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--Still in the middle of compiling reports D'x

First, culinary intermission! )

Aaaand here are the links to my otaku reports, appropriately compiled with pictures and the like over my website!
Gundam Square (Osaka)
Karasuno Fair in J-WORLD (Tokyo)
Sengoku Buyoden (Tokyo)
Gundam Bar SIDE 3 (Nagoya)

Now there's just the stuff over Uesama Dango left... Ugh!
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--Nice to meet you, boy from Hakone.
I like how exquisitely gay you look ♥
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I have a soft spot for these "Captain of a Sport Club" characters.

I can't help it. I'm very weak to the proper, dedicated boys who do their best, those who bear all the responsabilities, even if they are just kids and all that they should do would be having fun.
Every now and then I really wonder what's wrong with these Japaneses... They take school sports to a level that almost overcomes the rhythms and standards of profesionalism! Isn't that too hard on the body of a boy who's still growing..? --OH MY GOD, I LOVE THEM SO MUCH T3T ♥ ♥

Also, today Kingdom 2 came to an end ;_;
--This is an excuse to switch to the manga *_* I can see a third season coming up, but I really want to read the original version now *_* It's so exciting!!


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