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Ok, guys, I'm doing my best trying to start the new year following all the required traditions-- So I hope that this year I'll manage to keep myself creatively busy as in these past two days XD
Above you can see what I managed to see of the first sun of the year XD I was at work early in the morning today, but unfortunately my job doesn't allow me to go around to check for good omens in the weather!

On top of it, I realized that my current cellphone is too old for the drivers of my PC so-- I took a picture of the picture XD Let's see this as my determination to work harder that usual to solve potential problems, as 2017 is the year of my Chinese Zodiac and I'm assumed to pay extra attention XD
More excting activities under the cut! )

And well, that's all XD Whenever I'll feel lazy again I'll take a peek at this post and force my brain to get into action-- So, see you later, and let's hope that this will be a nice, productive year!
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--I must not forget to wish you a good time!

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year! by daevakun on DeviantArt
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Long story short, I "met" on Facebook some of the "dollers" that I used to pixel around with AEONS AGO thanks to Elychan and this deviation-- We talked about the old times, got all fired up (despite our age, LOL) and decided to do a "doll collaboration" like that :D --This time the theme is The Games of Thrones-- I picked Yara, so to keep a familiar face for those who don't read the book and--
It took me over three hours to come with something decent x'D !!

Ah, for the sake of the good ol' netiquette-- This is the base that we're using :D
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--I'm finally done with the Greyjoy goodness XD

The whole pack is available over pixiv right now, I'm about to post bits of it over my DevArt and y!Gallery accounts now (or whenever y!G will me available, that bitch >_<#) :D
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I'm trying to get more artistically active, so I decided to sketch about one of my most recent favourite YAOI pairings, Euron/Victarion Greyjoy from Game of Thrones A Song of Ice and Fire:
I love them ;_; But the only ffic that I can find about them contemplates horrible "Character death" T_T; Can't be helped, I guess-- Ouch, it reminds me of my old Uchihacest days, when all I could find was terrible sadomaso stuff involving torture and cutting x'DDD ...Too bad that mister Martin is not Kishomoto-san XD

I'm about to colour another piece, then I'll probably sketch more Greyjoy goodness--
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KYA, finally Caesar made his appearance in Jojo's anime!
Aaah, he's lovely, LOVELY, such a lovely young man <3 !
Well, not really when he's in his "womanizing mode", but what about the scene when he "killed" Mark ;3; ..? And this is just the beginning!!! I can't wait for the next episodes >o< !!!
Also, also, the Pillar men are so smexy and gay, ahah XD Can't wait to see more of them <3 And Cars is SMEXY >o< !! I love their manly voices!

Also, I have a formal complain with the subbers!
1) "Senorita" instead of "Signorina". For fuck sake, stop mixing up Italian with Spanish ;_; ! They are different languages!!
2) "Mama Mia" instead of "Mamma Mia". I know that ABBA are way more popular than my language, but WTF? Even when the Japanese seiyuu made the best efforts to pronounce it properly D: !!

Setting aside awesome Jojo and delicious "black spaghetti", let me update you about my most recent manga passion:
Awesome Rokudenashi Blues
It's a very old series that I wanted to read since for ever, and I decided to take hold of the scans and give it a read in those days.
It's just ADORABLE ;_; Let's say that I love stories about delinquents by default, and the last one I read (Kongou Banchou) left me quite pissed off because the stupid way the author decided to end it, with all that stupid romance everywhere, so, I need something to refresh my hot-blooded spirit, you know?
Of course there's romance here too, after all it's something that you can't remove from the experiences of a healthy youth, but that's-- that's very cute, you know? It's not the kind of stupid romance that you read about nowadays, or in general shonen series.
Among all the female cast (which is anyway a bunch of stereotypes, by now we know how men think, LOL) my favourite girl is Mafuyu, the sukeban <3 I'm sorry that the author had to give her a tragic past, but I like how it gave her a realistic yet melanchonic personality... She looks so much mature than her schoolmates and I like how she's usually there to solve problems!
As for the boys, I have a strong sympathy for the protagonist Taison, because he's lot of fun, has a kind heart and he's from Osaka (LOL), but I think that the guy I like the most is Hatanaka, the boxer. I really hope to see him back in action soon ;_; !!! High School is such a short period in Japan, I can't stand the fact that he's going around for boxing and he's shown no more T_T; !!! --I WANT TO SEE MORE HATANAKA IN GAKURAN, DAMN!
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So, K is over ._.
I confess you that back in the days I wouldn't have give it a penny, but in the end it was quite worth the watch!
Ok, maybe the 70% of my watching was motivated by Mikoto and Reishi, and you can be sure that the 90% of this series was nothing but fanservices for both sexes and "inclinations", but it worked quite well, didn't it?
They even managed to leave a good number of "omissions" in the plot (please, don't call them "plot holes" just to sound smart ò_o A plot hole is something that happen without a narrative connection to the plot, a lack of information isn't) to grant the need of a second series-- The marketing branch of Viz Media sure did their homework...

Speaking of the series, my favourite character was Mikoto, steadily followed by Kusanagi, but my type was Reishi∼ I naturally shipped Mikoto/Reishi (still a bit uncertain about who tops-- I'd say Mikoto, but he looks like the lazy type, maybe it'd be Reishi to do all the work, even if as a uke-- I like to see Reishi as a reversible uke, though-- *lost in fujoshi fantasies*)--
By the end I also managed to like Fushimi/Yata :D Looks like a rowdy thing, but I don't really like Fushimi. Don't know why all the fangirls are crazy over him (maybe that's it, they are just CRAZY) ò_o *takes some tea with Reishi-dono*
About female characters, I wasn't really amused by the cast, but I guess that I have a sympathy for big-boobed Seri, and I was quite intrigued by her relationship with Kusanagi ♥

Well, not sure if I'll follow the second season too, now that my favourite is gone, but I guess that I will, 'cause I wanna know about the other two Kings (Black and White..?) and know more about certain details. If possible I'd long for more flashbacks, expecially concerning Mikoto and Reishi's student days∼

Don't know if some of you know, but there are actually two spin-off manga in the process of being scanlated-- They look like one-volume thingies, so let's hope that they'll be completed soon:
• K ~Memory of Red~
• K: Stray Dog Story
They are scanlated respectively by AQUA Scans and September Scanlations.
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My friends!
I'm right back from the Christmas' Eve mass and-- I'm pretty much dead XD I'm too old for such things... *whimpers*

Anyway, the piccies for the xmas meme (now with unscreened comments) :D I hope that your friends will like them, also if they are nothing special!
As you see I only got 4 requests this year-- Pretty miser result, isn't it :/ ? I guess that in this horrible year my popularity got its finishing blow... The positive thing was that I could work on them without rushing stuff or dying in the process :D

So here they are:

And also, a special gift from me to a dear friend of mine who keeps believing me, encouraging me and buying tones of commissions everytime XD
A cute Gohan/Trunks from DragonBall pic to Truhania, with the hope that his projects will go better and better and the gratitude of a completely unworthy friend ;3; <3
Merry Christmas!

And as the angels and shepherds sing their song to baby Jesus, your Dae goes promptly to sleep, aware that tomorrow a day of food abuse will wait for her-- Again, MERRY CHRISTMAS, EVERYONE ♥ !!!
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--Talking about resolving a character JUST KILL HIM OFF THREE PANELS LATER D:
I really hope that Sasuke, Orochi and Suigetsu will come back with some miraculous potion that will bring back the dead 'cause I'm really bothered by the recent events in Naruto D:
I don't want Naruto to end up with Hinata, FFS, I want her with Neji, bringing happiness to their clan T_T; !!

Also, Obito/Madara FTW x'D
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So, I finally managed to catch up with the episodes of Bakuman. 3, I'm glad that we reached the Nanamine arc, but I'm a bit sorry that I missed his glamorous debut--
I guess that I lost the momentum for the enthusiasm that I'm going to show you...
What a lovely asshole he is! And cute Kosugi ;___; I don't remember him crying when talking about Nanamine's twisted ways in the manga, but sure I loved it!
I have the pitiful hope that the anime will resolve their relation IN A MUCH BETTER WAY than the manga did, but I'm just being a delusional fangirl ._.
Also, I was kinda glad that the Hiramaru/Aoki stuff was WASTED and UNRESOLVED in such a few episodes x'D I really disliked that part (which came at the end of the manga anyway) >_> Also if Yoshida's thinking of Hiramaru as someone to make happy was quite cute ;3; <3
Also, Shiratori <333 He was so UNBELIEVABLY CUTE T_T; *cries*
In the end, the anime is editing the manga quite heavily, but I like the way they're doing it-- Considering that there's 15 episodes left and they want to conclude the manga with this third series, I guess that this is the best way to go. I also wonder if Nanamine will be developed and resolved in just this arc because of this-- To be honest, the "Company arc" was a bit "too much" for me :/ I could live without it being animated, and the fact that the Hiramaru/Aoki stuff, originally placed between the two Nanamine arcs --if I remember correctly, was virtually removed, could be an indication of such an arrangement.
Well, we'll see, I guess!

This was also an important week for Uchuu Kyoudai, that it's becoming one of my favourite anime by the day :3
I-- I really like the Mizoguchi type. I know it's a bit pitiful but-- I LIKE DEPENDABLE PEOPLE, and the fact that they are a bit arrogant and contrary amuses me ;_; --Also if in the end I think that a Nitta type would suit me the best *lost in thoughts* --I should really stop fantasizing over 2D characters >_>; *thinks of how delicious a Mizoguchi/Kenji would be instead*
Anyway, it's getting a bit bothering, I manage to cry at every episode!! DAMN!

Also, I keep reading Hourou Musuko even if it's EONS that anything interesting happened-- I'd like to drop it 'cause every chapter manages to do nothing but irritating me, but I have the feeling that once I'd drop it something AMAZING would happen ;_; ... Like any interesting romantic development for my cute Mako-chan ;_; ..!

...Someone should really do something Mizoguchi/Kenji!
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I'm taking a few commissions and for now I'm taking care of Truhania's batch XD
He commissioned me a CESTVS pic (among others XD) and I'm having fun with it:
'Know your place, SLAVE' )
It's always fun to draw Cestus, but sure I love it when I have to portray him during some fight *_*
Here he's dealing with Lusca and his specialty.
--I hate Lusca to guts, but I must admit that he's quite cute >_>; ..!

Damn, looking at the pic now, I want to draw Lusca squeezing Cestus' butt >_>; ...Why I have to notice such things after I'm DONE with the inking >_<# !!!
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This morning I wanted to see if my hand could still deal with painting and inking stuff traditionally-- So I decied to try my hand on this simple portrait of Madara and Itachi, to use for the new version of Fire&Blood, hopefully...

Weapons of choice: heavily watered acrylic paint on 90gr paper (it's the paper you use to print photocopies, to give you an idea XD); Total time: around 15 minutes-- )

...And here's the finished product once I cleaned it up with Photoshop ^_^;

Long story short, I need to "refresh" my traditional skills every now and then >_>;


7/12/12 10:56
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I know that the talk of a proper fujoshi blog like mine is should be the deliciousness of the relationship of Reisi/Mikoto (not sure who tops, for now I'll go with Reisi as the seme 'cause I like the autoritative kind on top ù_u) and Fushimi/Misaki (no doubt about who tops here XD) from K, but instyead I'd prefer to focus on this:


Oh GOD, so cute, HE'S SO CUTEEE!!! Can't wait for the next chaptersASAADFSF!!

...In case you need some explanation (as I guess you would), Meo is a Thai boy working as a waiter in a Thai restaurant that offers Muay-Thai matches as an entertainment that Minoru got to meet in said restaurant, as he was investigating Muay-Thai for his upcoming match.
Well, long story short, Minoru wants to fight some Muay-Thai fighter, and Meo was chosen as his opponent. Despite being a kid, he kicked Minoru's ass throughtly, and in the end Minoru will ask the boy to train him and he'll be asked by Meo to bring him to a date in return∼ It'll end up that the date will be some concert of some idol, but that was enough to let my fujoshiness run wild, yanno XD ?


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