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Ok, guys, I'm doing my best trying to start the new year following all the required traditions-- So I hope that this year I'll manage to keep myself creatively busy as in these past two days XD
Above you can see what I managed to see of the first sun of the year XD I was at work early in the morning today, but unfortunately my job doesn't allow me to go around to check for good omens in the weather!

On top of it, I realized that my current cellphone is too old for the drivers of my PC so-- I took a picture of the picture XD Let's see this as my determination to work harder that usual to solve potential problems, as 2017 is the year of my Chinese Zodiac and I'm assumed to pay extra attention XD
More excting activities under the cut! )

And well, that's all XD Whenever I'll feel lazy again I'll take a peek at this post and force my brain to get into action-- So, see you later, and let's hope that this will be a nice, productive year!
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Damn, I almost forgot to update this, taken aback as I was with Tra i Fiori's shortie x'D ...Fortunately updating my DevArt account reminded me of this!

My friends, faithful readers, I'm happy to say that yesterday I finished my first gunpla kit, a Zaku II FS (Garma Zabi Custom)!
--Here he is in all its perplexity after my shabby (but passionate!) job... OMG, I LOVE IT x'DDDDDDDDDD ♥

Under the cut for my last tasks on the kit and details! )

Now that this report is over I'm fully aware of how vague it's been XD
Thank you for keeping up with me in these days x'D !
And see you again for Char's Zaku ♥
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Sorry if I'm being monothematic, but besides working on webcomics updates, waiting for the payment of commissions and adding Buddy Complex to my watchlist, I didn't do much XD

So here are gunpla updates!
Today my fingers were still hurting, so I decided to protect my cute fingertips like this:
Aww, who's going to offer me a job as a princess..? )
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Yesterday I skipped the daily report on gunpla, so today I'll just show you what I did yesterday, when I finally managed to buy all that fiiiiiiine sandpaper that I needed to fix the crap that I did the day before!
Can you tell the difference from the different grits of the sandpaper above? I couldn't XD ! But look at how amazing this stuff is *_* ... )

After I got the hang of it, yesterday night I procedeed at a slow but sure pace and managed to sand and fix the legs and the bust of the gunpla :3
Today I wanted to work on the head but since yesterday I got a cut on my thumb I couldn't work properly and I preferred to rest >_>; Tomorrow I'm gonna try to work on the other parts and try to finish the whole thing :D

I'll try to keep you updated, so look forward to it ^_^ !
Also if I know that you really won't, awwww x'D
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My friends, the fated day has come.

The day your Dae entered a new level of geekness and started to build her first gunpla.
A friend gave me these two lovely zakus ♥ to pay me for my services as comic artists for a collaboration. --They are Char and Garma' Custom Zaku nonetheless ♥ So now I can even pair them up in mobile suit version, ahahah x'D

They are pretty easy to build, they said, so there wouldn't be problems. THEY SAID. )


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