some anime, I need to catch up.
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See that my loyalty finally paid off? For once the Italian release of All-Rounder Meguru was faster than the scanlations, ahah XD
This volume was dedicated mostly to the female characters of the series and their recent fights! Under the cut for a tiny review and pics of our heroines in action :D )

Finally, ch.166 of Kuroko no Basket was released >o< !!
I was already amusing over the whole "Murasakibara started to play seriously because he couldn't get over the tears of Himuro-san" thing, but this last chapter, showing the combined efforts of Murasakibara and Himuro acting and figfhting ike proper teammates made this pairing really grow on me :D
I mean, I still think that Murasakibara is ALL KIND OF CREEPY, and Yosen looks like a club of Emo Boys (well, with the exception of "gorilla" Okamura XD), but at least I like to see the Murasaki/Himuro interaction x3 !

Also, apparently the charts of the Summer Anime Season are out and-- I'll probably shock you, but I think that I'm going to watch ONLY ONE ANIME for this series, said Moyashimon Returns, 'cause I just adored the first series ^_^
At this point I'm sick of the "moe Sengoku" concept, so I don't really think that I'm going to waste my time with stuff like Oda Nobunaga no Yabou-- I mean, I'm still watching Sengoku Collection out of duty, I can't stand this crap anymore =_=; This one seems set as a harem anime too, so GO FIGURE MY BOREDOM.
To say the truth, I'm also intrigued by Kingdom, but all in all I'm not a fan of Chinese history, so I guess that I'll give it a try only if I'll feel extra lonely of anime action XD
As usual, what about you guys?

--And now I'm going to watch Dr House on TV :3 !
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Aaah, so many things to talk about... But I forgot almost everything, ahah XD

First of all, Area no Kishi:
It's so depressing, there's no doujin about this series, and even pixiv is quite empty T_T

Then, did you check Naruto ;o; ?! I'm in awe, in AWE! are we going to get more ItaSasu moments..? I bet that Kishimoto is just shitting us, I guess that in next chapter Itachi will go to face Kabuto as Sasuke goes to Naruto ^_^;
I was happy to see more Karin (LOL, WTF? I hope that the whole "I still like Sasuke, so coool!" thing was part of her act ^_^;) and Suigetsu, ahah <3 Aww, Suigetsu, you should just admit that you want to break Sasuke/Karin because you like pink-haired cuties XD <3
Anyway-- Yeah, I don't want another fight between Sasuke and Itachi é_è ...

Also, a few days ago I managed to buy my "real life" comics :3
CESTVS vol.15 )

And to end this post, the news said that bad weather is coming again T_T The cold is hailing from North Europe, now... NUOOOOOO T___T;; !!
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I purchased some new manga today :D


--Damn, this time the scanlators were faster than the Italian official releases >_<# But I managed to not peek, so I still enjoyed my stuff è_é/
Also, to Teap attention:
Romae Termae's bookmark, LOL XD
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--Besides eating celebrating my mum's birthday, yesterday I read some new stuff∼
I couldn't write this earlier 'cause I was too full of octopus and exhaustion D:


--To have the actual comic in your hands is just so much better than reading it online.
The quality is better, the overall view and perception of the page's layouts is, as it is the whole "experience".
I'm sorry for the trees, but nothing will ever beat the simple pleasure of flipping throught paper pages...
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So, SuperComic City is over and I couldn't buy anything ;_; It's really a bad period for purchasing through an agent, isn't it ;_; ? *hugs [livejournal.com profile] ceasefire*

Anyway! Yesterday I got some good stuff! So I managed to go at work with a smile on my face despite the terrible 1500-2200 shift--
All Rounder Meguru #3 )
Shigurui #15 )
PuchiEva - R-Style 1.5 (Rei) figurine )

To top everything with a cute cherry, I was rushing to work when I spotted a suspicious pack in the courtyard-- LOL, the postman threw it in 'cause it was too big for the mail-box XDD
...My copy of Lychee Light Club arrived yesterday afternoon!!
Click here and read the details of my amusement-- )

And that's all for now, my friends-- Now it's really time for me to update Verflucht and Sameyome, isn't it >_>; ..?
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Today was my day off ;_;
I finished to sketch the doujinshi and I sketched some pics... I was supposed to work on my webcomics but I FAILED ;_;

So, months ago I opened a Group over DEVART dedicated to the protagonists of fighting series, and of course OCs are welcome too.
Recently it became a sort of trashbin for artworks featturing chicks punching each other in their boobs :/ I'm not amused.
I'm a fan of hentai, and I like some ecchi now and then, but I'm pretty disgusted by the way some persons got a hard-on watching girls fight. And it's not nice fighting, it's obviously some porn-service.
When I was into wrestling I was extremely bothered by that "Diva" phenomenon; I'm not the kind of person who has random feminist resurgences about every single masculine fetishism, or thinks that showing a butt or boobs is somehow lesive of female dignity, but these kind of things really bother me, probably because they're not offending only women but also the dignity of the sport itself, by turning it into some kind of grotesque strip-tease.

So, besides some Mutou in his karategi hotness, I decided to draw some (adorable) female characters from one of my favourite sport series about fighting, All-Rounder Meguru ^_^
An unleashed dog and some serious submitting! )
--Dealing with the poses was pretty bothering XD
The boys's come straight from the manga, but for Maria and Maki I used this ref pic :3
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Just a mini-update to tell you guys that today I went to the doctor for the last check and it seems like tomorrow I can go to work.


Fun moment:
Dae: --So, I'll be back tomorrow.
Supervisor: YAY!
Dae: I'm calling 'cause I wanna know my shift.
Supervisor: Uh... The fact is that...
Dae: ..?
Supervisor: We didn't get your shifts ready yet :D
Dae: D:
Dae: S..So, what am I supposed to do?
Supervisor: Ok-- You choose your shift.
Dae: Uh, ok... What about a honest 7-11?
Supervisor: We can do that.

I just hope that tomorrow I go there at 7 am and they DON'T come with a

Supervisor: Uh... What are you doing here?

Don't look at me like that... THEY DID IT.

Anyway, since I recovered, the grand ball to get money from the insurance can start!
I'm accepting bets: how long it'll pass before I'll manage to get my monies? I'm going to bet 1 year!

Then some manga updates/recs:
  • I searched high and low, but I finally managed to get my hands on the scanlation of Curo-chan no Yuuutsu
    It's really stupid, ahahah XD Anyway, in case you wanna see the first time ever that a cat-boy DOES a dog-boy, you can get the download from here [shota alert]. Enjoy!
  • Two new chapters of All Rounder Meguru are out-- YAY! I hope to get steady releases of this series, it looks greater and greater (and full of ero fun!)... Released by Kotonoha.
  • I found a yaoi shota Maria-holic doujinshi D: Mariya gets to molest father Kanae (and Matsurika, too!) and go unpunished∼! Released by EXmanga [shota alert]
  • Yaoi rec #1: Aitsuno Daihonmei ('His Most Favourite') by Tanaka Suzuki, scanlated by Zama; Yoshida is the ugliest boy in the class (he looks a lot like Kaiji :'D), but for some reason the beautiful (yet sadistic) Satou is interested in him-- Is it just to bully him, or there's something else about this bothering interest?
  • Yaoi rec #2: Bukiyo na Silent ('Awkward Silence') by Takanaga Hinako, scanlated by Dangerous Pleasure; the adventures of an unexpressive boy who got a declaration from his secret-crush-since-first-year∼
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I sketched more pics (instead of working on those that are still on stand by XD)--
A shounen-packed update, with Takashi from 'All Rounder Meguro' and Kakugo from 'Kakugo no Susume'... )

Reminder for tomorrow:
- Scan the promised Gimmy/Rossiu stories from Rossipara (If you're interested, I'll post them directly over [livejournal.com profile] gurren_lagann, not here);
- Finish the Hijikata/Okita pic;
- Finish the remake picture;
- Post more old pictures (I found some rarities! Like my first Rei Ayanami fanart EVER and my first actual Yaoi pic ;o; !!)

OHSHI- I forgot that tomorrow is Friday! It means that I have to update The Bride of the Shark too D:
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I still can't believe it--
Hiroki Endo is releasing a martial arts manga?! OH MY GAWD, I LOVE THIS MAN.

I've always been a rabid fangirl of Endo works, 'cause this author seems to think in a way very similar to mine, keeping to push all the good buttons∼ And now he's working on a sport manga ;_; It's simply GREAT! (Yeah, in this period I'm pretty fond of martial arts series, as you can spot from my manga!MAL list)

Of course I instantly fell in love with his typical "cold and detached character", Takashi:


...Oh, yeah.
The manga is All Rounder Meguro, here


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