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--And now you can have a good look at your Dae's happy face XD
This year I was one of the lucky bastards who managed to get their autograph from special guest Go Nagai *_*
--I called him "Sensei" ;_; I told him "Arigatou" T^T !! --Guys, you have no idea, this guy pretty much raised me more than my own parents, considering since how long I'm watching his anime and reading his comics x'DDD

Under the cut a picture of my autograph *_* )
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--Two scenes where it almost looked as if Kiku and Sukeroku were about to kiss!

I'm really a rotten girl XD
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Oh, no, please, go ahead ♥_♥

It's a great series as it is, but these eyecandies are the icing on the cake *ç*
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It's been a while that I wanted to read this beautiful manga of Fuyumi Soryo dedicated to the figure of Cesare Borgia, and finally I managed to buy the whole complete thing :D
Under the cut for pretty boys and not XD )
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--Nice to meet you, boy from Hakone.
I like how exquisitely gay you look ♥
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This year I skipped my regular Valentine's pic 'cause I was looking forward to today!
Who needs to feel RONERY when you can get Free! cosplay action in real life ^o^/ ?!

"Hey Nagisa! Wanna try out my mackerel..?"
Under the cut for the event, pics and lots of cosplays!! )
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I'm probably enjoying too much Diamond no Ace, and it's definitely NOT because of baseball XD
"Then... Do you plan to have sex by yourself?"

All these subtexts are killing meee!
So, before the lovely story of this triangle kills me, it's my duty to share it with you... )
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I overlooked it 'cause I thought it had something to do with Megane Danshi Club, fortunately a review on MAL told me that it was a megane version of Free!, so now I'M TOTALLY BUYING IT.

From the characters minimovies on the website, I could tell that my favourite is Akira already, but I look forward to meet the other boys <3
Also if it doesn't look like it'll have any kind of "intense" plot as in Free!-- I expect something along the lines of Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou with a Gakuen Heaven vibe...
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I dropped for a bit reading Hajime no Ippo because I had other things to do everytime a new chapter was out, so I recently caught up with the releases, and I'm quite grateful to Morikawa-sensei for giving me a match dedicated to my favourite boys *_*

--When everyone was busy shipping Miyata and Ippo (or other weird things) I kept my eyes faithfully on Imai/Itagaki (to be honest my OTP is still Sawamura/Sendo, but-- I always fancied Imai/Itagaki quite a lot too) *_*
They are just SO TYPICAL a pairing that it just came obvious to me to pair them up-- I'm also happy about the current development of the match, I love Itagaki-chan but he really needs to have a few lessons taught XD --I'm happy that Imai is doing it instead of Ippo.

On a minor note, it looks like the third series of the anime is going to air this autumn... It'as a bit of a tragedy 'cause I kinda dropped the second series and I'm not very motivated to resume watching it XD ...Oh, well, I guess I will.

Also, Genshiken Nidaime!
--When did it turn into a harem manga x'DDDDDD ?
As I'm quite bothered by all the chicks that are going after Madarame at the moment (everyone but Saki, WTF T_T;) CAN I SAY THAT THE MADA/HATO (Hato/Mada..?) THING IS MAKING MY HEART GOING ALL FLUFFY AND SUCH ;o; ?!!!!!
How it is that the only romantic stuff that I can enjoy is gay stuff T_T; ..?
Anyway, I'm noticing that... This series is about fujoshi activities-- But it's also focusing on a fujoshi-kind of plot.
It's interesting, from the point of view of a narrator. It's like Shimoku-sensei is facing the fujoshi and is trying to defeat them on their own ground.
--I really look forward to the next doujinshi event in Japan, I'm sure that Hato-kun is getting quite lots of porn on him already XD (that's it, if pixiv is telling me the truth!)
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So, yesterday when I was randomly zapping through the TV channels, I happened to find the theatrical piece of Memoirs of Hadrian by Mario Scaparro, featuring the epic Giorgio Albertazzi as Hadrian.
The whole thing was set in Villa Adriana, and that hit the spot.
For fuck's sake guys, I read the book and I found it intriguing but way too complicated to properly appreciate it (it's French literature, after all XD), but during the piece I did nothing but cry all the time ;_;
Reading something and hearing that same something declaimed as the poetry it is is something absolutely different!

Source: http://www.teatropariolipeppinodefilippo.it/memorie-di-adriano/

One of the highest moment, visually speaking, was the solitary dance of Antinoo, played by the wonderful Giacomo Luci, who just had the perfect body and face to give flesh to the beautiful Bithynian boy.

I was lucky, and on Youtube I found the same coreography of the show played by this young dancer, Illya Kun; the view is not the greatest, but at least you can be amazed by the beauty of the human body as I did:

This show really inspired me... It's like getting an old wound reopen, in a good way.
I may try to draw something on this theme again, now that I have that marvellous Antinoo as a reference...
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--These titles are sounding weirder and weirder...

Yesterday the first episode of Silver Spoon was aired, so I officially finished checking my "to-watch" list for this season (to be honest, I'm still missing Gatchaman Crowds, but I kinda get the refrain, and I don't think that I'm going to watch it after all--) :D Here are my first impressions of the series that I just watched with a few considerations (expecially about Free! which everyone is already so obsessed over XD)!

KINGDOM 2 - score: 8 )
FREE! - score: 7 )
UCHOUTEN KAZOKU - score: 7 )
GIN NO SAJI - score: 9 )

Also, on a different note, I saw that yaoi!Gallery is down since a few days... I'm going to post my yaoi stuff over HentaiFoundry (R18!!!!!!!), then. Today is my day off and I was considering to produce something naughty besides working on the webcomics updates (that I decided that I'll update when I'll be in the mood for it =_=;)-- I'll upload my porn there, then, and on pixiv, as usual.
I'll have to deal with all those terrible porn sponsoring (and so you will!) but that's it T_T;

...And that's all for now :D
Uh... Maybe should I spend a few words on the Spring 2013 Anime Season that just concluded, too..?
--Ok, here I go! )

..And that's all for real, now XD
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--Well, guys, you know. Better late than never!

Yes, sometimes I go to conventions for socializing purposes too.
In this period, as you should know by now, I'm pretty hyped by Hiroshi Takahashi's mangas, so time ago I joined this Italian forum about the subject and-- I found some new friends ;_;
Unfortunately everyone is gloriously scattered all over the country, so it's extra difficult to meet T_T For this edition of the Romics some of them managed to come, though! The pic above shows the only ones of us who were dressed in a WORST theme XD Another girl was featuring an Adventure Time cosplay (everyone recognized her and we kept on being the obscure morons, LOL), two other members were dressed normally (it's weird that I have to specify this...) and there was a Teap, too XD !

Convention's overview )
My cosplay: Fujishiro Takumi (WORST) )
My purchases )

My experience in a comic-maker's reality show X'D (everything was so embarassing I wanted to disappear) )

--And that's all :D
See you later to talk about anime! 'Cause your overly busy Dae here managed to catch up with all the anime that she wantd to check on during this season!
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--and declared it their new independent Principality!

I've been LUSTING after this set of gashapon even since I first saw it somewhere online-- Unfortunately I've always seen it sold-out everywhere or sporting unapproachable prices (the cheapest I found was something over 80 euros, to give you an idea), so when I spotted this on Amazon at a ridiculous price (around 40 dollars-- I kinda laughed my ass off x'D) I begged my commissioner extraordinaire and fellow Minoru&Baki's fan Truhan to get it for me, since I'm no Amazon user-- And it arrived this evening all right <3<3 !!

Under the cut for tons of pics and my UNSHAKABLE LOYALTY! )
Zeon is ready to get your ass∼!
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--I was preparing a post about my last manga purchases but I HAVE TO FANGIRL ABOUT THE NEW CHAPTER OF KUROSHITSUJI!!!

Lizzy's "°◊°" face? The adorable airhead-ness of Midford father and son? How Sohma is just adorable WHATEVER he wears?! The SPARKLY return of Aleister?!! --Oh yes... I know from where to start-- VINCENT x DIEDERICH ♥1000000!!!!!!!!!!

Just--- ASASADFSDSDFGDFGHFGFHJ!!! Toboso-sensei!!! How can you do this TO ME?! I was already SHIPPING THEM even back to their rushed appearence in the "Beautiful People" chapter but now--- I THINK THAT SOME OF THEIR LINES JUST DROVE ME CRAZY XD

For example:
"That's quite a large bookmarker you've got there∼"

"Be my fag"



...And now excuse me as I go drool ALL OVER THEM a bit more on my own∼
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Kiki is the new Aries Saint!!! YEAAAAAH *o*///
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I'm not so sure you missed me (those of you you have Facebook were probably delighted by my almost daily movies posts and ranting about the weather), but here I am to bother you again ;D
In this hiatus from my usual activity (webcomics and other crap) I spent the most of my time watching really weird movies on streaming instead of working on my cosplay ._.;
Anyway, this experience taught me some serious things that I need to share.

I'd mostly like to thank the world of cinema for two reasons:
Björn Andrésen playing Tadzio in Morte a Venezia (aka Death in Venice in the USA).
During the movie you could hear me shouting "DORIAN!! DORIAN!!" all over the place XD

Helmut Berger ♥ singing "Kinder, heut' abend, da such' ich mir was aus" in Götterdämmerung (aka The Damned in the USA).
Another few words over 'Götterdämmerung' since this movie left me IN AWE. )

This said, I must say that I'm very bitter about my recent doujinshi selling activity :/
I have lots of copies left unsold of both Give Bison! and This time it's for ever! and apparently nobody really want to buy them :/
Well, go ahead and keep buying Japanese crap over ebay for 30 dollars a booklet if it makes you happy.
As for me, I decided that I'm not going to make doujinshi based on such anime fandom anymore. I can't really allow myself to waste money this way, also if they are founded by my commissions... Or maybe I'll do as others do, and accept pre-orders before printing anything, this way I'd have the required money for the printing and no left-overs.
Anyway, my next projects are original thinglets, as I told you time ago.
First, a doujinshi inspired by The Portrait of Dorian Gray, focusing on the relationship between Dorian and Alan :DDD Speaking of Tadzio, I guess that for the cover art I'll just rip this picture off x'DD *shameless*
The second project is a soft-erotic artbook featuring pretty boys and shibari. I need to collect a good amount of ref pics and get in a good enough mood to start playing around with the concept, then I'll see :D
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So, in this week's chapter of Beelzebub is revealed that bishounen extraordinaire Kugayama is actually a girl, and Himekawa's fiancè nonetheless:
I confess you that at that "The man I fell in love with" my fujoshi fantasies went WILD... SOMEHOW I NEVER QUESTIONED KUGAYAMA'S GENDER, even if he looked QUITE feminine XD
Still, it's not as if I hate her (yet XD)... I have good relationships with this series' female cast :D (...I want cute Agiel back T_T;)

Speaking of traps, so also the Mountain People's King of Kingdom was one :o
I was sure that he was a woman in disguise here, but for some reason my brain wanted to believe her another bishie XD --Anyway, The Mountain fellows are really cool ;_;
I'm somehow glad that I don't know anything about Chinese history or the "Romance of Three Kingdoms", but what I watched randomly on movies, 'cause I'm sure that I wouldn't enjoy this series so much instead XD

A cute all grown-up Kiki showed up in Saint Seiya Omega!!!
AAAH, HE'S SO CUTE T_T; ♥ ! I was sorry to see that he isn't the new Aries Saint, though ;_; ..Or maybe he is. There are pretty nice fanarts going around he internet about this theory already --I WANNA SEEEEE >_< !!
Also, I decided that Raki is Kiki/Mu's daughter ù_u !
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;_; ♥

LOL, I really enjoyed this chapter, even if the fujoshi bait of this series is getting more and more blatant and as I told you already back then, I'm not sure I like the general direction that this series is taking... I wonder how the male audience of Genshiken feels about this sequel.

• First of all, I was glad to hear that Hato's crush on Kaminaga-senpai was of the platonic/inspirational type, because I couldn't stand the idea of Hato suffering because the senpai he likes is dating his older brother ;_;
• On the other hand, I'm totally captivated by the idea of Yuu/Ken, ahahah XD Even since it was said that Yuuichirou was the captain of the judo club I instantly got a "yaoi hint" flag jumping out of my head XDD
• Also, THIS PAGE. I think that I couldn't take such a thing in real life (I mean, fantasizing over RL people XD) but the effect was totally LOL-worth XDD Ahah, Konno and Sasahara's reactions were just PRICELESS! "WAIT-Uh..? He's agreeing with it?!", ahahahah x'DDD
• Also, I can't never get enough of Hato/Madarame hints T_T;; Hao's expression here is quite blatant about it, isn't it? Ahahah XD *delusions time!*
Also, I found this on Ebay... I was considering to buy it but the price is-- You know, a total rip off, LOL XD Well, it's a limited edition and everything, I know, but still--
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Introducing hot 'kichiku megane' characters (WHO LOOK ALL THE SAME) and then make then disappear into thin air for the sake of the series' protagonists.
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