Date: 25/2/16 11:02 (UTC)
m3n747: (Default)
From: [personal profile] m3n747
Hey, I happen to have enjoyed the German cuisine during my visits. Those J├Ągerschnitzel were so delicious... T_T

It might apply to kebab to a lesser extent, but I still don't think that Turks put pickled cucumbers in their food back home. We love our cucumbers, though, so they comply with our tastes.

As for the Chinese food, I really love it! There are places which are run by Asians who barely speak any Polish - and when they do, their heavy accents make them insanely difficult to understand - so I guess they have no reason to care what tastes we enjoy and just make their food the way they like it themselves. XD I can't be sure, though.

The Indian food, I only ate it three times if memory serves. I liked it, but I'd need to try more of it to have any proper well-informed opinion. I don't think it was all that spicy, but I can't tell if it was toned down for the intended target or if we just ordered something mild. I like spicy food, however, so I wouldn't mind trying something with more spice to it.
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