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Here I am, presenting you the review of another of those Limited Edition thinglets by our local McDonald's.
Today good ol' Ronald sent me to Japan... As if I could refuse XD
under the cut for pictures and MOAR! )

...And this is all! Hopefully I'll update this place more frequently now!
I know you miss me and you can barely live without me x'D
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So, I'm just back from a short trip to Florence, where I went to visit the Stibbert Museum, a little gem dedicated to armours and weaponry and all the other little fixations of Frederick Stibbert :D
Under the cut for my report and pics :D )

And, well, this is all :D
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Another report of my recent, usual walk in Rome-- Apparently in this period terrorism is spreading around the world in place of the usual flu, the FBI is saying that Rome will be targeted in the next days, personally I couldn't care less, I'll keep wearing my scarf rather than fear (as for umbrellas, the exterior decor supplies them)!
Under the cut for my random walks that led me to the Ghetto, Saint Peter's, checking out recently restored fountains, eating stuff and freezing up! )

Later in the evening I attended an interesting conference led by my friends Antonio and (newly-acquired XD) Francesca:
Under the cut for the report on this interesting introduction on Japanese gardens! )

And well, this is all for now, see you later!
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I spent the past three days in Brescia to meet with my dear friend Barbara and to visit the Expo of Milan--
--Here's a short report about my tour of the city, obviously filled with pictures! )
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The Expo brought another excuse for the release of random limited edition stuff to eat.
Here are the first experiments, that your Dae tried out for you <3

The first was the beer flavoured with ingredients typical of certain Italian regions by Moretti.
Out of the four choices I picked the Siciliana, flavored with orange blossoms ("Zagara"), and the Friulana, flavoured with Reinette apple ("Renetta").

If there's something that I can't stand is flavoured beer, so I picked what looked like the more incospicious flavours... Fortunately, though, the "alien flavours" are quite vague if not non-existant compared to the beer's, and the most that you notice is a peculiar note in their fragrance if smelled with attention.
It should have felt a bit like a fraud, but I was quite glad that my beer didn't taste like apple x'DDD
--Next time I'll try the Piemontese, flavoured with cranberries and rice!

The second new shit was a set of hamburgers by McDonald's!
Out of the two choices, I picked the Veggie, that sounded like something crazy XD The special edition burger is said to take inspiration from Indian cuisine (I wonder how, maybe just because Indian cooking is one with a strong Vegetarian tradition?) with an abuse of Italian flavours: so here's a "red pesto" sauce (I tasted some red peppers in there-- Yum...) and smoked scamorza cheese.
Guys, I devoured this stuff in a second ._. It was very good (for McDonald's standard, of course!) ;_; And when I went there again to try the Angus burger, I just gave up and took another Veggie ToT;
--These burgers will be available only 'til June 9... I'm waiting to see what will come next :DD
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--I don't know if the Muller uses such embarassing things only for the Italian market, but today I found this and I fantasized about an Indian cutie sitting on my knees T^T !
Yummy! )
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Speaking of my last trip to Sicily, here's the talking about the food that I promised you ;D
First of all-- )

--And that's it!
Damn, thinking about all that nice food, I got hungry again >3> ...
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I mean, something new XD

First of all, pimping two new articles over my Rome's blog.
This time I delivered promptly, so you can read something cool and detailed already ;D Here are the direct links to the posts dedicated to an exhibition at Quirinal palace and the report of the Railway Museum of Porta San Paolo :D

Under the cut for the rest :D )

--And, well, that's all for today!
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Yes, I presented myself a short trip to the hostile lands of the North! x'D
As Milan is the city of fashion, here I am in front of the Gucci store! --Mostly because it's the only picture with my deformed face in... )

--And here ends the chronicle of my (first ;D) adventures in Milan ^^ !
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For this new post about my whereabouts in Japan, I want to focus on the fun food that I tried during my travel.

Since the curiosity that inspired me the manga Ekiben Hitoritabi, I decided that I wanted to try some of the local bento sold at the main train stations on my way, plus I wanted to finish my tour of the Gundam Cafe and of course there would be always room for some WTF snack :D Long story short-- ITADAKIMASU! )

And that's all for this subject, see you next time with something about the "Nihon Sankei"... Get ready by googling it!
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..Yesterday I went to another walk around Rome XD
Sorry if I don't post anymore gay porn and the like T_T

Going back to the subject of this post, an interesting bit was that Piazza Venezia was a pedestrian area! OOOH, it was great! The whole Via dei Fori Imperiali and the square, free from the Roman traffic∼
We had to thank some demostration pro-Palestine... The whole place was packed with police, but honestly, it was a blessing.

Anyway, under the cut for some food spam and a bit of baroque! )

--And well, this is all, I'm going to watch my new episode of The Paradise now *_*
BBC is the best. Fullstop.
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Yesterday I enjoyed my evening at the European Heritage Days, but as I prepare an adequate post about it by managing my pictures first, I want to inform you guys about my recent food activities XD
Under the cut for Mc Donald's treats, Radler beer and my first try at lasagna with pesto sauce :D )
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Oh, Divi Princeps∼!
It's been lovely to spend the night with you∼
Even if you ditched me at the end D:

Yesterday I managed to organize myself with work and public transportations, so I enjoyed myself some of the events of this year to celebrate the 2000 years from Augustus' death.
When I say "Augustus" I mean the first Emperor of Rome-- Just saying XD

First, a concert in Latin on music from the Reinassance, following the tradition of Humanism and its love for classics∼
The authors were Tyrtarion, the "didactic orchestra" of Vivarium Novo, an Academy dedicated to the study of Latin, Greek and all their implications.
I took a video of the intro to the concert, a hymn to Venus by Lucretius. --Please, enjoy my efforts XD The place was crowded, and the best places were reserved for the "authorities" ;_;

The concert ended around 9 pm, after it I went to take a peek to the Ara Pacis.
On certain nights (yesterday was one) it's "lit up with colours" to show its (hypothetical) original look.
In fact, the monuments of Ancient Rome were mostly painted, not as white as we see them now.
As the ticket for this monument is kinda expensive and I visited it already recently, I limited myself to peek from the outside.
Fortunately the "showcase" designed by mister Meier lets the monument being perfectly visible even from the outside.

I found a promotional video on Youtube, you can see better details of the colours and statues here ^^

I had lunch at a McDonald's (how sad x'D) around there-- It was another fulfilling experience, 'cause I managed to finally try that damn pasta salad that they do on summer!
The sauce was made with cherry tomatoes, olives and peppers. It was pretty decent.
Together with it I ordered some mini panzerotti, they were delicious ;o; ! It's the kind of crap that I can easily get addicted to T_T; !! --I EVEN GOT TO KNOW THAT THEY ARE SOLD IN A BOX WITH OTHER SIMILAR SNACKS!!!! I WANT THAT, AND I'M NOT GOING TO SHARE AT AAAALL!!!!

So, all the ingredients were there to grant me a special evening but-- I couldn't manage to reserve a ticket for the show on the Imperial Forum of Augustus ;_;
Basically, it's a documentary about Augustus and his times, projected on a (huge) wall of the site.
--As I couldn't enjoy the show, I just stood there looking at the projections for a bit, then I got home ;_;
To give you an idea (that surely you won't get from my shitty picture XD)I found another promotional video of the event, you can watch it here :D
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It's been a while since I enjoyed some sushi, so yesterday I finally managed to go with some co-workers to a restaurant around here that a friend suggested to us...
Under the cut for some pics! )

...Even if not "strictly Japanese", I really enjoyed my meal here! I hope to have the chance to go there again, and try more sushi places with my friends ^_^ !

PS: I'm writing this the morning after and I'm still digesting ;_;
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Time ago I stumbled over a Japanese blog talking about food (unfortunately I didn't save the link Dx) and a post talked about the snacks to eat during a matsuri.
I thought that it was really interesting, so today I decided to show you what there's to eat during our town festival here in Fiumicino ^_^
I mean, it's probably nothing exotic and you guys eat that too, but-- who knows!
Under the cut for pics and explanations! )

And now I leave you with some random pictures of the docks.
I find fishing boats really cool :o !

Under the cut, again! )
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Yesterday, profitting of an unfortunate misunderstanding where Babi ditched me in the park of Villa Borghese, I decided to give a sense to my trip and take a touristic walk in Rome, as an excuse to gain material for a sort of "touristic blog" about this city that hopefully I could launch in the next days.
I'm probably being narrow-minded and pigheaded, but to me there will never be a city more beautiful than Rome.
I may understand that many persons would never get used to its sempiternal chaos, the way its citizens make fun of you, the WTFness of public transportations or the gipsy pickpocketers at the train stations, but let's be honest: walk around here and you'll always feel like you're part of a movie.
At a certain point you'll think "Is it possible to have all this beauty in just one spot?" and hopefully you'll forgive all the shit that you had to go through before you realized it--
Under the cut for bits of Villa Borghese, lunch at the Jewish Ghetto and MOAR Trastevere! )

And, well, that's all ^_^
I hoped that this tiny post charmed you at least a little bit!
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So, yesterday, profitting of the last day of sun 'til the end of the month (the so-called "The Days of the Blackbird" are coming ;_; !!), and most importantly, profitting of the free access to a majestic exhibition in Rome dedicated to Octavianus Augustus and the periodic Japanese market, I decided to go ahead and getting myself ready for an evening trip to my favourite city ^^
under the cut for the whole thing! )

And this is the end of a wonderful night in Rome :D
--Now I'm back to my everyday life T_T; *works on both The Groom of the Shark update and on commissions at the same time*

Aaah! Sic transit Gloria Mundi, my friends..!
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Yesterday I got to meet a Teap (;_; *grabby hands*) for our fujoshi meeting and we decided to try some popular places to eat here in Rome!

The first one that we checked (after Teap's SHAMEFUL DELAY OF +2 HOURS. All the internet must know about this.) was Gelato Bistrò:
This was crazy :DDDD It's a place that focuses on ice-cream, of course, but they make all kind of weird tastes, like gorgonzola, mortadella and whatever!
I got an "Aperisushi" (a sushi aperitive, featuring maki sushi, some crudities and special ice creams to your pick from the dedicated tastes) with sesame, ginger and wasabi ice creams, and later on we had a salty crepes (zucchini, cheese and smoked ham!) with gorgonzola cheese ice cream!
It was quite crazy, but it tasted really good, expecially if you ate the ice cream with the various stuff!
--One weird thing, the girl serving us kept suggesting me things that she didn't like XD I got the wasabi and gorgonzola stuff 'cause she recommended them, then when we were talking she was all "Oh, I hate the taste so I never tried it!" and I was like "--UH?!" x'DDD
Then when I told her that I hate spicy flavours she told me to try HABANERO ICE CREAM. And I was like "Are you trying to kill me or what..?" and refused QUITE ENERGICALLY.

I'm sure you'd like pictures. So here you go :D

Since there was still some room left in our stomaches, we went to Fa Bio to try one of their veggie smoothies.

The place was insanely crowded (we had to wait over 15 minutes to get our thingies), there were ingredients missing (so they couldn't make their 'signature smoothies' for us) and the place is extremely tiny and uncomfortable.
I got a really weird smoothie with cucumber, fennel and grapefruit. It tasted like a weird salad XD
The guys who served us were quite kind and friendly, but couldn't give us any suggestion for our alternative smoothies-- If my smoothie tasted horribly it was my fault for picking such ingredients (that I like very much, singularly taken XD) but why nobody told me hat I was doing a terrible mix?!
The answer I got to my "What do you suggest?" was "Whatever you like ^_^" so it was kinda pointless XD If I go somewhere I'd like to deal with the creativity of the owners, otherwise I can eat home XD
...Yet, I don't feel like not recommending it yet! Next time I'll be around there, I'll try it again, and maybe try one of their first courses dish... Assuming that I'll manage to get there before they run out of ingredients >_>; ..!

After the lunch, me and Teap were up for a visit to the Botanical Garden, but the lack of buses and the need to translate our shit in a nice mood, made us go back to our little park by the train station where I STRONGLY ENCOURAGED a Teap to translate me a comic to make up for her tardiness in the morning ;D

Have a shot of Teap using the Japanese dictionary of her cellphone like a boss (= "Umphf, Dae, what is it, I can't find iiit ;_; !")∼

In case you're curious, it's this comic here. I'm planning to scanlate it, after all of Teap's efforts! Look forward to it, please!

Now, besides what will be of me without my Teap, the real question is... What's the point of habanero ice cream ;_; ..?
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I was HORRIFIED by you guys' comments on my previous post.
To punish you adequately, here I am sharing my granma's recipes with you!

These are called 'saltimbocca'-- which can be translated as 'hopndamouth'... Can you guess why? )
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So, yesterday I went to check the Harley Davidson meeting here in Rome :3
I was lucky because the "headquarter" was in a close-by place here, Ostia. I went there yesterday with my father (on board of his BMW GT), we lolled, bought some shit and took tones of pictures ^_^

I uploaded everything here on my Facebook account :D
Everything is pretty much self-explanatory ^_^

I must admit that I'm not a huge fan of Harley Davidson motorcycles.
As I'm aware that for many persons that is THE motorcycle, I have different tastes in rides-- Yet, it was really cool to check it out! I love the world of motobikers, and it was lots of fun checking out the customization that everyone came up with to make their bikes unique ^_^
Besides, looking at the places that I'm familiar with OVERFLOWING with such huge and noisy bikes was a feast for the heart XD Some bikers were forced to come all the way to my tiny town too, since all the hotels by the headquarters were filled up. The B&B in front of my house hosted some of them (from North of Italy) and when I came home from work I always happened to meet this group of German bikers sharing part of my way home x'DD
...Today was their last day here, I already miss them all ;_;

Then, in the evening, we had dinner at a close-by restaurant with some of my parents' fellow motorbikers-- They are members of the BMW Motorrad Club, though XD --Besides my father, me and a few fanatics, nobody in the group was really amused to share half restaurant with Harleysts x'DDD

Again, here's a full-report of the stuff I delighted my tummy with on my food blog ;D

--And, well, now I'm off to watch anime XD


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