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Just read carefully and let your Christmas Spirit out :D

  • Comment with a picture request (can be everything, also something I'm not familiar with --just provide references in case!) for a friend of yours and I'll try to make it for them as a Christmas gift.
  • It doesn't have to be a friend of mine or someome I know.
  • Don't request for pictures for yourself >_>
  • You have time to submit your requests until December 10.
  • I'll post the gifts on this journal on Christmas (probably the night of December 24), feel free to redirect your friends here so they can take their gift ^_^ --Obviously I'm especting comments from them too (mostly to make sure that they do exist and you didn't cheat) >_>
  • I'm going to take 10 requests but you can keep asking... Hopefully I can draw some extra!

Some basic rules:
  • GIVE ME REFERENCE PICTURES. If you won't give me references I'll ignore your request.
    Give me references ALSO if I'm familiar with the fandom; last year I wasted a 40% of my time looking for decent pics on the internet of characters I totally ignored.
  • When making your request provide me a link that proves your friend's existence. A blog, a LJ, a devART account, some posts over a forum or a community, everything will do.
    No people in real life.
    Last year I had to ignore some requests 'cause I wasn't sure of those guys' existence, and it ended up that they really existed, making me feel sorry XD
  • NO PORN, max of two characters.
  • Your pic will be in this style. It's nothing too elaborate, but at least there's some colour :3
  • The comments are screened, so they won't be visible until I'll make them so. Avoid a thousand posts like "The comment didn't show up, so I'm writing it again!".
    Make your request and GTFO!!!! (XD)

    So... Let's start requesting ^_^ !!

Date: 2/12/12 23:17 (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Can I give you a link for being this nice? Though I'm not requesting anything, I'm even happier to count you as friend.

You rules !! ;-)

Lord Truhan

Date: 3/12/12 15:24 (UTC)
truce: (Aoba)
From: [personal profile] truce
Hi Dae~

Sorry it's been so long. I hope it hasn't been TOO long OTL.


I was wondering if you could draw an art for my friend Kaye, of Kanji from Persona 4 and Noiz from DRAMAtical Murder.

Kanji refs:


Just tell me if you need more.

lmao you don't have to draw them touching or interacting or what lmao just drawing them should be enough. They're her two favourite characters and she's been going through a bit of a crap time, so :x

Thanks for considering c:

Date: 3/12/12 20:02 (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Veertje again, now back with links : )



Group pics:

references, hu?

Date: 3/12/12 23:06 (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Soo..this sounds interesting.
I have a friend, hopefully she doesn't read this bevore chrismas here XD.
She is (S) from S_and_M on smackjeeves ( I am (M) )
She also has an da account..whait.. i have the link somewhere..: http://lady-valeska.deviantart.com/.

That was the easy part.
We have a rp going. Her OC is a Male called 'Mylon' (she named her cat after him btw)
And what ever i try I fucking can't draw him in a sexy way. No matter what i do or try it never ends up, like i want him to look.
So here is my request. may you try draw him in a irresistible pose?

She would be so happy about it, cause she loves your comic with the sharks.

And...http://colin-solowjow.deviantart.com/art/Home-is-where-your-heart-is-338167857?q=gallery%3Acolin-solowjow%2F30744145&qo=1 but its the same pose and yeah.
I suck at drawing him.
so she would totally flip out and stuff.
OMG i should sleep by now and stop bubbling.

greetings and a wonderfull good night:
(M) from S_and_M at smackjeeves
(Sainth91 from dA)

Christmas Spirits

Date: 4/12/12 23:47 (UTC)
saru86: (Default)
From: [personal profile] saru86
Hey there!
This is a pretty great thing to do and I'm glad there are people like you, willing to share what they love with other people - for other people. <3

I'd like to request something with Renji and Ichigo from Bleach; it's for Kazuma (she really exists ;) http://www.y-gallery.net/user/kazuma85 ) and she's madly in love with those two guys.

As for reference pics - I'm not an artist; quite far away from it, actually, so I don't really know what to provide you as reference pics... Shame on me!
I linked you some pics from the Bleach Wikia, thought you wanted to see the original style or something? Like I said, I'm as far away from being an artist as is possible...



Their chemistry

It'd be great if you'd manage some kind of Rockband feeling about them; Kazu's writing a story with Renji being in a rockband and slowly seducing Ichigo. The story means a lot to Kazuma and I thought it'd be great to show her it means something to someone else, too, even before the story itself was posted anywhere.

And once again, thanks for offering something like this, even if you choose to not do my request. :)

Edit: Just as means to contact me, should you have any questions: My y!Gal account ( http://www.y-gallery.net/user/saruman/ ) is probably the easiest way to contact me.
Edited (Added info) Date: 4/12/12 23:50 (UTC)

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