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So, today I finally managed to read the last chapter of Naruto...
...Or not? )

What about you guys? What are your first, uncut impressions?!
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--Talking about resolving a character JUST KILL HIM OFF THREE PANELS LATER D:
I really hope that Sasuke, Orochi and Suigetsu will come back with some miraculous potion that will bring back the dead 'cause I'm really bothered by the recent events in Naruto D:
I don't want Naruto to end up with Hinata, FFS, I want her with Neji, bringing happiness to their clan T_T; !!

Also, Obito/Madara FTW x'D
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LOL, guys.
So, my mother and my grandmother left home for a week and they moved to our hillbilly relatives as an attempt to avoid Minos (apparently those who came with these names are the people FROM THE INTERNET. The news on TV confirmed it XD) and take some rest; consequently, me and my father have to live together.
LOL, WE'RE EATING NOTHING BUT LEFTOVERS XD But I'm surprised to see my dad taking care of most of the housework-- Your Dae here has the only duties of cleaning up the bathrooms (and other minor cleaning activities) and cleaning the table after meals. It's a nice deal, I guess XD
Today I enquired my dad about how he managed to make his bed (double beds are a pain to make!) and he told me to not worry, 'cause he's just sleeping on top of it so to not deal with the issue.
Thanks God it's one of the hottest summer x'D !

--Did you guys read the last chapter of Naruto?! AASSDSDF, WHAT IS WITH THIS EPICNESS?!!!
I mean, I'm still a bit shocked to see Orochimaru around, but I like this new formed 4-people team XDD
For some reason, I was amused by Suigetsu's reaction once he saw Orochimaru XD and I was glad to see Kabuto back to his bishie antics... I'm probably the only one in the world left, but I still like Kabuto, and I want him to be happy, be it with his master or with his bro ._.
I mean, Orochimaru/Kabuto was my first Naruto OTP, before I was revealed the GLORY of Itachi and Uchihacest ._.; !

Also, as you know I'm a fan of the series Grappler Baki. It's a bit weird at first, but once you get used to the weird anatomy and character design it's very enjoyable.
Anyway, recently I started to read the manga, since apparently some groups decided to scanlate the first series decently, and at a decent pace.
I felt like sketching a little something, then! )

Speaking of further otaku activities, yes, I GAVE UP and I added NOBUNA NO YABOU to my watching list T_T; !!
I watched the first episode and it looked pretty decent: the plot has a similar approach to Sengoku Otome and the design is as nice as Sengoku Paradise; yeah, I have to deal with a lot of moe girls and eyes as big as a human skull, but I can deal with it for now... Even the male protagonist is ok for now-- BUT I'M DEFINITELY GOING TO DROP IT ONCE STUPID PROTAGONIST/NOBUNA ROMANCE WILL HAPPEN >_< !!!
For now, I really liked the idea of Saito Dousan adopting Nobuna as his daughter ;o; (also if I really wanted to see a male version of Nouhime ._.; ...) --I REALLY LIKE DOUSAN! --But I lolled at Nobuna calling him "Viper" XDDD That was supposed to be an offensive nickname, yanno XDD ?!
Ah, also, I fapped over the fact that a cute Maeda Toshiie is included ;o; !!! Ok, she's a loli and the tiger outfit makes no sense (maybe a reference to the kabukimono dressing style?!), but I'm happy to see some recognition for this samurai (his rendition in Sengoku Basara anime sucked a big one, for example =_=;) <3 !!! He's one of my favourites in the Nobunaga's crew XDD
--I hope that this anime will be worth my time! basically, just hope that it won't suck as much as that pitiful Sengoku Collection, even if I already spotted some dangerous similarities (lots of lolis and Nobuna is a brat-- I WANT A BIG-BOOBED NOBUNAGA AS IN SENGOKU OTOME >_<) ;_; ..!

Also, I'm really enjoying Kingdom o_o I can't believe that many otaku bloggers dropped it after the first episode because of the (annoying) CG!
I also noticed that the CG is getting less and less usage-- BUT I DON'T CARE ABOUT THE CG, THIS SERIES IS FUCKING EPIC ;o; !!!!

Oh, and that's all for now! See you next time with further exciting updates from Dae's life!
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Happy Middle Birthday
by ~daevakun on deviantART

♥ !

--And now I'm going to finally watch the football match ;_; ..!
Today I gave up and I decided that I'm going to sleep at my Granma's home.
My neighbourhood is really molest. This morning I was about to have a car acciodent because I was too sleepy ._.
Apparently people are no xpected to sleep in their own home in this shitty town.
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OMG! It was about time for Beelzebub's new chapter to come out >o<
My main thought about this last chapter was:
--It's sketchier than usual 'cause I don't know about the colors, also if I'm expecting quite fair tones XD --But it gives you the idea of my WTF over this last "villain" introduced in the series.

Also, as I told you here and there I'm trying to read (it's actually a MARATHON, not a reading XD) JoJo's Bizarre Adventures... By now I'm reading part III and-- It's getting kinda creepy T_T
Anyway, since I'm caught by sudden flashes of fangirling but I can't manage to draw anything because I'm reading it quite quickly, and I have no time for it-- Well, my bunnies are piling up.
So this evening I decided to make a portrait of one of my favourite characters from Part II, Caesar Antonio Zeppeli: he's pretty and he's Italian, of course I'd love him XD
Next I'd like to draw a Jonathan/Dio of sort, a proper Dio's portrayal and Jotaro/Noriaki ;3; ..!
Aah, stupid bunnies, jumping everywhere T_T; ...
I tried to use vivid and acid colours to match up the style of the author but-- I think I sucked at it XD
...Mhh, it's already this late and I'm still in the middle of colouring it-- Ugh.

Also, on a side note, while I was checking Mutsumix's blog to see her reactions to the last Naruto chapter, I found her report of the Memories of Chackra event in LAGUNASIA.
She went there with other ItaSasu fans-- I can recognize at least 'Jack in the Box' from the sketches they left here and there--
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...It's going to be a image heavy post ^_^;

Happy Birthday, Itachi '12 by ~daevakun on deviantART


This said, here's the long waited doujinshi reviews post :D
This year I managed to catch one of my Japanese friends available to attend SuperComic City, and offering to pay the entrance, she accepted to buy me stuff- Horray ;_;/
So, this year I managed to get goodies from the second edition of Uchiha Matsuri, a "Petit Only Event" managed by the legendary Mutsumix.
Unfortunately the weather was bad and she managed to get there later than usual, and the most of the Uchiha deliciousness was all sold-out already, but I got the things I wanted the most anyway >o< !
As you can see, I got the Uchiha Matsuri anthology (KYAAAAH!) featuring short stories from (almost!) all the circles taking part to the event, then Oniichan to Issho by Bisco☆Lover, the new book of my beloved Shiokagen, Oniichan Hagukutemasu!
Then my friend presented me Mutsumix's new copybook, Kyoudai ai de idome!! and the event's pamphlet (which wasn't for free!) ;o; ♥
Under the cut for pics and-- Shhh, a tiny, mysterious download too >3> ! )

And that's all >o<
...Wow, writing this post took me for ever T_T; *cries a bit*

*crossposted without honor or humanity!*
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As I told you here and there, sometimes I buy wigs.
I buy them for cosplay purposes, of course, cosplays that I promptly procrastinate XD
In these days I wondered a bit about some of them, and took some fail pictures for the sake of possible cosplays--

Char )
Itachi )

...Still, I wonder why I stuck to the "younger" versions of these characters despite my age.
I'm being delusional here, LOL XD

(Also, unfortunately the cosplay that I'd like to prepare for the upcoming Romics has nothing to do with these, LOL XD)
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The flyer that I prepared for the con.

GIVE BISON! preview!

This Time, It's For Ever! preview!

...And now I'm off to bed 'cause I have to wake up insanely EARLY tomorrow ^_^;
No. No SameYome booklets. --That's what I get for doing things last minute, I guess...
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I know that some of you were waiting for this XD
It's a new doujinshi review post from your Dae :D !
On a commercial note, the items marked with a * are on sale; for a series of troubles and misunderstandings, I got double copies of them, so I'm at least trying to get back my monies T_T; If you're interested feel free to send me a PM :D The prices are listed in their respective reviews :D

'貴兄に捧げるうた' by Mutsumix )
'君に贈る未来' by Mutsumix )
'イモラリスト' by Arcon )
'Unconfirmed Love' by ice*ico )
'弟あそび' bi Shiokagen [ON SALE!] )
'ねこみみ' by Shiokagen [ON SALE!] )
'Countdown' by Shiokagen [ON SALE!] )
'嘘から出た実' by Jack In the Box [ON SALE!] )

And that's all for today's menu ;D
(crossposted here and there for the sales stuff :3)
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ARGH, I'M SO ANXIOUS T_T; I'm still waiting for the Sameyome booklets to find their way home ;_; I don't even know if they were printed already, if they were shipped-- ARGH, THIS WAITING IS KILLING ME!!!
I'm wondering what to do if I won't bring these "Event Only" booklets ;_; They're Event Only, I can't go and try to sell 'em online anymore T_T; ARGH, I DON'T EVEN WANNA THINK ABOUT IT!!! After all the extra efforts that I put theeeereee! *head explodes*

--So, don't make me think about such things for a bit ;_; Time to update this place and time to update with things that I know you were looking forward too-- LIKE MY ANIME&MANGA CHATTING, OF COURSE XD

Again, the sketchy spotlight is for Itachi and Sasuke from Naruto manga :D
I'm so glad that Itachi and Sasuke decided to join forces against Kabutomaru ;_; It's all SO CUTE and MOVING, and we get more delicious "childhood flashbacks" :D
--Ok, I'm really in the mood to review the Uchiha doujinshi that I recently got from online shopping and Japan now XD

Here are the series that finished airing this season, with my definitive ratings! )

And here are the opinions about the last read and watched stuff :D
GUNDAM AGE ep.24 )
PHI BRAIN ep.24 )

Oh, and that's all for now :D
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--So, what's with the absence of ENTHUSIASTIC REACTIONS for my Antonio-centric doujinshi in my previous post..? YOU ARE HORRIBLE PEOPLE, F-LIST è_é !

Anyway, today I'm here to talk about the PURE AWESOMENESS that is Uchihacest, thanks to the last events in Naruto manga >3
Where Sasuke runs after his brother, for a change XD )

--How can I wait another whole week >_< ?!!
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...And I'm so proud of myself T_T;
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Aaah, so many things to talk about... But I forgot almost everything, ahah XD

First of all, Area no Kishi:
It's so depressing, there's no doujin about this series, and even pixiv is quite empty T_T

Then, did you check Naruto ;o; ?! I'm in awe, in AWE! are we going to get more ItaSasu moments..? I bet that Kishimoto is just shitting us, I guess that in next chapter Itachi will go to face Kabuto as Sasuke goes to Naruto ^_^;
I was happy to see more Karin (LOL, WTF? I hope that the whole "I still like Sasuke, so coool!" thing was part of her act ^_^;) and Suigetsu, ahah <3 Aww, Suigetsu, you should just admit that you want to break Sasuke/Karin because you like pink-haired cuties XD <3
Anyway-- Yeah, I don't want another fight between Sasuke and Itachi é_è ...

Also, a few days ago I managed to buy my "real life" comics :3
CESTVS vol.15 )

And to end this post, the news said that bad weather is coming again T_T The cold is hailing from North Europe, now... NUOOOOOO T___T;; !!
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So, apparently all the Naruto fans are in awe because Naruto managed to get to Kurama's heart via UZUMANITY.
Don't know, I'd like to see that animated, but personally I'd prefer to see more on ITACHI AND SASUKE WHEREABOUTS x'D

This said, these days I watched further anime stuff, so I'm here to righteously update you!
Ai no Kusabi, Aquarion Evol and Blood+ under the cut! )

25/11/11 17:56
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Happy Birthday, Sai '11 by ~daevakun on deviantART
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I'm up for some old-fashioned Itachi's portrait∼
--The flower that he's holding in his hand is the most complicated shit to draw EVER D:


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