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So, this year I manage to partake into this common Japanese celebration that consist in witnessing the first sunrise of the year as a good omen for the upcoming travel around the Sun.

It's called "初日", "Hatsuhi", and it literally means "First Sun".
As today I have an afternoon shift, I'm home alone and on Winter the sun rises at a decent hour, I could allow myself to such an extravagance XD

So, I woke up around 0645, peed, put something warm on top of my pijamas, took the car and reached a close-by nice spot which wasn't covered by the airport.

This is the skyline at 0705 :D

Here it was around 0715:

Finally some red at the horizon!!
It was around 0725:

0735 :D

0740! Eeeh, how niiice!!

I was staying into my car 'til now XD As the sun was properly rising, I got out of it to give it a clear cheer! This was taken around 0745 :D

It was 0750 by then and it was starting to get freaking cold, so I took this last picture and got back in my car to reach home XD

Probably it was just a silly superstition, but looking at the sun of the new year rising up in the sky despite all the shit, energized me and made me wanted to be a little more daring, just like the sun and its daily, strong-headed sunrises :D
I hope that these pictures gave you the same feeling!!

Happy new year, everyone ^o^ !!

Date: 2/1/15 01:42 (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
This is seriously romantic!

Date: 2/1/15 01:49 (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] forchancookie
I did something Korean for this New Year's Day. I made Teeokguk (rice cake soup). "The disc-shaped rice cakes look like coins, so they symbolize a wish for upcoming prosperity for anyone who eats them." It also says something about the whiteness of the broth, but I did a beef broth, so mine is brown ^_^;;

Mine didn't turn out as good as the restaurant we usually go to and eat it at, needs more garlic! It was still very tasty. Even my grandparents liked it and they're very hard to please when I cook things that aren't straight up bland American foods. :P

Date: 2/1/15 22:07 (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] forchancookie

My name is in it because I entered it in a contest on a forum. :)

I could probably send you some mochi. Some I bought at the market. I don't think fresh mochi would survive the trip to Italy!

Well, down South, they eat black eyed peas and collard greens for good luck. I've never eaten it though. Even though we lived in the South, my parents are from the North, so they didn't cook a lot of Southern food.

In general, my grandparents' tastebuds are just boring now. If given a choice, my grandmother would probably eat fish every day. I like fish now and then, but not every day. And whenever you're not looking, she does something weird to food, like adds a seasoning that no one would ever put on it. My grandfather does that too, puts food together that has no business being together. I just avoid the food when they do that. :P

Date: 5/1/15 07:53 (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] forchancookie
It was tasty, but the one I have had at a Korean restaurant had a more garlic-y broth. I chopped up seven cloves of garlic and it still wasn't enough! I will have to try harder next time! I think I might experiment with a few other veggies as well. Maybe throw some gyoza in there like they do at the restaurant.

Beans for the new year seems to be a theme in a lot of places. Apparently they look like coins, so *shrugs*

Their tastebuds are definitely shot!

Date: 5/1/15 10:39 (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] forchancookie
That is pretty hilarious, because here in America, garlic is very heavily associated with Italian food. And you are an Italian who hates garlic! XD

That's true. I'm terrible with spices and even some of the weak stuff gets to me. You have to watch out because Koreans loooooooove their red pepper flakes! And Indian food contains some spices that are just not as tasty to me as they are to them, but I still enjoy trying it.

Date: 2/1/15 19:38 (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] m3n747
Those are really lovely photos! ^^

Date: 3/1/15 13:14 (UTC)
m3n747: (Default)
From: [personal profile] m3n747
They still look pretty! ^^

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