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I decided to open cheap and simple commissions for a limited time (maybe for 2 months, or 'til I reach 10 slots, dunno!), so if you want something from me you may try it ^_^ !

Here are the samples and prices, for further infos you may want to check the pics' descriptions!
The boys are from my webcomic Tra i Fiori, so cute, I love this concept, I may try and draw everyone ♥

SAKURA MOCHI - 6 euros Commission Sample by ~daevakun on deviantART

MOMIJI MANJU e CAFFE' - 10 euros Commission Sample by ~daevakun on deviantART

If you are interested or want to enquire about something feel free to use comments or PMs, I'll reply you promptly!
...And now I'm off to work on The Groom of the Shark new pages >_< !
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In these days I'm extraordinarily pissed off, bothered and unmotivated, so I just used my free time to finally update my website!

Here you can find an article about my favouritest sport comic 'til now, All-Rounder Meguru. Please go and read! Hopefully you'll get hooked to it too ^_^
Aaah, volume 8 is going to be finally released on February T_T Can't wait T_T;

Also, I was thinking about adding Crows x Worst to the list-- But I don't know, it looks quite popular already, at least online D: ...Yet, I wanted to give my contribution ;_;

...Bah, I'm going to watch some anime, I need to catch up.
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--I'm in extraordinary awe right now, not only because Haikyuu! is being released quite quickly, but also because Tobaku Mokushiroku Kaiji: Kazuya-hen is being finally scanlated too! FUCK YEAH!!!

I would gladly tell you that once I got out of RokuBuru's chapters I started to read WORST (and I caught up to the most recent chapters too <3 Thank you Suzuran High Forum ToT!) and it's EFFING AMAZING. Expecially because 'til now it's been 30 volumes long, and NOT ONE FEMALE CHARACTER APPEARED YET. FUCK YEAH.
A manga filled with hot-blooded characters doing hot-blooded stuff and focusing only on that! I'm so happy and fulfilled with it that I don't even care about shipping anyone with anyone!!!
So, after that, I started to read Crows by the same author too, which is actually a prequel of WORST. --I'm so happy ;_;
I must say, as much as I find delinquents, thugs and yakuza/mafia quite a bunch of shit and dead meat in real life, I can totally sympathize with the views of the protagonists!

"I want to smile when I'm happy, cry when I'm sad and be angry when I'm pissed off! I do things my way! Shit like that is just a pain in the ass!"

These series are actually quite simple and the characters are a bunch of retards, but how is it that I feel as if they're telling me much more than any other more "deep" or celebrated series or book..?

And to end this post with amazing stuff, my favourite scene from the last scanlated Haikyuu!'s chapter:
--And then Teap asks me why in hell I want to cosplay Nishinoya--
Shut up! I don't care that I'm over 20 cms taller to be credible as him!! x'D
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KYA, finally Caesar made his appearance in Jojo's anime!
Aaah, he's lovely, LOVELY, such a lovely young man <3 !
Well, not really when he's in his "womanizing mode", but what about the scene when he "killed" Mark ;3; ..? And this is just the beginning!!! I can't wait for the next episodes >o< !!!
Also, also, the Pillar men are so smexy and gay, ahah XD Can't wait to see more of them <3 And Cars is SMEXY >o< !! I love their manly voices!

Also, I have a formal complain with the subbers!
1) "Senorita" instead of "Signorina". For fuck sake, stop mixing up Italian with Spanish ;_; ! They are different languages!!
2) "Mama Mia" instead of "Mamma Mia". I know that ABBA are way more popular than my language, but WTF? Even when the Japanese seiyuu made the best efforts to pronounce it properly D: !!

Setting aside awesome Jojo and delicious "black spaghetti", let me update you about my most recent manga passion:
Awesome Rokudenashi Blues
It's a very old series that I wanted to read since for ever, and I decided to take hold of the scans and give it a read in those days.
It's just ADORABLE ;_; Let's say that I love stories about delinquents by default, and the last one I read (Kongou Banchou) left me quite pissed off because the stupid way the author decided to end it, with all that stupid romance everywhere, so, I need something to refresh my hot-blooded spirit, you know?
Of course there's romance here too, after all it's something that you can't remove from the experiences of a healthy youth, but that's-- that's very cute, you know? It's not the kind of stupid romance that you read about nowadays, or in general shonen series.
Among all the female cast (which is anyway a bunch of stereotypes, by now we know how men think, LOL) my favourite girl is Mafuyu, the sukeban <3 I'm sorry that the author had to give her a tragic past, but I like how it gave her a realistic yet melanchonic personality... She looks so much mature than her schoolmates and I like how she's usually there to solve problems!
As for the boys, I have a strong sympathy for the protagonist Taison, because he's lot of fun, has a kind heart and he's from Osaka (LOL), but I think that the guy I like the most is Hatanaka, the boxer. I really hope to see him back in action soon ;_; !!! High School is such a short period in Japan, I can't stand the fact that he's going around for boxing and he's shown no more T_T; !!! --I WANT TO SEE MORE HATANAKA IN GAKURAN, DAMN!
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Prima di tutto, ci tengo a dirvi che ho riesumato il mio blog in italico idioma. Se siete in vena di lagne infinite e recensioni saccenti, sentitevi liberi di dargli un'occhiata :D

This said, I must say that this new year didn't start with a BANG as I hoped, but it's just letting the infausto 2012 crawling over here in all its pitiful ennui.
I'm still hopeful for the many projects that I planned before the end of the previous year, and today I started to poke at some of them. I don't ask you to wish me for good luck 'cause you don't, and when you do, obviously it doesn't work as it should.

Anyway, while waiting for creative updates of sort, here I am to bore you with the recent events of the new year ;D
All of this as I keep trying to give myself a schedule of sort!

Besides the cute greeting of my herpes, I managed to read most of my tiny "Aesthetical Collection", a mini-library of sort sprouted from Dorian Gray and happily degenerating to Lord Reginald for the sake of devilish prettiness, the one I like the most!
Besides those you see in the pic, I'm also trying to read Marius the Epicurean (I confess you that I'm having some serious troubles reading it in English T_T;) and I'm keeping cute The Green Carnation warm on my netbook --I managed to find these two e-books on Project Gutenberg for the joy of my pocket.
If you care about other Victorian books, included those mentioned here, you can give them a free read over Victorian Prose, which includes some interesting essays of Pater, Wilde and others.
Speaking of Wilde and his essays, I suggest you to give a peek here too, and if you're looking for a proper review/summary of The Picture of Dorian Gray: an Annotated, Uncensored Version, you can check this article.

All pumped up by the reading, I tried to start some discussions over the concept of beauty over Tra i Fiori (Mizume's thoughts are a mere regurgitation of Pater's, with a touch of Japanese fatalism) but I failed miserably.
I-- I guess that people have somehow a warped concept of Beauty and Aestheticism nowadays. I would like to get something more than stuff like "Mizume´s opinion of beauty for me was so "silly" that I didn´t undestand it :D", though ;_;

Speaking of more modern and more popular quests, last month I finally managed to watch all of Downton Abbey available!
I'm really enjoying it and I look forward to the new series, but I can't help to see some bothering stereotypes that don't seem to allow a proper character's development. I'm mostly referring to Edith, in case you're wondering. I like what's happening with O'Brien, instead.
And my favourite character is always Violet and will always be x'D My least favourite character is John, that damn puppet!
I don't see why everyone is bashing on Lord Grantham, I mean, for the time he's quite open-minded and kind of heart, after all :/ !
Also, I hope that (nice) people would stop dying ;_; --And as much as I'd like to ship Thomas and Jimmy-- No, I don't wanna suffer again as I did for Thomas/Edward T_T; !!

On the anime/manga front, I'm really glad that Haikyuu! is getting scanlated more regularly! To celebrate the releases, I finally changed my desktop wallpaper ♥
--Those cute boys ;_;

--And now I'm off to watch some Dexter! Instead of wasting time with my friends/co-workers' useless suggestions (see Suits) on tv series I could go and finish watching what I know I like >_>; ! Isn't it a nice New Year Resolution..?
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So, K is over ._.
I confess you that back in the days I wouldn't have give it a penny, but in the end it was quite worth the watch!
Ok, maybe the 70% of my watching was motivated by Mikoto and Reishi, and you can be sure that the 90% of this series was nothing but fanservices for both sexes and "inclinations", but it worked quite well, didn't it?
They even managed to leave a good number of "omissions" in the plot (please, don't call them "plot holes" just to sound smart ò_o A plot hole is something that happen without a narrative connection to the plot, a lack of information isn't) to grant the need of a second series-- The marketing branch of Viz Media sure did their homework...

Speaking of the series, my favourite character was Mikoto, steadily followed by Kusanagi, but my type was Reishi∼ I naturally shipped Mikoto/Reishi (still a bit uncertain about who tops-- I'd say Mikoto, but he looks like the lazy type, maybe it'd be Reishi to do all the work, even if as a uke-- I like to see Reishi as a reversible uke, though-- *lost in fujoshi fantasies*)--
By the end I also managed to like Fushimi/Yata :D Looks like a rowdy thing, but I don't really like Fushimi. Don't know why all the fangirls are crazy over him (maybe that's it, they are just CRAZY) ò_o *takes some tea with Reishi-dono*
About female characters, I wasn't really amused by the cast, but I guess that I have a sympathy for big-boobed Seri, and I was quite intrigued by her relationship with Kusanagi ♥

Well, not sure if I'll follow the second season too, now that my favourite is gone, but I guess that I will, 'cause I wanna know about the other two Kings (Black and White..?) and know more about certain details. If possible I'd long for more flashbacks, expecially concerning Mikoto and Reishi's student days∼

Don't know if some of you know, but there are actually two spin-off manga in the process of being scanlated-- They look like one-volume thingies, so let's hope that they'll be completed soon:
• K ~Memory of Red~
• K: Stray Dog Story
They are scanlated respectively by AQUA Scans and September Scanlations.
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--It's mostly a HUGE REPORT about my recent Nobunaga Tour on October, but it's finally online XD


As I thought of all the things that I didn't manage to see I felt a bit regretful XD I'm definitely going to fill those gaps someday ^_^; !

Oh, also, I'm in the process of deleting all the entries of Livejournal-- After the lòast server crash and the daily SPAM that I receive, I think that it's time to leave for good :/
I'm completely moving to Dreamwidth in the next days, so update your bookmarks! (but in case you're wondering, I'll keep using LJ PMs if you need to contact me, and I'm not going to leave LJ's communities!)
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I posted an article about Cestvs for the Obscure Fandom section of my website, and the report of Jojo's Bar with TONES of pictures :D

Tomorrow I wanna write about the Zeon-themed bars of Nagoya, wish me luck XD
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I was complaining about the lack of Exoskull scans a few days ago, and guess what? This morning the guys over TDX released the whole volume 1! ASSASDGFGFGHGH!!!
Of course it's getting THE WORST REVIEWS EVER on Batoto, but I wasn't expecting anything less from a bunch of worthless brats who never had the chance to enjoy that pure WTF which were manga in the '70s (GO NAGAI I'LL LOVE YOU FOR EVER!) XD
What can I say about this volume? It's pretty obvious that working on Shigurui for so long touched Yamaguchi-sensei deeper than he thought-- It's also a crude, pessimistic story, but I still love the author's "stoic" morale and anachronistic views on stuff. Yes, I do.
--AND I FUCKING LOVE TAKERU. I-I can sympathize so much with him T_T; ! The way he decided to protect the "demonic" humans isn't a great turn of events? He decided to fight for and protect those who really treasure their survival and life ;_; ..!
--Also, I cried a bit at the afterwords at the end of the volume ._. --I WANT TO HUG YAMAGUSHI-SENSEI SO BADLY T_T; ..!

--Damn, I hope that volume 2 will be released shortly T_T; (if it'll ever been released, given the shitty reviews T_T;) It's when things turn interesting, with the introduction of SASASDFSDFSO HOT ANTAGONIST REN and CUTE FEMALE PROTAGONIST RIKKA (and did I tell you that Ren has a cute little sister?..!) ;_; !!! ARGH T_T; ! Let's hope for fast, prompt releases--!
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--I was about to finally finish all these Haikyuu fanarts sketches but-- It looks like the new episode of Kuroko is out ;o; !!

*cut/pasting this from my previous entry, to pimp this series adequately*
I got to know about this because of my shota/bara watchlist on pixiv XD
Haikyu!! is a manga about male voleyball, that I'm almost sure my Oofuri friends are going to appreciate quite a lot XD It's something like-- Oofuri written by a man, you know. So Mihashi (= Shouyo) is timid, weak and emotive, but quite hot-blooded and assertive and Abe (= Tobio) is a perfectionist and has some serious control issues but he's also a mean bully who doesn't hesitate to say how much someone sucks x'DDD
Add two adorable third years, a second year attacker with a soft spot for "yankee faces" and the "kichiku megane" first year and that's the deliciousness you get XD
Teap, one of the cute senpai has a mole near his eye too, LOLOLOL x'D

...Note that I'm already procrastinating the work on SameMuko update to take care of these volley-bunnies :0
And I have at least two Kuroko short comics ideas that I can't find the mood to put on paper-- I HATE SUMMER, IT MAKES ME SO GROGGY AND LAZY ;_; ! (like winter and spring, apparently, LOL XD)

...I want an ice-cream ;_;
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How is it possible? How good can this series get ;o; ?!

Also, what about these cute "right hands" in love in Zezy :D ? I'm way too amused by all of this :D
Leil, please don't die as soon and as miserably as cute Dole ;_;

I'm still watching Saint Seiya Omega in a mix of awe and confusion.
Why is the new Leo Saint called Mycenae, too? It's the same name of the Sagittaruius Saint of the first series, it'd just lead to confusion ;_; --Anyway, I'm really amused by this new brand of "oyaji" Golden Saints :DDD Can't wait to meet Aries! I hope that he's Kiki ;o; !!! I long to see him all grown up and hot ;o; !!! And in the next episode Shun is going to get some surprise screentime, KYAAAAH ;o; !!!
Also, I think that Aria is cute. I usually hate this kind of "damsel in distress" female characters (see Athena), but she's just so unbelievably CUTE ;_; ...

..And now I'm off to see Aquarion =_=; I hope that they'll keep the genderswitched!Mixx thing 'til the end, at least I can still dream about some cute shota =_=

Oh, and I officially dropped both Sengoku Collection and Sengoku Paradise Kiwami.
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So, I gave a try to Kingdom out of boredom (=after I watched the last episode of Sakamichi no Apollon XD --Once it's over I'm totally going to check the manga, 'cause I'm quite sure that the relationship of Kaoru and Matsuoka is much more complicated than this! <-has decided so)
It was pretty good! --But I must say that the animation was terrible ;_; What's with the crappy CG animation ;o; ? Are they seriously going to make the WHOLE THING like that ;o; ..? Anyway, the story looks awesome, I love the protagonist already, I cried twice, AND I WANT THE NEXT EPISODE NOW.

This said, yesterday I managed to went to Sforno for dinner with a co-worker :D
As a supplì enthusiast I had to try ALL THOSE AVAILABLE (unfortunately "only" 5 variations, apparently the menu rotates almost daily):
..And after a serving of falafel (WHY WAS THERE RED PEPPER EVERYWHERE ToT ?!!) my tummy was exploding with happiness XD
As usual, you can see further pics on my foodlog :3

Oh, a few days ago I finally received my packlet with the SasuIta doujinshi from the last Super Comic City (read Uchiha Matsuri 2) :D I was supposed to review them yesterday, but I got a bit busy with other things, but I'll review the whole thing tomorrow, hopefully :D
Look forward to it!
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--Just sorting out some Kuroko fanart featuring my favourite boys from the series :D Here's the detail of adorable Aomine ♥

Also, I can't wait anymore T_T; I want chapter 166 out already T_T; !
--On the other hand, I'm grateful that ComeBack Scans decided to revive Kongou Bancho ;o; <3 This series is just full of adorable characters T_T; !!!
--I also added Scarface to my reading list :D I just love Kaoru-kun ;_; <3 !!! Keisuke Itagaki really is a charming storyteller ^_^ !!
...I want this shit, ahah XD
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As I told you here and there, I'm in a RABID Kuroko no Basket fangirly mode.
Since nobody can't take such a huge quota of fangirling on the main page, please proceed under the cut. )

So, did you think that Kuroko was a series about basketball? Truth is, it's about Kuroko trying to get back his Rainbow Harem from middle school!
Also, there are a lot of pure yandere characters here-- I'm a bit scared XD
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HERE THEY ARE ;o; !!! Aaah, HOW CUTEEEE T_T;; !!! despite my crappy sketch LOL
--Still, in the manga this scene was better. Kouga, finally meeting again the mysterious guy who taught him what it meant to be a "hero" during the case of the arsonist-- I really don't know why the director decided to have them be childhood friends >_< !! Their dialogue in the anime when they met again felt so weird ;_; !

Also, Kouga is simply adorable ;_;
I mean-- He's not so great after all, isn't he XD ? He's aware of his limits, but he works hard to go over them-- And the TENDERNESS that he feels for Kouga is just the cutest.
--When he's troubled over the fact that he wants to fight together with him as a fellow hero, but he also wants him to live his happy life as a human being-- I MEAN, DON'T WE ALL FEEL THE SAME ;_; ?!!
I really have no idea of how people can bash him T_T; !
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So, yesterday evening I finally got my copy of the first issue of "The Modern Prometheus", a delicious interpretation of the classic horror novel by Mary Shelley "Frankenstein" by the adorable and talented Yayoi Neko ;o; ♥

The packlet that I got contained the book, the little "Count Enance" copybook and promotional postcards.
What a nice packlet ;o; I guess that I should consider Teap's suggestions about the "freebies" to add to my booklets shippings ._.; !
Under the cut for reviews and previews! )

So, you know what to do.
Take your money and grab a copy!

I'm really glad that I managed to read something from my fellow artists once in a while-- It makes me feel energized about my project on Tamara de Lempicka's yuri original book... Look forward to it :D !
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I hated this kind of fans even since the time of Fullmetal Alchemist, and I really can't stand to have them everywhjere complaining about the stuff that I enjoy >_< !

Yes, I read Zetman manga too, and I complained about the condensed plot too, 'cause yeah, the direction is quite rushed and "cheap" compared to the manga, but what are you expecting? They are telling the events of 16 volumes (even more, considering what happened on the last episode) in 13 episodes, and they are also making it so they wouldn't get sued for all kind of intellectual crimes XD

Why you people can't enjoy an anime for what is is, pure, simple entertainment ;_; ?
I started to read Zetman back in the days, first the homonymous, wonderful pilot story, then the rest of the serialization. I dropped it because of lack of money and time.
Then, DECADES LATER, the anime happened, and, as I was at first kinda confused by the narration (I was quite sure that Kouga wasn't Jin's childhood friend at first, but I wasn't so sure since my memory of the story was quite foggy XD) I still managed to enjoy it, and it also inspired be to get back to the manga (that I DEVOURED in three days)... So, can you just watch it and shut the fuck up, or lace your full attention on Sakamichi no Apollon, instead (and make us believe that you actually care about jazz)?
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Good job, Yurika-san!!! GOOD JOB!!!!

...Also, Kaoru-chan is AWESOME. GO KAORU. GO ;o; ..!
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--Sorry for late, but I was distracted by Fate/Zero (;___;!!!) and Kuroko (*___*!!!) new episodes...
Anyway, finally the reviews of the last volumes (of the first part!) of this adorable series about grappling during Roman ages :D

Where diplomatic strategies, Agrippina's shenanigans and smartass conspiracies, all end in tragedy! )

--And here ends the first part of this series >3
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First of all, here's what I'm watching for this season ;D
Somehow I forgot to ost about this earlier-- I'm ashamed, as an otaku :/

So, without further ado, let's go with the first impressions!


--I'm still missing Sakamichi no Apollon which looks freakin' awesome, but it's going to air on the 12th ;o;...

Also, as you should know today it's my birthday :D (no, no more happy birthday wishes THANK YOU.)
To have a birthday during recession is really pitiful XD Anyway, I managed to present myself a few goodies to cheer myself up :D
First of all, this Tamara De Lempicka catalogue/biography that I wanted to buy since I saw her last exhibition in Rome-- I found it on a 28% sale on BookDepository for a limited time and I jumped on it :D
Also, this cute Garma figurine XD
--I hope to get them as soon as possible ;o; !!


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