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--I can find a moment to talk about the adventure of the recent LuccaComics&Games only now XD

Under the cut for Usamaru Furuya, JoJo and cosplay pics! )

--And now I'm off to catch all the anime episodes that I left behind-- AAARGH D'x !
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Returning from these 4 days of Romics, I'm here to share my experience this year, a bit different from the usual as I happened to assist in the gunpla section of Toys Hunter stand :D
A collaboration with the usual GIC, I was there with other members of the club to talk about Gundam and rec some cool kits to the people passing by and checking out the gunpla :3

As usual, under the cut for more and pics! )
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So, as you may imagine, the past weekend I attended Romics as usual-- I was supposed to have some strategic shopping and enjoy some events but NO, I just met with my GIC friends for some promotional cosplay of sort-- It's been fun, as we got to meet lots of new Gundam fans and take idiotic pictures, but I missed my otaku activities T^T Yeah, cosplaying can be quite a bother-- But as it's the main feature of my con attendance, I'll just bother you about how I fixed my "old" costume into a fancier one!
As you know, Kycilia Zabi is my favourite female character of the series, if possible, my favourite female character of the whole saga, all the AU, spin-offs and alternative timelines involved-- )
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Ok, I've been so busy in these past days that I don't even-- I post this now, so late it's almost a crime, but it's a matter of now or never!

So, on Sunday 6, I attended my second day of Romics, the one dedicated to my friends meeting and cosplay.
--From the pic above you can tell why I hate Sundays...


And, well, this is all :Q
...See you again on October XD
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So, a few days ago I've been to the first event of the Italian Gundam Club to celebrate the 35 years of Gundam.
--To be honest, I could stay for so little that I didn't manage to attend any discussion or even check the exhibition properly...But let's go in order. )

For the making of this post I have to thank my fellow gundamaniac (and Zeon follower XD) Emiliano, who kindly let me use the pictures that he took at the exhibition.
You can check the rest of the pictures on his account!
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This year I skipped my regular Valentine's pic 'cause I was looking forward to today!
Who needs to feel RONERY when you can get Free! cosplay action in real life ^o^/ ?!

"Hey Nagisa! Wanna try out my mackerel..?"
Under the cut for the event, pics and lots of cosplays!! )
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Yeeeh, I'm finally here with my report on Ludica XD
I never visited this event, but the guys of the Gundam Italian Club told me about it and their attendance there, so I decided to join the fun :D

For the sake of credit, some of the pictures that I used on this post came from the websites of both the Gundam Italian Club and Gundam Dipendente. Make sure to check them out, expecially for the pictures of gunpla and such ^_^ !

Under the cut for your Dae dealing with her first gunpla, LEGO craziness behind The Wall, nazis, garibaldinos, gladiators and even FUCKING FURRIES--! )

Oh, well, and that's all :D
It's been an extremely fun day and I was really happy to have met all the people that I just knew online 'til then ^_^ I'll make sure to attend this convention again next year, now that I know about it ^o^ !
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--Ok, I'm taking care of this, it's now or never x'D
I'M SO LATE WITH ALL MY PROJEEEECTS! My webcomics, the promised porn-- I'm also behind on my anime watchlist! And I've been out for just less than two days, LOL!

This year I attended the infamous Lucca Comics to meet with some friends, but fortunately I also managed to attend some events and mind my own business (XD)
It's been a convention filled with regrets, 'cause I did only less of half the things that I wanted to do--But let's go in order! )

I don't know if I'll manage to go again next year... I was lucky 'cause I got some days of vacation in that period and my parents were up for a Pisa tour and some nice food, so I could get a free ride there, otherwise it's such an expensive trip :/ I guess that for now I'll just stick to Romics and other events nearby T_T; ... One thing is sure: ONE DAY IS NOT ENOUGH. NEVER.
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--Also if it's not really a report on the convention, since I could attend only one day and it was A FUCKING SUNDAY.

--Why do I hate to go on conventions on Sunday? Simple:
- The place is completely CROWDED, since it's a festive day.
- It's the last day of the convention, so the most of the cool stuff was sold already.

This year I didn't have much to buy, I just wanted to get a few comics at a discounted price... Well, NO. The place was so packed with people that I could barely look at the shelves, so for the first time in my life, I got back from Romics WITH MY HANDS EMPTY ;_;
Next year I'll have to attend at least two days, no matter what. And one MUST BE a thursday.

Anyway, the main reason for my attending on sunday was because of the JoJo cosplay group ♥
We JoJo fans got to meet on Deviantart, then Facebook, and we decided to create a huge JoJo group for sunday XD
It was really fun ^0^
Under the cut for your 'Gappy' Dae XD )
Of course more pictures were taken, expecially once the group was completed! Once the others will put their shots online I'll make sure to share ^_^

Shocking news were the fact that the Romics Cosplay Award, the cosplay contest held at the end of the convention was aired on TV ò_o
There was this huge and cool stage with lights and cameras everywhere... It sure was a stunning set, but the audience was a bit bothered by all filming tools in front of the stage covering the view, and the terrible TV format needs-- Like the pauses when extra clips were supposed to be on screen, or when we had to remake scenes 'cause the applause wasn't loud enough-- LOL.
Despite all the bother, though, I managed to watch the whole thing 'til the end, so to see who won the tickets for the Eurocosplay in London and the World Cosplay Summit in Nagoya, besides the other winners∼
All in all it's been fun also if unsatisfying XD

...And now I'm off to watch ALL THE ANIME that came out yesterday ;_;# Wish me luck, UGH.
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--I wasn't supposed to attend this convention, but since a co-worker of mine bought some Catwoman costume and never managed to wear it properly, I suggested to go there and-- I had to go with her XD
So I dusted off my Scarecrow mask and offered her my arm!
I was quite wary about it, but I'm glad that I managed to buy some nice stuff and met some nice people :DDD I also had lots of fun with my co-worker and her boyfriend!
Now, let's get to the pictures and stuff! )

I have so many other reports to do (I visited quite a few exhibitions in Rome!), and manga to talk about (I finally bought All Rounder Meguru vol.8 and the first Gundam - The Origins databook---I mean guys, there's a WHOLE PAGE about Garma's hair and the hot oyaji from Zeon, I gotta share such things!!!) but I'm dealing with some family issues and I can find a minute to work on them ;_; I hope things will get better soon..!
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People: so Dae, in these days you worked on The Groom of the Shark and Tra i Fiori updates, right? You got plenty of time..!
Dae: Uhm... No, I didn't ._. ...
People: WT-- We guess that you wantched anime all the time, then?!
Dae: ...It's not the case ._. ...
Dae: I worked on this:

..But you still love me, right ;3; ..?
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--Apparently nobody wished me luck last time, so I managed to write about the Gundam Bars of Nagoya only today D:
Please, go and enjoy my reports on Sieg Zeon and Quattro Vageena (sigh!) bars :D

Also, I should work on SameMuko update, but guess what? I'm going to take a shower and later I'll start working on my Nobunaga tribute *_* *inspiration*
--I'm thinking of turning my recent Nobunaga Tour experience into a whole website∼ And this time I won't ask you to wish me luck, since you suck at it XD
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--Ok, you know what? Today Romics was over, I took over 100 pictures of cosplays of AWESOME but-- I'm sleepy and I want to go to bed, so just enjoy the pictures of MY OWN shit XD
My Cosplay - Scarecrow (Batman Begins) )
--And a little present for M3n747∼ )
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--I'm a bit late today XD But at least, this time, I properly resized the pics :'D

Convention )
Cosplays )
Meetings )

My cosplay - Kycilia Zabi (Gundam -THE ORIGINS-) )

And that's all for today :D
Tomorrow will be the last day of the convention, the one with the most cosplayers because of Nagoya Cosplay Summit's selections, so expect a good number of cool pictures >0< !!
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Today I attended the first day of Romics comic/games convention :D
I'm quite sleepy, so I'll go with pictures and fast commentaries ;D

Convention )
Cosplays )
Conferences & meetings )

My cosplay - Tamiya Hiroshi (Litchi Hikari Club) )
My purchases! )

--And that's all, folks! Now, it's bedtime for me >3> !
I hope you enjoyed this tiny report of mine!
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An update is required, after yesterday I spent the whole day reading Batman/Nightwing fanfictions and watching Tsuritama--!

First, some of my manga!Kycilia's cosplay making of shots:
Pictures under the cut! )
Today I started to work on the cape, my costume is 40% made and there's so little time left T_T;;
I really hope that I'll be done with the cape/epaulette stuff today, so tomorrow I can focus on the stupid pants and the belt.
Wish me look and send me some positive vibes D'x

This said, look at what I got from Teap:
IT'S A CUTE ANTON CHARMIE ;o; !!! No idea of where to put it, but it's so cute T_T; And luck is quite nice too XD --Yes, I don't care if I have only one ♥ when it comes to love XD

I'm taking my scanner duties seriously, so here's volume 3 of Exoskull Zero for TDX to use :D
This came with a sketch by Yamaguchi <3 TOTAL LOVE, Ren is quite my type, so I'm glad to see him there, in all his sketchy glory *_*

And that's all for today!
My future plans involve: working on the cosplay, watch more Tsuritama and get more Batman/Nightwing ffics to read (if you have any rec feel free to leave 'em in the comments! I'm ok with every Batman/Robin combo, but my favourite Wonder Boy happens to be Dick ;3; ♥)--
Aaah, God bless days off <3 !!!

The weather is extra nice, too!
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As I told you here and there, sometimes I buy wigs.
I buy them for cosplay purposes, of course, cosplays that I promptly procrastinate XD
In these days I wondered a bit about some of them, and took some fail pictures for the sake of possible cosplays--

Char )
Itachi )

...Still, I wonder why I stuck to the "younger" versions of these characters despite my age.
I'm being delusional here, LOL XD

(Also, unfortunately the cosplay that I'd like to prepare for the upcoming Romics has nothing to do with these, LOL XD)
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First of all I decided to resume that yuri project that I told you a while ago--!
Reading that book about Tamara de Lempicka that I told you about yesterday really refreshed my inspiration; I decided to buy another book to get more details about her private life and her relationship with Rafaela, it looks like the kind of passionate, utilitaristic, distracting and bittersweet stuff that I like... Let's see if I can get something interesting out of it!

...Speaking of The Queen of Modern, I'm a bit bothered by the fact that there's lots of FRENCH QUOTES WITHOUT TRANSLATIONS.
I'm quite pissed at this kind of fake "intellectualism" that concerns art. I wanna UNDERSTAND what's written on this damn book, not feeling raffiné just because I'm reading stuff written in French!

...Mmmh... Should I give up and buy The Last Nude too ;_; ..? But I don't want Avery's vision to "stain" mine T_T;; !!


Then, I bought new mangas: the long waited first (HUGE) volume of Kagemaru Den, or what in Japan is called "Ninja Bugeicho Kagemaruden" (忍者武芸帳影丸伝), and the first volume of the new series of Cestvs, or what in Japan is called "Kendou Shitouden Cestvs" (拳奴死闘伝セスタス)...
Some quick impressions on both comics under the cut! )


--And I bought the new fabric for my next Romics cosplay :DDD
The white one is for my Kuranosuke's costume-- I wanna remake it because the fabric that I picked that time sucked a big one-- This one is much cuter and sturdier <3 !

--And that's all for now, now I'm off to dinner!
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So, I was telling Teap that I bought a white sweater out of my inner Kuranosuke's inspiration!
I decided to put up a little "cosplay showcase" to show her, but since I abused of make-up and photoshop enough, I decided to post everything here for your delight x'D

So much make-up that I felt my face explode-- )

--In the end I just realized that this is a report on my face and my horrible make-up and you can barely see a bit of the sweater.
Ugh >_>;


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