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I'm not so sure you missed me (those of you you have Facebook were probably delighted by my almost daily movies posts and ranting about the weather), but here I am to bother you again ;D
In this hiatus from my usual activity (webcomics and other crap) I spent the most of my time watching really weird movies on streaming instead of working on my cosplay ._.;
Anyway, this experience taught me some serious things that I need to share.

I'd mostly like to thank the world of cinema for two reasons:
Björn Andrésen playing Tadzio in Morte a Venezia (aka Death in Venice in the USA).
During the movie you could hear me shouting "DORIAN!! DORIAN!!" all over the place XD

Helmut Berger ♥ singing "Kinder, heut' abend, da such' ich mir was aus" in Götterdämmerung (aka The Damned in the USA).
Another few words over 'Götterdämmerung' since this movie left me IN AWE. )

This said, I must say that I'm very bitter about my recent doujinshi selling activity :/
I have lots of copies left unsold of both Give Bison! and This time it's for ever! and apparently nobody really want to buy them :/
Well, go ahead and keep buying Japanese crap over ebay for 30 dollars a booklet if it makes you happy.
As for me, I decided that I'm not going to make doujinshi based on such anime fandom anymore. I can't really allow myself to waste money this way, also if they are founded by my commissions... Or maybe I'll do as others do, and accept pre-orders before printing anything, this way I'd have the required money for the printing and no left-overs.
Anyway, my next projects are original thinglets, as I told you time ago.
First, a doujinshi inspired by The Portrait of Dorian Gray, focusing on the relationship between Dorian and Alan :DDD Speaking of Tadzio, I guess that for the cover art I'll just rip this picture off x'DD *shameless*
The second project is a soft-erotic artbook featuring pretty boys and shibari. I need to collect a good amount of ref pics and get in a good enough mood to start playing around with the concept, then I'll see :D

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