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--Still in the middle of compiling reports D'x

First, culinary intermission! )

Aaaand here are the links to my otaku reports, appropriately compiled with pictures and the like over my website!
Gundam Square (Osaka)
Karasuno Fair in J-WORLD (Tokyo)
Sengoku Buyoden (Tokyo)
Gundam Bar SIDE 3 (Nagoya)

Now there's just the stuff over Uesama Dango left... Ugh!
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So, I was making some random shopping at the local Auchan, and while browsing absentmindedly along the books section, I stumbled upon this:
More under the cut! )

There are a few errors but the book is pretty nice, I'm really happy that I got to find it XD ♥ !
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Lots of stuff from Kyoto (and a jump to a theme park in Ise∼ )!

As usual, you can read the new articles on my website ^^
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I wrote about it already on Uesama Dango, I see no reason to not reiterate about it here∼

I started to write about my second Nobunaga Tour on my website, please go and take a look!

Ugh, I still have so many things to write T_T
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First of all, yesterday evening I managed to upload my last artworks of Nobu on DeviantArt-- I tried to do the same on Pixiv, but I kept getting an error, so I managed to upload only one ToT HOW FRUSTRATING--!

Anyway, the real deal with this post is to share my experience during a visit to Palazzo Doria Pamphilj, one of the residences of the noble families of Rome.
This was, to tell the truth, a visit born from a misfortune-- )

PS: As the voice of the prince, with his charming British accent, "intrigued" me a lot, I took a little research on the intraweb... It ended up that the prince is married and --GAY!
I was devasted and amused and the same time XD !
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--It's a while since I drew something, so last night I tried to move my hand (and my brain) around a bit and see what would happen.

Inspired by this print portraying Nobunaga (or better, actor Ichimura Uzaemon XD) in a kabuki play, I took out my watercolours and my coloured pencils--
--And this is what happened. )
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--Here I am to share my new blog stuff *_* !
These last projects come from some recent thoughts and considerations about the stuff that I want to share on these pages-- In the end I opted to give more relevance to subjects that I hold dear by inaugurating these two new projects that I now bring to your attention∼

♥ Roma a Mozzichi e Bocconi
My blog dedicated to my walks in Rome, curiosities and trivia about the city, its monuments, and the occasional reviews on exhibitions and events.
--If you're curious about something and you want me to write about it feel free to ask ^o^ !
Also, at the moment I'm quite troubled by the layout of the website-- It's supposed to show a cool picture in the preview of the article but I don't know how to make it work T^T; ...

♥ 上様団子
My blog dedicated to Oda Nobunaga *_*
Here I collect infos, datas, reasearches, but also reviews of anime, manga or TV series about the Demon King and whatever comes to my mind, so it's going to be updated quite frequently ♥
I'm also going to post about my upcoming manga projects in there, since they are revevant to the Tenka interests∼

And that's all :D
Please, watch and read everything and let me know what you think of it ^o^ !!
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This interesting website was brought to my attention by fellow Nobulover Babi... There I found this questionnaire that the lovely Teap translated to me from Japanese and I translated it into English for your joy∼
Still, my English is pretty rough, so if you find errors or sentences that made no sense feel free to tell me in the comments and I'll fix them immediately!

Oh, speaking of "lost in translation", the original questionnaire uses old-fashioned Japanese to give it a "samurai vibe", but I can't really render that in English without sounding ridiculous or incomprehensible-- So I just used simple, modern English.

--I encourage all the Nobufans out here to share and answer ^o^/ !!

01. What is your nickname? Daeva
02. How old are you? Err...
03. Are you a man or a girl? A lovely girl, of course∼
04. Where are you from? Italy∼
05. What's your occupation? Security agent at FCO! ('til it lasts, LOL)
06. Since how long you're a supporter of Lord Nobunaga..? )

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Here's a post connected with my previous one on the same subject :3

Out of curiosity I investigated about the armor and other items featured on this version of the Demon King, and I was delighted to find out about their actual existence. )

It may seem not such a great feat, but considering the level of blabbering and fakes concerning Sengoku warriors and their belongings, it's nice to see that a figure was approached with the due historical importance :3
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OMG! I can finally share a review on my last purchase, an awesome Oda Nobunaga 1/6 figure *_*
You can read about it on my MFC account ^^

I'll talk more about it tomorrow, I've more to say but I have to go to bed in I wanna wake up at 6 am tomorrow morning for work XD !
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Yesterday Babi linked me another manga about Nobunaga, this time inspired to the popular videogame Nobunaga no Yabou, released in English to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the game... It was a wonderful gift T_T;

So I guess that I can finally entertain you with this post about the depictions of the Incident of Honnoji from Japanese prints :D

First, a little introduction.
Contrary to popular belief, ukiyo-e prints back in the days were not considered-- "Art" as we do now.
It mostly had an entertaining flavour, even if artists were definitely keen on showing off their skills-- You may compare them to modern comics.
When considering artworks depicting historical facts or figures, you must also think that the most of these depictions were not results of actual historical studies, they were mostly based on how that fact was depicted or interpreted by a popular kabuki play-- So you find inaccuracies, or mere interpretations out of the artist's fantasy.
Nonetheless, I'm intrigued and charmed by these illustrations, so I decided to show you various interpretations of the same fact, and hopefully let you see how the episode changes in its narration depending on the period the piece was produced or the artist's intention.

So, let's start with one of my favourites :3 )

And that's all for a long, time-consuming post that I hope you enjoyed x'D
I look forward to know which is your favourite print of the bunch :D !
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--I touched on my historical Nobunaga figurines on this post about recent NobuShopping, since yesterday morning I got the last one I decided to take some proper pictures and finally talk about them :D

Under the cut for pictures and WORDS! XD )

And that's all-- As I was saying around, I'm very proud of this tiny collection of mine.
I could have started to collect Nobunaga from various anime and videogame series, but to be honest those are all representations that I dislike or plainly hate... So I decided to go with the actual historical figure, cleaned by personal interpretations or visions.

I'm very satisfied by this tiny collection already, but I don't esclude that in the future I may get more pieces to enrich it, assuming that they'd be coherent and affordable enough.
For example, I got my eyes on this Nobunaga figure from First Legion, but look at the price..? It's insane ^_^; !
Yet, it's really wonderful *_* Maybe I can give it a thought if my next Christmas bonus will go especially well >3>; ...
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Last month I started to buy a few Nobunaga related items, in these days I started to receive them XD
Inspired by Babi's collection, I decided to buy some books.
They are 小姓のおしごと (Koshou no Oshigoto) a series of parodic 4koma based on Ranmaru's life as a page and a SuperSado (XD), 織田信長 戦国人物伝 (Oda Nobunaga - Sengoku Jinbutsu Den) the first volume of a manga series dedicated to Sengoku personalities focusing on Nobunaga and in the end a mook of Nobunaga - KING OF ZIPANGU, a taiga drama dedicated to Nobunaga dated 1992. --It's probably the only taiga drama that I managed to watch 'til the end (thanks to Teap!), it needed some recognition x'D

I also got a Nobunaga's historical figurine from an 戦国風雲録 (Sengoku Funroku) series of military gashapon, but I'll talk about it when I'll get another one I bought, I think it'd be better to show them together ^_^

Under the cut for pictures and reviews! )

--And it's all for now ^_^
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--Sorry if I'm talking about obscure subjects again, but I have to share my enthusiasm for some stuff with you fuckers XD
You can blame it all on Barbara, who is happily bombing me with tones of inspiration and good stuff XD

First of all, I happened to find the scans of Sengoku Gaiden: Okehazama no Senki by Hideki Miyashita!
It was all RAWs of course, so I couldn't understand much, but I surely browsed through the pages avidly.
I consider it quite an inspiring manga and portraits of both a young Nobunaga and Imagawa Yoshimoto, but I was a bit bugged by some 'ideas' of the author... )

Speaking of monks and sutras, here's another consideration that I'd like to share.
It's about Nobunaga's take on religion... )

On a totally different note, today I got my first booklet about Takeda Shingen, my second-favourite Sengoku general after Nobunaga :D
I realized that I knew very little about him despite being completely charmed by his historical figure, so I bought this booklet to get to know more about him. Unfortunately I also got to know that there are another TWO books of the same series after this, and a third one, that I'm not sure if it'll ever be published ^__^;;;;
Long story short, there were things that I really disliked and things that I really liked about this publication. )
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I recently acquired a new friend on Devart who shares my love for Oda Nobunaga--
We started to fangirl about Nobu and discuss his historical figure, this made me decide to retake an old project about Nobunaga and his youth--
--I tried to "refresh" myself with some traditional art to work on the characters concepts-- Let's see what I'll come up with :D
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I decided that for my next trip to Japan (something that I'll do on 2014 probably, I need a year to recover from the body damage received from two short trips to Japan in a year x'D) I'll visit Kyoto, and I'd like to do that with an original yukata, obviously Nobunaga inspired...

...I got this idea from a random girl that I spotted at Gifu during the Nobunaga Matsuri this year. She was wearing a dark red yukata and a tiger-patterned obi, obviously a tribute to Nobunaga style :D --I was obviouslytaken by a blast of jealousy! I wanted to go around to celebrate Nobunaga in yukata too ;_; !!

So, here's the project, for which I used this tutorial :D

At first I wanted to go with a furisode, 'cause I love the long sleeves *_* But since that's a formal attire and I'd need a huge obi to tie in an absurd way, I decided to go with a kosode, the classic pattern used for nowadays yukata.

I'm completely crazy over the tiger-patterned fabric *_* I hope to find it at a reasonable price, expecially since I'll need a lot for the obi, too!

I also considered some options for a decoration--

The artwork on the back would be losely based on this stunning print featuring Ranmaru protecting Nobunaga at Honnoji (ignore what the page says XD)-- But I think that I'll opt for version #2... What do you think?
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--It's mostly a HUGE REPORT about my recent Nobunaga Tour on October, but it's finally online XD


As I thought of all the things that I didn't manage to see I felt a bit regretful XD I'm definitely going to fill those gaps someday ^_^; !

Oh, also, I'm in the process of deleting all the entries of Livejournal-- After the lòast server crash and the daily SPAM that I receive, I think that it's time to leave for good :/
I'm completely moving to Dreamwidth in the next days, so update your bookmarks! (but in case you're wondering, I'll keep using LJ PMs if you need to contact me, and I'm not going to leave LJ's communities!)
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--I'm still in the process of cataloguing the pictures of my NobuTour, and I was a bit perplexed about how to use these ones, that I caught at the Azuchi Castle Museum in Azuchi from some lovely comic books of its library...

...So I just decided to make a post about them :D
Unfortunately I can offer you only a few sneak peeks of two volumes because a certain Teap was rushing me >3>, but I think that the quality and vivid rapresentation of Nobunaga are worth some special space.

Click click! )
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I profitted of a day off to catch up with Hyouge Mono (へうげもの), the anime rendition of a bizarre manga focusing on tea ceremony and its appreciation taken to obsessive yet picturesque extents during the Sengoku (and later, I assume) era.

Know ye of my mutuality..? )


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