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New volume of Exoskull Zero, new character revealed!
This time it's the turn of Exoskull Raiden--! )

Aaah, only one volume left! It's going to be released on May... Can't wait for it T^T !!
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My friends!
Today I got to buy the 5th volume of Exoskull Zero, that as you know, it's been released in Italy for my infinite joy.
I was looking forward to this volume because, if you remember, this was the one that featured the return of Harara into the story (Exoskull Zero is a sequel of Kakugo no Susume [aka Apocalypse Zero in the USA])!

All the truth about Harara in this sequel under the cut! )
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I finally got my Kakugo Pack from Japan!
Here's a report on my MFC's blog as I let Harara-sama unwrap it!
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--These two series have lots of similar bits.
I was trying to not post about it, but then-- Why not? It's fun how every blogger is talking about Go Nagai's humor when all of it was already digested by Yamaguchi waaaay earlier!

Under the cut for scenes, characters and details! )

--And this is all for now :P
If I'll find further similarities, I'll make sure to bother you all with these unpopular fandoms of mine∼

...But what I'm saying. I'll do it anyway XD !
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How lame of me T_T

I was working on the updates of my website when, working on the Exoskull Zero article as I looked for pics, I realized that the guy on volume 5's cover is-- MY BEAUTIFUL HARARA ;_; !!!

...I mean, at least he looks like Harara XD
I investigated, and he's actually called "Arahito Oni".
I'm not sure if he's still related to Kakugo (I spy the kanji for "little brother" over there, but I have no idea of how it relates to the rest of the sentence, LOL XD) but he's still a hermaphrodite (well, Harara was a transexual, not a hermaphrodite, technically speaking) and he still wears Kasumi-- FUCK, WHY IS NOBODY SCANNING THIS DAMN MANGA?! WHERE ARE YOU, BASTARDS!!!!!??!!!

Since I couldn't live with so little infos, I investigated the Harara matter on intraweb through Japanese blogs-- And this is one of the most important evidences that I found:
So he IS a hermaphrodite ;3; ♥
It's also confirmed that he may be Kakugo's brother here too. Japanese is a MEH language, so they can say stuff without making you understand what they're saying, so it's all vague and such, but it's probable that the "little brother" that Harara is talking about to Ren in this chapter may be Kakugo.
Also, he's not called Harara yet, they just use that "Arahito Oni", which vaguely translates as "Human Demon", the nickname that Harara had back in Susume days...
I don't know you guys, but I love where this shit is going ;_; ♥
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--I'm sickly ;_; I don't wanna go back to work on monday ;_; *sneezes*

Anyway, since I'm very bored but also very weak and such, and I have no motivation EVER to work on something productive, today I finally decided to update my showcase with some stuff that I got in the last months and left there in their boxes 'cause my room was (is!) still a mess and didn't want to deal with it.

First of all, my Rei Ayanami collection, the very heart of my collection:
I finally managed to count them all, I reached the 59 Rei's figures :o !
Considering that I started to buy them back in 2001 and only recently I got to know the joys and pains of online shopping, it's a nice booty.
FUN FACT! The Rei dressed as police officer in a black uniform is a wrong item! Actually I ordered the one with the blue uniform.
When I enquired FromJapan about it, well aware that it was an error of the shop and not theirs, they told me that to get money back I had to return the item at my expenses; but I didn't want my money back, I wanted the right figure XD So I suggested that I could send the wrong item at my expenses and the least that they could do was sending me the right item at their expenses: they said that they couldn't do that, that I had to pay also the the shipping of the right item-- OOOOOH GUYS. I just gave up and kept that horrible policeman in mourning clothes >_>;
I really believe that the guys from FromJapan have to think of something about such accidents, it's not as if we international buyers can be always the fools who have to pay for everything, even for other people's errors :/

Oh, well.

The other thing to show you is what I like to call my "Badass Shelf" x'DD
I'm satisfied by how I managed to fit all that shit there :D
This contains figures and gashapon from some of my favourite series-- WORST, Shigurui, Kakugo no Susume, Gundam... The last additions feature stuff from some other beloved series-- You can't spot them really well in the picture, but I got this complete collection of gashapon of Kamui Gaiden, these two action figures from the same franchise and this cute Alphas action figure from Zetman, a series that apparently I'm the only one who loves x'DDD

And well, that's all XD
Now I'm hopefully waiting for other stuff, but the most of them will arrive on December (LOL, Surface Mail x'D)... Hopefully I'll post again earlier than that, though x'D
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This morning I received my Limited Edition Kakugo figuart!!!
--Under the cut for review and pics! WITH HIS BIG BRO, TOO! )
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--Well, guys, you know. Better late than never!

Yes, sometimes I go to conventions for socializing purposes too.
In this period, as you should know by now, I'm pretty hyped by Hiroshi Takahashi's mangas, so time ago I joined this Italian forum about the subject and-- I found some new friends ;_;
Unfortunately everyone is gloriously scattered all over the country, so it's extra difficult to meet T_T For this edition of the Romics some of them managed to come, though! The pic above shows the only ones of us who were dressed in a WORST theme XD Another girl was featuring an Adventure Time cosplay (everyone recognized her and we kept on being the obscure morons, LOL), two other members were dressed normally (it's weird that I have to specify this...) and there was a Teap, too XD !

Convention's overview )
My cosplay: Fujishiro Takumi (WORST) )
My purchases )

My experience in a comic-maker's reality show X'D (everything was so embarassing I wanted to disappear) )

--And that's all :D
See you later to talk about anime! 'Cause your overly busy Dae here managed to catch up with all the anime that she wantd to check on during this season!
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Time for a legit Figure post!
Please, realize that this post is going to be PAINFULLY image heavy.

First! A few days ago I finally managed to buy my cute little (well, not so little--) glass showcase from IKEA for the joy of my cute figures!
You can see under the cut how I gracefully arranged all of them. )

This said, this morning I also received the Baki figure that Truhania from Boxers&Rice presented me for Christmas!
He's so nice T_T; Not only he requests lots of commissions everytime, but he also needed to present me this cute little jewel-- T_T;

More shots under the cut! )--Isn't it plain adorable ;_; ..?

Then, all this talking about Reis and figures made me want to compose a tiny wishlist of all the things that I'd like to acquire in the next future (don't worry, there's still space in the showcase >D)--
Under the cut for Dae's Figure Wishlist∼ )

--And now I'm off to read more Crows∼!
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An update is required, after yesterday I spent the whole day reading Batman/Nightwing fanfictions and watching Tsuritama--!

First, some of my manga!Kycilia's cosplay making of shots:
Pictures under the cut! )
Today I started to work on the cape, my costume is 40% made and there's so little time left T_T;;
I really hope that I'll be done with the cape/epaulette stuff today, so tomorrow I can focus on the stupid pants and the belt.
Wish me look and send me some positive vibes D'x

This said, look at what I got from Teap:
IT'S A CUTE ANTON CHARMIE ;o; !!! No idea of where to put it, but it's so cute T_T; And luck is quite nice too XD --Yes, I don't care if I have only one ♥ when it comes to love XD

I'm taking my scanner duties seriously, so here's volume 3 of Exoskull Zero for TDX to use :D
This came with a sketch by Yamaguchi <3 TOTAL LOVE, Ren is quite my type, so I'm glad to see him there, in all his sketchy glory *_*

And that's all for today!
My future plans involve: working on the cosplay, watch more Tsuritama and get more Batman/Nightwing ffics to read (if you have any rec feel free to leave 'em in the comments! I'm ok with every Batman/Robin combo, but my favourite Wonder Boy happens to be Dick ;3; ♥)--
Aaah, God bless days off <3 !!!

The weather is extra nice, too!
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I was complaining about the lack of Exoskull scans a few days ago, and guess what? This morning the guys over TDX released the whole volume 1! ASSASDGFGFGHGH!!!
Of course it's getting THE WORST REVIEWS EVER on Batoto, but I wasn't expecting anything less from a bunch of worthless brats who never had the chance to enjoy that pure WTF which were manga in the '70s (GO NAGAI I'LL LOVE YOU FOR EVER!) XD
What can I say about this volume? It's pretty obvious that working on Shigurui for so long touched Yamaguchi-sensei deeper than he thought-- It's also a crude, pessimistic story, but I still love the author's "stoic" morale and anachronistic views on stuff. Yes, I do.
--AND I FUCKING LOVE TAKERU. I-I can sympathize so much with him T_T; ! The way he decided to protect the "demonic" humans isn't a great turn of events? He decided to fight for and protect those who really treasure their survival and life ;_; ..!
--Also, I cried a bit at the afterwords at the end of the volume ._. --I WANT TO HUG YAMAGUSHI-SENSEI SO BADLY T_T; ..!

--Damn, I hope that volume 2 will be released shortly T_T; (if it'll ever been released, given the shitty reviews T_T;) It's when things turn interesting, with the introduction of SASASDFSDFSO HOT ANTAGONIST REN and CUTE FEMALE PROTAGONIST RIKKA (and did I tell you that Ren has a cute little sister?..!) ;_; !!! ARGH T_T; ! Let's hope for fast, prompt releases--!
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This recent heat wave ko'ed me pretty much, but it's time to react, right, otherwise I'll never get anything done :o !!
To put me in the right mood, I let my Kakugo bunnies free for a bit-- And what came out is a Kakugo no Susume x Exoskull Zero crossover pic, which you can get a peek of above... I'm almost done with it, so you may find it on DevART in a few minutes ;3 !
DAMN, yesterday I was checking out the second volume of Exoskull Zero for some refs and-- I'd realy love to see it scanlated ;_; Why does nobody cares about it T_T ..?
I wanna draw more of it! AND I WANNA KNOW WHAT'S IT ABOUT x'DD !

To fight the heat and find the righteous energy, I gave up and tried this Cafè Zero thing... My father (who was sent to take care of the ice-cream errands, LOL XD) picked the new "MocaNut" version. I'm not a fan of nuts unless it's about Nutella, but it was pretty decent.
Not great, but decent. --And it sure refreshed and energized me up x3 !
I wanted to try the other flavours too (Espresso ♥), but considering that a cup costs around 3 euros, mhh, NO, I don't care this much XD
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Here's your Dae, up for our usual anime/manga chatting!

Today I wanna bother you with my thoughts on yesterday's Beelzebub (べるぜバブ), first--
These fillers are so bad that they can't even come with a decent conclusion XD
In "Furuichi falls in love", it's so obvious that in the end Johnny-san was supposed to be paired up with him XD But I assume that cutting it short like that was a better choice to keep the episode to itself (how fillers are supposed to)...
Also, I noticed a lack of fujoshiness in the anime, comprared to the manga :/ In the anime there are a good number of Kanzaki/Yuka and Furuichi/Lamia's subtexts... I don't like that >_>
Also, during the "St. Ishiyama Six Knights" arc, Miki obvious man-crush for Oga was removed. All the cute scenes where Miki asks Oga to call him by his name (Hisaya) and the lulzy "GROSS!" Oga's reaction are nowhere to be found .__.
Speaking of the manga, now that the arc about Hilda's memories is over I'm really curious to see what's going to happen :D

• I'm really surprised by how much I am enjoying watching Phi Brain (ファイ・ブレイン) o__o The animation is quite mediocre and the character design is pretty stereotyped and "boring", but everything works so well overall, and the series is quite enjoyable and amusing to watch!
In today's episode, cute Gammon decided to join the enemy so to resolve the frustration that Kaito made him feel about his skills since his first appearance--
I'm EXTREMELY amused by the idea of Gammon as a Giver :o !! I wonder if Gammon has ulterior motives behind this choice; his Kaito's bashing doesn't sound so honest as it should... Is he trying to take Rook's place into Kaito's heart, maybe XD ?
On a fujoshi note, you can tell that this series is good because I can't decide if Rook is the seme or the uke of Kaito XD
---Damn, I can't believe that I can't find doujinshi about it >_<; !!

• About Aquarion (アクエリオンEVOL)... So Apollo's "incarnation" is not Amata but Kagura XDD ?
By the way, I really hope that Shrade didn't die there ;_; There's no way he could ever be satisfied with his life without any GATTAI action with Cayenne ;___; !!!

• Speaking of Takayuki Yamaguchi, yesterday I poked around the internet looking around for some scans/infos on his collaboration with Shizuku Ichigono, Kaika no Susume (開花のススメ), a spin-off of Kakugo no Susume a la moe.
Unfortunately I couldn't get more about it, but that the protagonist is the younger sister of Kyouma, the guy introduced as Raiden in VOLTEX and-- APPARENTLY SHE WEARS RAIDEN TOO.
For what I spotted the art is HORRIBLY MOE, but I couldn't get any info about the contents of the story, and as usual no signs of scans (but considering how pricey Champion RED Ichigo magazine is, I guess that the most of people read it for free in the conbini)... I guess that I'll have to wait the volume release as I did for Exoskull to get more infos about it, oh, well :/
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--I couldn't find anything about this "remastering" of Kakugo no Susume for a while, then this morning, afflicted by ABSOLUTE sadness, demotivation and frustration I decided to practice some Google-Fu on it and I got to find the RAWS of volume 1! Sweet! --Unfortunately I don't understand Japanese! So look at me spending the next hours of the day translating all kind of terrible Japanese blogs for summaries to get something out of the whole thing to bring you this post XD !
And I know that none here cares a bit about lovely Kakugo and his MANLY adventures of JUSTICE so all my efforts are destined to NOTHING ;_; ..!


...Volume 2 will be out in Japan around 19 March-- Let's hope for quick scans ;__;
Actually, I found summaries 'til the last chapters online, but there are no pics, or they are too vague AND I CAN'T FIND ANY RAW AROUND, so I'm quite demotivated and I want pretty sources soon ;_; ...
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This afternoon I sketched some stuff! As usual, tomorrow I'll color it ^_^;

Kakugo, Sai, Rock in 'Alabaster' version and Uchiha brothers! )

Ok, sleep time!
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Yo guys! Some days ago I was contacted by [livejournal.com profile] kasumi_161 who asked me to scan some bits from Kakugo no Susume (aka Apocalypse Zero) manga, since the USA edition stopped its releases at volume 6.

Today I decided to take care of the first request, and it's going to feature the battle of Harara against his father Oboro, featured in volume 7 & 8.
Download pt.1 -> http://www.megaupload.com/?d=3W24W0TK
Download pt.2 -> http://www.megaupload.com/?d=KA8QD4X0
(Please note that this is the Italian edition, so, not only it's in Italian, but it follows the WESTERN READING DIRECTION, from left to right! The images are reflected HORIZONTALLY, so the kanji on the character's armoirs are too!)

--I was thinking of scanlating them, but since I have no idea of how to render certain expressions, I just opted for some summaries XD
(please note that I'll keep referring to Harara as a male, despite his female body since he's still a man at heart XD)
So, under the cut for some badass family drama! )

I think that Kakugo is THE CUTEST character ever. Despite the stoic and cold exterior he's a nice person that treasures honest feelings and the persons that he loves. In this flashback he's so cute, loving his father and getting all worked up over his beloved brother's sudden change ;_; !
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Excuse me, but it's time for me to focus on my to-do list; I got such a huge leave from work and I didn't profit of it D: I must make up with the wasted time ASAP!
Today I gathered around all the post-its with bunnies and inspirational thinglets that I left behind during this year, and I (diligently) compiled this list:

Characters Sheet - The Bride of the Shark
• Characters Sheet - Sengoku Gakuen
Websites Updates - [Tamashii no refrain] Rei profiles
• Websites Updates - [Fire&Blood] Uchiha pairings
Comic - [Naruto] Sasuke in Akatsuki
Comic - [AstroBoy x BlackJack] Rock's pendant
• Comic - [Black Jack] Kitty!Kuroo 4koma
• Doujinshi - [Boku no Pico Series] Tamotsu/Coco
• Doujinshi - [Boku no Pico Series] Tamotsu/Chico/Pico (--Yes, I feel sorry for the "old man" pervert!)
Fan Art - [One Outs] Kojima/Tokuchi*
Fan Art - [Code Geass] Schneizel/Kanon
Fan Art - [Code Geass] Lelouch/Rolo
Fan Art - [Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru] Mutou/Minoru*
• Fan Art - [Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru] Minoru/Meo
Fan Art - [Kamui Gaiden] movie!Kamui
Fan Art - [Kichiku Megane] Okuma/Midou porn*
• Fan Art - [Naruto] Madara/Yagura
• Fan Art - [Naruto] Raikage lovin'
• Fan Art - [Naruto] realistic!Madara/Izuna
Fan Art - [Sengoku Musou] SW3!Nobunaga/Ranmaru
Fan Art - [Kakugo no Susume] Armoir lovin' + chibi pic NEW!
• Fan Art - [Junjou Romantica] Usamicest (--Still wondering if Haru/Aki or Fuyu/Haru ..Eventually both :D)
Fan Art - [Junjou Romantica] Miyagi/Shinobu
• Fan Art - [Fukumoto Series] Fukumoto Characters
Meme - Shota Meme
• Meme - Cute Kiss Meme + Sexy Kiss Meme
• Meme - Ecchi Expressions Meme - Itachi

So in these days I'll focus on it only, possibly in chronological order.
Sorry f-list, but you'll see this popping up in your updates as soon as I'll finish working on something (with links to the finished products to let you see ♥) ...Will I ever finish this within the new year's arrival?
--And now I have to update my personal blog with Evangelion and Pluto boring commentaries!

START: 9 November 2009

* = Hosted on yaoi!Gallery
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I sketched more pics (instead of working on those that are still on stand by XD)--
A shounen-packed update, with Takashi from 'All Rounder Meguro' and Kakugo from 'Kakugo no Susume'... )

Reminder for tomorrow:
- Scan the promised Gimmy/Rossiu stories from Rossipara (If you're interested, I'll post them directly over [livejournal.com profile] gurren_lagann, not here);
- Finish the Hijikata/Okita pic;
- Finish the remake picture;
- Post more old pictures (I found some rarities! Like my first Rei Ayanami fanart EVER and my first actual Yaoi pic ;o; !!)

OHSHI- I forgot that tomorrow is Friday! It means that I have to update The Bride of the Shark too D:
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Profitting of my day off, I sketched some Kakugo fanarts :3

This time I focused on the hot outfits the guy wears during his fights.
I mean, I can't help but thinking that Kakugo is a series for boys.. Was Yamaguchi trying to turn his readers in metrosexuals >3> ??

Oooh, boys showing their backs and butts <3 )

mhhh, pretty boys ♥


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