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So, you remember my post about the visit to the Stibbert Museum of Florence, right?
I said that I would share one of the "Japanese Fairytales" of the Hasegawa Collection, a sublime example of what happens when East and West collaborate for the sake of culture.

I was a bit bothered by the fact that my volume though, that includes 13 of the 30 published booklets, is pretty much covered by copyright crap, but fortunately, the internet came to our aid!
On this wonderful website, in fact, I found an online collection of some booklets, among which was the one that I wanted to share with you--
( That's it! )

All the images are credited to Baxley Stamps, no copyright infringment intended.
Thanks for sharing your wonderful collection, guys!
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Finallyyyy they arrived ;_; <3 !
I bought these over Meikido :3 It's a wonderful website and its prices are the best thing ever, the only problem is that there's very little choice :/ !
Anyway, this is what I got this time--! )

At that's all XD Going to waste the rest of the day, LOL ;D !
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So, I used the services of Yokatta under Teap's suggestion to get a few Mutsumix goodies and I must say that it worked quite well :3 They are fast with their replies and the shipping.
They ask for a commission of 700 yen each 3 items, but note that the commission applies to each shop. If you buy, for example, 2 doujinshi from Toranoana and 1 from K-BOOKS, you'll have to pay a commission of 1400 yen..!
So, yeah, it's not very convenient unless you organize your shopping with a friend and plan on splitting the expenses.
--Also, they don't do convention/events shopping :/ !

--Isn't it a lovely pack ;o; ..? It's Happy Summer Time copybook, the porny そして、涕の理由を and the set of Uchiha Neko charms/keychains ;o; Everything is so adorable∼♥ !!

Under the cut for pics and summaries! )

...And that's it!
Now I better work my ass of MY Uchihacest doujinshi >3> ...
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Ahah! Yesterday I got a gift straight from summer Comiket by [profile] babyrubysoho
It's a delicious Shira/Renzo anthology titled 射干玉の明けて羅刹に身を喰わせ (don't ask me what it means. Even excite glares at it) ;o;
Both me and her are shocked-- THE FIRST MUGEN NO JUUNIN (aka Blade of the Immortal) DOUJINSHI THAT WE STUMBLED ON, AND IT'S ABOUT SUCH A TINY, CREEPY MINOR PAIRING (which happens to be my favourite XD)?! Japan surely loves me XD

--Review and pictures under the cut :D )

And that's it :D ♥
If you're interested, you can get further previews and access the artists' websites here :D
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LOL, Masamunya is SOOO THE UKE.

Also, enjoy the scans tag of my LJ! Go take a look, I scanned a few interesting titles that YOU MUST LOVE.
...Now I just need someone who can translate ALL that manga stuff XD ...
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--Recently I just fall asleep all day in the afternoon and consequently I go to sleep late at night to draw stuff :/
It's not very healthy since I have to wake up everyday at 6 in the morning to go to work >_>;

Anyway!! LI-LI-LITCHI!

Litchi Hikari Circle (2 pages, G)
Picasso vs Zera (1 page, PG?)

Crossposted to [livejournal.com profile] hikari_club 'cause I'm lonely in gorgeous in fandom.

Also, yesterday I updated The Bride of the Shark with 2 new pages! Go read and comment D:

--And in these days I scanned lots of new doujinshi! Enjoy!
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Another review post. Guys, I'm getting kinda bothered, you know XD ?

This time is about my last manga purchases... I noticed that there are a few Furuya's titles available! I picked Genkaku Picasso 'cause it's art related, cute and very fun! I was positively surprised by this booklet ^_^ Then Sidooh #14, my constant resource of delicious Hijikata goodness and finally Black Butler #2 :3

Now, onto some pics+comments!

SIDOOH #14 )

Also, I wanna review this, since I was asked over DevART to share:
It's Shirokuro Game, a Litchi Hikari Club anthology that I got throught [livejournal.com profile] babyrubysoho neverending patience ♥ Thank you again, sweety ;3; ♥
But let's go through it... )

...I'm sick of reviews ;_; I wanna draw ;_;
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It's going to be a sporty post!

This update features (top-left, clockwise): Round 1 and Round 2 by Plastics*echo, THE★虎武竜 by ESECOOL, カトラコトラ by ESECOOL, TRAVEL CHANCE!! by ESECOOL, then, A*H Akimaru/Haruna anthology, MEGANExKINNIKU Akimaru/Haruna anthology, 5⇔6 Akimaru/Haruna anthology, 冬夏秋榛 Akimaru/Haruna anthology, aire Akimaru/Haruna anthology by IKA and コンタがジュムにやってきた by Vivid.

HAJIME NO IPPO reviews )

Ok, see you tomorrow for-- Let's see, Starry Sky and Shiki :D?
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--You missed my stream of daily posts in these days, didn't you XD ?

Anyway, as promised, here I am to review the booklets that I bought during my trip to Japan.
I'll start with Naruto (Itachi/Sasuke) and StarDriver (Reiji/Sugata) :3
This first batch performs (from top-left, clockwise): STAR DRAMATICS by ぼけBON, 恋するけしき by Limpid, Hide the Stars by ぼけBON, 君が美しい少年で本当によかった anthology by various artists (led by Limpid), then, on the ItaSasu department, Happy Morning by Mutsumix, by Echigoya, Who goes there? by TASOGAREDOKI and うちはにゃんこ日和 by Kiroku∼

According to my scanning policy, I'm probably not going to scan the StarDriver books for now, but the ItaSasu's are a given, since the most of them are sold out a long time.
--Anyway, you just keep an eye on Aarinfantasy for downloads :3

NARUTO reviews )
STAR DRIVER reviews )

And that's all for now, I really need to sleep after this Dx Sorry for mistakes and typos, but it really took me more than I anticipated ^_^;
See you tomorrow for Oofuri and Hajime no Ippo ^__^/ I promise you porny bunnies >DDD
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First of all, I gladly let you know that my netbook finally works properly T_T
Isn't it the cutest thing ever?! --Don't you feel like taking off its bra?! XD
In the end it was because the phone company didn't abilitate some things-- Now my father can also browse the internet with his TV and cellphone and he's ecstatic x'D I just hope that he won't catch some weird virus >_>;

Secondly, the summary of One Winter, the Starry Sky doujinshi that I got yesterday :3
[livejournal.com profile] aflyingteapot was there with me and offered a flash translation, so I can actually tell you what's happening *_*
Just for information, the author is Porry, this is her website.
Her book is still available around, buy it if you can!

Now onto the summary (with pictures, of course!)-- )

And that's all, thanks for the attention ^^
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Oh, while browsing through Japanese websites it occured to me that today is 2/3 ^_^; Also readable as NIISAN! YAY FOR BIG BROTHERS, then ^o^ (somehow it's perfect with my previous Kasuka/Shizuo post XD)

On top of it, abominablysweet from Aarinfantasy scanlated Soko wa Sekai, an ItaSasu doujinshi that I scanned a few days ago :D
So, it really is a perfect Niisan Day x3 ♥

Feel free to share thoughts and goodies over your favourite big brother characters in the comments, to to turn this post in a chance for fangirly squeeing ;o; ♥ !
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So, today I finished the sketches for the first story of my Archer/Kimbly anthology ^^

As I told you, the book's going to contain 3 porny stories and some guest illustrations :3
The booklet is going to be 32 pages long, for a price of 3 euros ^_^

Smexy preview & porny refs-- )

This said, today I mostly browsed the internet looking for good porn.
You know when you spot a series, got intrigued by a pairing and became terribly unamused that there isn't anything about them?
You start to doubt the good tastes of Japan, you shook your head in disbelief and start googling like crazy.
My current guilty pleasures are Kasuka/Shizuo from DURARARA! and Agito/Moritaka from Bakuman XD I'm also positively intrigued by Tohru/Natsuno from Shiki, but I haven't checked the intraweb about them yet--
I found something good, though, and I decided to share ;D
Farbe (BAKUMAN) - Her style is simply amazing-- It looks like official art XD
SEREN/a (BAKUMAN) - A few stuff, but her stuff looks delicious! She also released a porny doujinshi-- I GOTTA GET IT *_*
orz (BAKUMAN) - Wonderful place with lots of things *_* Illustrations, little comics, and she released lots of porny doujinshi *_* MUST HAVE!!
Go to West (DURARARA!) - It's so rare to find some nice Kasuka-lovin' website-- She released delicious Heiwajima Brothers books; one is sold out ;_; The other is unrequired Kasuka→Shizuo... OH, TEH DRAMA∼!
RI-DA (DURARARA!) - Has obvious Shizuo/Izaya, and nice Shizuo/Kasuka... Also, some doujin∼
middle path (DEATH NOTE) - In he middle of everything, I found another Light/Teru website with nice stuff-- I have to share x'D
..If you find/know more websites/stuff about these pairings feel free to tell me and share∼!

Aaaand-- Uhm, it's all for now, I guess :D
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Boring prologue )

So, ok-- Let's go:

And my wishlist, which doesn't even reach the 10 wishes D: )

*coughs* And that's all.
I repeat it, if you're on my f-list or a watcher COMMENT WITH A LINK TO YOUR WISHLIST! I'll try my best to grant you at least one of them :D ♥
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Today I received the last batch of doujinshi :D
My friend [livejournal.com profile] babyrubysoho managed to get them for me via mailorder and auctions ;3; !!

Clockwise, from top-left: 艶うちは (Naruto, ItaSasu) by owlowl, Glasses (Kuroshitsuji, William/Grell) by Kumorikaya, 0 GAME (Kichiku Megane, Midou/Megane) by Kouduki Ikka and hyper-rare-to-get マッスル笹道場 (Kamui Den, Ikkaku/Ryunoshin) by Nakamura Shungiku's circle... Owlowl included a cute miniposter in the package of her book ^^

Click here for pictures and comments! )

And that's all ^_^
As for the scans, I'm going to scan 0 GAME 'cause [livejournal.com profile] silverliningx is interested in scanlating (YAY! ♥) and of course マッスル笹道場∼ --BTW, is there someone interested in scanlating it? It must be pretty hard because of all the names and the handwritten text, but we Shirato fans would be very interested in getting the details ;3; !! --And it's Nakamura Shungiku's >3> !
Please, keep an eye on Aarinfantasy for the eventual scans :3
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Guess what? This morning I received the books that I requested from [livejournal.com profile] akino_djpick for the SuperComicCity event this May ^_^

The books are (from top-left, clockwise--): 鏡像の向こうがわ (Madara/Sasuke) by Gokujou Honey, *lots of Mutsumix's goodies from her stand*, 光の中で (Itachi/Sasuke), Kaleidoscope (ItaSasu Anthology), Happy Sleep (Itachi/Sasuke) by Mutsumix and Taste Me (Itachi/Sasuke) by Gokujou Honey ^_^

Author's websites:
Gokujou Honey - http://gokuhani.info/
Mutsumix - http://www.kcc.zaq.ne.jp/mutsumix/hajime.html

--And now under the cut for further pics and previews ^_^ ! )

And that's all!
DAMN, I wasted my whole afternoon after this report-- BE GRATEFUL >_>;
In case you're wondering-- I'm not going to scan ANYTHING >D Well, unless someone puts any of these books on auction over Ebay at shameless expensive prices. In this case, let me know ;D
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I was checking my webclap thingie, and I spotted some interesting sponsor--
Basically, you can find reference books aimed to mangaka's needs: poses, costumes, scenes, objects and settings (too bad I can't find one for gay smex >3>), there's really a lot of them!

I already compiled a wishlist for my BL needs XDHow cool!
...I mean, for certain purposes I guess that it's much better than Google Images >3> !
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Yo guys! Some days ago I was contacted by [livejournal.com profile] kasumi_161 who asked me to scan some bits from Kakugo no Susume (aka Apocalypse Zero) manga, since the USA edition stopped its releases at volume 6.

Today I decided to take care of the first request, and it's going to feature the battle of Harara against his father Oboro, featured in volume 7 & 8.
Download pt.1 -> http://www.megaupload.com/?d=3W24W0TK
Download pt.2 -> http://www.megaupload.com/?d=KA8QD4X0
(Please note that this is the Italian edition, so, not only it's in Italian, but it follows the WESTERN READING DIRECTION, from left to right! The images are reflected HORIZONTALLY, so the kanji on the character's armoirs are too!)

--I was thinking of scanlating them, but since I have no idea of how to render certain expressions, I just opted for some summaries XD
(please note that I'll keep referring to Harara as a male, despite his female body since he's still a man at heart XD)
So, under the cut for some badass family drama! )

I think that Kakugo is THE CUTEST character ever. Despite the stoic and cold exterior he's a nice person that treasures honest feelings and the persons that he loves. In this flashback he's so cute, loving his father and getting all worked up over his beloved brother's sudden change ;_; !
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Oh, this morning I finally got the fkmtverse doujinshi sponsored by [livejournal.com profile] trecomics ^o^
I also managed to finally scan that Kaiji doujinshi that I showed you time ago.. Go to [livejournal.com profile] zawa_zawa in a bit for downloads :3

--It's going to be a fast overview 'cause I'm sleepy D'x --But it got pictures! )

--All in all it's been a pretty good anthology, with many artists involved, a wide rage of fandoms and good quality levels-- The only bothering thing is that I spotted some typos and grammatical errors here and there (I guess that it's expected from an international anthology XD ?)... And spking of tyos and grammar HOrrors sorry if you spot many in this post; I'm just practically half-asleep XD

Here is the homepage for the project, in case you wanna know more or purchase it: http://www.tracy-williams.net/fkmt/ :3


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