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--It's a while since I drew something, so last night I tried to move my hand (and my brain) around a bit and see what would happen.

Inspired by this print portraying Nobunaga (or better, actor Ichimura Uzaemon XD) in a kabuki play, I took out my watercolours and my coloured pencils--
--And this is what happened. )
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I recently acquired a new friend on Devart who shares my love for Oda Nobunaga--
We started to fangirl about Nobu and discuss his historical figure, this made me decide to retake an old project about Nobunaga and his youth--
--I tried to "refresh" myself with some traditional art to work on the characters concepts-- Let's see what I'll come up with :D
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I'm trying to get more artistically active, so I decided to sketch about one of my most recent favourite YAOI pairings, Euron/Victarion Greyjoy from Game of Thrones A Song of Ice and Fire:
I love them ;_; But the only ffic that I can find about them contemplates horrible "Character death" T_T; Can't be helped, I guess-- Ouch, it reminds me of my old Uchihacest days, when all I could find was terrible sadomaso stuff involving torture and cutting x'DDD ...Too bad that mister Martin is not Kishomoto-san XD

I'm about to colour another piece, then I'll probably sketch more Greyjoy goodness--
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I'm taking a few commissions and for now I'm taking care of Truhania's batch XD
He commissioned me a CESTVS pic (among others XD) and I'm having fun with it:
'Know your place, SLAVE' )
It's always fun to draw Cestus, but sure I love it when I have to portray him during some fight *_*
Here he's dealing with Lusca and his specialty.
--I hate Lusca to guts, but I must admit that he's quite cute >_>; ..!

Damn, looking at the pic now, I want to draw Lusca squeezing Cestus' butt >_>; ...Why I have to notice such things after I'm DONE with the inking >_<# !!!
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So, Tra i Fiori finally reached 500+ fans over Smackjeeves...
I decided to make a wallpaper to celebrate-- Even if nobody asked for it ._.
I'll upload it tomorrow for download, together with the next update :3

As I drew this, I kept getting "flower bunnies"... I think that I'll probably draw more of these "fairies", even if they won't show in the comic :0


29/10/12 14:00
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I finished the new page of Samemuko (online at 9 pm Dae's time) and now I'm working on the bookmark gift for those who purchase my booklets online:

After I'm done with this and I sent it to the printers I'll probably go and chill out with my Nobunaga's thinglet coding... All this recent HTMLing inspired me to update the layouts and contents of both my neglected Tamashii no Refrain and Fire&Blood (I'll probably change its title, too XD right now it sounds soooo lame!) --But it's lots of work, so I'll probably take care of it another day XD

On the random fangirly side, I'm seriously contemplating to buy this ULTRA-EXPENSIVE figure... I'm probably crazy, but if I can't waste my money like this what I am working for, after all?
Assuming that my independence and my own house are out of question, with such a salary and in these times--
--Or maybe I should save money to attend YaoiCon 2013 and for my tour to Bavaria ._.; ..? Surely a trip to the States is WAY MORE EXPENSIVE than a mere RARE, HANDMADE, LIMITED EDITION figure of my favourite Sengoku samurai...

Speaking of my atworks, I was thinking of opening a page about it on Facebook :o ...Still wondering what category I should put it in-- "Artist", maybe >_>; ..?
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Aaah, I love this boy ♥
This morning I stared at the cover art of this month's issue of Monthly G-Fantasy FOR HOURS∼
Sohma, you're SO PRETTY AND JOYFUL ;o; <3 !
I had to draw him in this new shiny outfit :3 That's what I did 'til now, but I'm probably going to finish it tomorrow :3 Now it's TV time∼
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After weeks of unproductivity I finally let my bat-muses fly happily <3
The anatomy looks really weird, but it's a good beginning, I like to think T_T;
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--Dorian wants to show you something cool!!

--I'm seriously considering to bring Dorian Gray-based doujinshi next year to YaYCon... And hopefully that Tamara de Lempicka yuri thing (that as time passed by it was resized in lenght and intensity D:), too!
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Oooh, I'm sick of sewing my cosplay XD
So today I decided to draw something exotic and folkloristic!
Reminiscing childhood readings, here's Aigiarne, the tatar warrior princess from The Million (the actual English translation of the title is "Books of the Marvels of the World") by Marco Polo :D
...Looking for costume references killed me. So I apologize to the history!Nazi out there, 'cause I made up the most of her clothes XD
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LOL, guys.
So, my mother and my grandmother left home for a week and they moved to our hillbilly relatives as an attempt to avoid Minos (apparently those who came with these names are the people FROM THE INTERNET. The news on TV confirmed it XD) and take some rest; consequently, me and my father have to live together.
LOL, WE'RE EATING NOTHING BUT LEFTOVERS XD But I'm surprised to see my dad taking care of most of the housework-- Your Dae here has the only duties of cleaning up the bathrooms (and other minor cleaning activities) and cleaning the table after meals. It's a nice deal, I guess XD
Today I enquired my dad about how he managed to make his bed (double beds are a pain to make!) and he told me to not worry, 'cause he's just sleeping on top of it so to not deal with the issue.
Thanks God it's one of the hottest summer x'D !

--Did you guys read the last chapter of Naruto?! AASSDSDF, WHAT IS WITH THIS EPICNESS?!!!
I mean, I'm still a bit shocked to see Orochimaru around, but I like this new formed 4-people team XDD
For some reason, I was amused by Suigetsu's reaction once he saw Orochimaru XD and I was glad to see Kabuto back to his bishie antics... I'm probably the only one in the world left, but I still like Kabuto, and I want him to be happy, be it with his master or with his bro ._.
I mean, Orochimaru/Kabuto was my first Naruto OTP, before I was revealed the GLORY of Itachi and Uchihacest ._.; !

Also, as you know I'm a fan of the series Grappler Baki. It's a bit weird at first, but once you get used to the weird anatomy and character design it's very enjoyable.
Anyway, recently I started to read the manga, since apparently some groups decided to scanlate the first series decently, and at a decent pace.
I felt like sketching a little something, then! )

Speaking of further otaku activities, yes, I GAVE UP and I added NOBUNA NO YABOU to my watching list T_T; !!
I watched the first episode and it looked pretty decent: the plot has a similar approach to Sengoku Otome and the design is as nice as Sengoku Paradise; yeah, I have to deal with a lot of moe girls and eyes as big as a human skull, but I can deal with it for now... Even the male protagonist is ok for now-- BUT I'M DEFINITELY GOING TO DROP IT ONCE STUPID PROTAGONIST/NOBUNA ROMANCE WILL HAPPEN >_< !!!
For now, I really liked the idea of Saito Dousan adopting Nobuna as his daughter ;o; (also if I really wanted to see a male version of Nouhime ._.; ...) --I REALLY LIKE DOUSAN! --But I lolled at Nobuna calling him "Viper" XDDD That was supposed to be an offensive nickname, yanno XDD ?!
Ah, also, I fapped over the fact that a cute Maeda Toshiie is included ;o; !!! Ok, she's a loli and the tiger outfit makes no sense (maybe a reference to the kabukimono dressing style?!), but I'm happy to see some recognition for this samurai (his rendition in Sengoku Basara anime sucked a big one, for example =_=;) <3 !!! He's one of my favourites in the Nobunaga's crew XDD
--I hope that this anime will be worth my time! basically, just hope that it won't suck as much as that pitiful Sengoku Collection, even if I already spotted some dangerous similarities (lots of lolis and Nobuna is a brat-- I WANT A BIG-BOOBED NOBUNAGA AS IN SENGOKU OTOME >_<) ;_; ..!

Also, I'm really enjoying Kingdom o_o I can't believe that many otaku bloggers dropped it after the first episode because of the (annoying) CG!
I also noticed that the CG is getting less and less usage-- BUT I DON'T CARE ABOUT THE CG, THIS SERIES IS FUCKING EPIC ;o; !!!!

Oh, and that's all for now! See you next time with further exciting updates from Dae's life!
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Ok! Right now I'm working on SameMuko page 7, and after this it'll be Fiori's turn :3
Tonight (Dae Time) I'll update both comics, so keep an eye on both >o< !

Yesterday I started to work on my cosplay for Romics! The result is still a bit WTF at the moment, but I'm still fired up >o< ! Today I went to buy more fabric and stuff for the details, I was lucky and spent less than I thought :D As soon as I'll get together something decent I'll show you some 'making of' :D
I also bought the new Sidooh vol.17, as soon all I'll have free time I'll make you the usual summary :DD I got so busy that it's still wrapped in my bag ^_^;

And most importantly, I finally tried this new Japanese restaurant (as usual, it's owned by Chinese people XD) close-by and I GOT MY KATSUDON!!!
It looks a bit "unorthodox", but it was quite delicious and filling! It costed 8 euros... It was a fair price, considering the size of the bowl! I was a glutton and I had a salmon onigiri before this, so once I was done with the katsudon my tummy felt like exploding X'D
I saw that they had katsukare on their menu too (for 10 euros ò_o)! Next time I'll try that too >o< !!
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I finished reading the third part of Jojo's Bizarre Adventures, "Stardust Crusaders".
It was really good :D I like everyone the same, but I must say that my favourite character was Polnareff:
I liked his personality, his stand and I love also the meaning of his tarot card∼!
He's not your classic bishounen (in fact he's a bit to draw, at least for me T_T;), but he really won my heart :D !

Speaking of football, if I saw another GLIMPSE of the Match of the Century on TV, I'm going to get SEIZURES!!!
Isn't it going to jinx the match?! Everyone keeps talking about Destiny and Eurobonds while I just want to disappear T_T; ARGH, SUCH ANXIETY T___T; --THIS DAMN SPORT IS GOING TO KILL ME T____T; !!!
I wish I were German for those puny 90 minutes, so I'd be sure to win and wouldn't face all THIS SUFFERIIIIIIING!

Also, a good number of Spring anime that I was following are already over :3 I'll make a post as soon as the last episode of Sakamichi no Moe Apollon is released and I manage to watch it, for a comprehensive discussion :D
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(Yes, I draw on yellow paper... Don't ask XD)

..Consider that I'm even procrastinating Kuroko's watching to draw this... I'm really in love∼♥
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This recent heat wave ko'ed me pretty much, but it's time to react, right, otherwise I'll never get anything done :o !!
To put me in the right mood, I let my Kakugo bunnies free for a bit-- And what came out is a Kakugo no Susume x Exoskull Zero crossover pic, which you can get a peek of above... I'm almost done with it, so you may find it on DevART in a few minutes ;3 !
DAMN, yesterday I was checking out the second volume of Exoskull Zero for some refs and-- I'd realy love to see it scanlated ;_; Why does nobody cares about it T_T ..?
I wanna draw more of it! AND I WANNA KNOW WHAT'S IT ABOUT x'DD !

To fight the heat and find the righteous energy, I gave up and tried this Cafè Zero thing... My father (who was sent to take care of the ice-cream errands, LOL XD) picked the new "MocaNut" version. I'm not a fan of nuts unless it's about Nutella, but it was pretty decent.
Not great, but decent. --And it sure refreshed and energized me up x3 !
I wanted to try the other flavours too (Espresso ♥), but considering that a cup costs around 3 euros, mhh, NO, I don't care this much XD
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OMG! It was about time for Beelzebub's new chapter to come out >o<
My main thought about this last chapter was:
--It's sketchier than usual 'cause I don't know about the colors, also if I'm expecting quite fair tones XD --But it gives you the idea of my WTF over this last "villain" introduced in the series.

Also, as I told you here and there I'm trying to read (it's actually a MARATHON, not a reading XD) JoJo's Bizarre Adventures... By now I'm reading part III and-- It's getting kinda creepy T_T
Anyway, since I'm caught by sudden flashes of fangirling but I can't manage to draw anything because I'm reading it quite quickly, and I have no time for it-- Well, my bunnies are piling up.
So this evening I decided to make a portrait of one of my favourite characters from Part II, Caesar Antonio Zeppeli: he's pretty and he's Italian, of course I'd love him XD
Next I'd like to draw a Jonathan/Dio of sort, a proper Dio's portrayal and Jotaro/Noriaki ;3; ..!
Aah, stupid bunnies, jumping everywhere T_T; ...
I tried to use vivid and acid colours to match up the style of the author but-- I think I sucked at it XD
...Mhh, it's already this late and I'm still in the middle of colouring it-- Ugh.

Also, on a side note, while I was checking Mutsumix's blog to see her reactions to the last Naruto chapter, I found her report of the Memories of Chackra event in LAGUNASIA.
She went there with other ItaSasu fans-- I can recognize at least 'Jack in the Box' from the sketches they left here and there--
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--I was about to finally finish all these Haikyuu fanarts sketches but-- It looks like the new episode of Kuroko is out ;o; !!

*cut/pasting this from my previous entry, to pimp this series adequately*
I got to know about this because of my shota/bara watchlist on pixiv XD
Haikyu!! is a manga about male voleyball, that I'm almost sure my Oofuri friends are going to appreciate quite a lot XD It's something like-- Oofuri written by a man, you know. So Mihashi (= Shouyo) is timid, weak and emotive, but quite hot-blooded and assertive and Abe (= Tobio) is a perfectionist and has some serious control issues but he's also a mean bully who doesn't hesitate to say how much someone sucks x'DDD
Add two adorable third years, a second year attacker with a soft spot for "yankee faces" and the "kichiku megane" first year and that's the deliciousness you get XD
Teap, one of the cute senpai has a mole near his eye too, LOLOLOL x'D

...Note that I'm already procrastinating the work on SameMuko update to take care of these volley-bunnies :0
And I have at least two Kuroko short comics ideas that I can't find the mood to put on paper-- I HATE SUMMER, IT MAKES ME SO GROGGY AND LAZY ;_; ! (like winter and spring, apparently, LOL XD)

...I want an ice-cream ;_;
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--I just hope that nobody will bash this artwork too ;_;
I had enough artistic criticism for todat Y_Y;


10/6/12 14:26
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--I like when people asks for commissions and then disappears after I show them the first sketch.
Mmmh, allriiiight.

This said, let me share some artistic frustration with you:


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