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--And now you can have a good look at your Dae's happy face XD
This year I was one of the lucky bastards who managed to get their autograph from special guest Go Nagai *_*
--I called him "Sensei" ;_; I told him "Arigatou" T^T !! --Guys, you have no idea, this guy pretty much raised me more than my own parents, considering since how long I'm watching his anime and reading his comics x'DDD

Under the cut a picture of my autograph *_* )
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--I can find a moment to talk about the adventure of the recent LuccaComics&Games only now XD

Under the cut for Usamaru Furuya, JoJo and cosplay pics! )

--And now I'm off to catch all the anime episodes that I left behind-- AAARGH D'x !
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Returning from these 4 days of Romics, I'm here to share my experience this year, a bit different from the usual as I happened to assist in the gunpla section of Toys Hunter stand :D
A collaboration with the usual GIC, I was there with other members of the club to talk about Gundam and rec some cool kits to the people passing by and checking out the gunpla :3

As usual, under the cut for more and pics! )
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So, my internet decided to screw itself.
Until the magic maintenance will take care of it, my posts won't be as frequent and organized as I planned T_T

...Anyway, Friday I went to LuccaComics because my friends from the IGB and GIC set up some interesting stuff to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Gundam :D
That's it, a 1/8 scale RX-78-2 and its cockpit! )

--I don't know if the cockpit will resist 4 days straight of convention, though XD When I was there I helped around as staff, it's been very fun!
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Ok, I've been so busy in these past days that I don't even-- I post this now, so late it's almost a crime, but it's a matter of now or never!

So, on Sunday 6, I attended my second day of Romics, the one dedicated to my friends meeting and cosplay.
--From the pic above you can tell why I hate Sundays...


And, well, this is all :Q
...See you again on October XD
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Guys, I'm exhausted XD But I need to talk about yesterday, when I attended the first day of Romics, a convention here in Rome (in case it's not obvious enough XD):

This time I decided to go on the first day, a placid Thursday, 'cause I'm really sick of going to such conventions for just one day and to meet with friends or cosplay-- I mean, it's all good stuff, but I barely manage to take a look at the stands like this!
So for this edition I decided to go for two days: the first for the shopping and the last (Sunday) for friends, cosplay and events.

Long story short, IT'S BEEN AWESOME *_*
There was very few people so I could walk around, breath (!!), search for stuff and talk with the dealers as throughly as required *.*
I also took lots of pictures, checked some exhibitions and did some reasonable shopping, so I just stop blabbing and present you a proper, detailed report of the day!


And that's all! I hope that you enjoyed a nice, detailed report of a Romics edition after a while XD !
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So, a few days ago I've been to the first event of the Italian Gundam Club to celebrate the 35 years of Gundam.
--To be honest, I could stay for so little that I didn't manage to attend any discussion or even check the exhibition properly...But let's go in order. )

For the making of this post I have to thank my fellow gundamaniac (and Zeon follower XD) Emiliano, who kindly let me use the pictures that he took at the exhibition.
You can check the rest of the pictures on his account!
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This year I skipped my regular Valentine's pic 'cause I was looking forward to today!
Who needs to feel RONERY when you can get Free! cosplay action in real life ^o^/ ?!

"Hey Nagisa! Wanna try out my mackerel..?"
Under the cut for the event, pics and lots of cosplays!! )
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Yeeeh, I'm finally here with my report on Ludica XD
I never visited this event, but the guys of the Gundam Italian Club told me about it and their attendance there, so I decided to join the fun :D

For the sake of credit, some of the pictures that I used on this post came from the websites of both the Gundam Italian Club and Gundam Dipendente. Make sure to check them out, expecially for the pictures of gunpla and such ^_^ !

Under the cut for your Dae dealing with her first gunpla, LEGO craziness behind The Wall, nazis, garibaldinos, gladiators and even FUCKING FURRIES--! )

Oh, well, and that's all :D
It's been an extremely fun day and I was really happy to have met all the people that I just knew online 'til then ^_^ I'll make sure to attend this convention again next year, now that I know about it ^o^ !
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--Ok, I'm taking care of this, it's now or never x'D
I'M SO LATE WITH ALL MY PROJEEEECTS! My webcomics, the promised porn-- I'm also behind on my anime watchlist! And I've been out for just less than two days, LOL!

This year I attended the infamous Lucca Comics to meet with some friends, but fortunately I also managed to attend some events and mind my own business (XD)
It's been a convention filled with regrets, 'cause I did only less of half the things that I wanted to do--But let's go in order! )

I don't know if I'll manage to go again next year... I was lucky 'cause I got some days of vacation in that period and my parents were up for a Pisa tour and some nice food, so I could get a free ride there, otherwise it's such an expensive trip :/ I guess that for now I'll just stick to Romics and other events nearby T_T; ... One thing is sure: ONE DAY IS NOT ENOUGH. NEVER.
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--Also if it's not really a report on the convention, since I could attend only one day and it was A FUCKING SUNDAY.

--Why do I hate to go on conventions on Sunday? Simple:
- The place is completely CROWDED, since it's a festive day.
- It's the last day of the convention, so the most of the cool stuff was sold already.

This year I didn't have much to buy, I just wanted to get a few comics at a discounted price... Well, NO. The place was so packed with people that I could barely look at the shelves, so for the first time in my life, I got back from Romics WITH MY HANDS EMPTY ;_;
Next year I'll have to attend at least two days, no matter what. And one MUST BE a thursday.

Anyway, the main reason for my attending on sunday was because of the JoJo cosplay group ♥
We JoJo fans got to meet on Deviantart, then Facebook, and we decided to create a huge JoJo group for sunday XD
It was really fun ^0^
Under the cut for your 'Gappy' Dae XD )
Of course more pictures were taken, expecially once the group was completed! Once the others will put their shots online I'll make sure to share ^_^

Shocking news were the fact that the Romics Cosplay Award, the cosplay contest held at the end of the convention was aired on TV ò_o
There was this huge and cool stage with lights and cameras everywhere... It sure was a stunning set, but the audience was a bit bothered by all filming tools in front of the stage covering the view, and the terrible TV format needs-- Like the pauses when extra clips were supposed to be on screen, or when we had to remake scenes 'cause the applause wasn't loud enough-- LOL.
Despite all the bother, though, I managed to watch the whole thing 'til the end, so to see who won the tickets for the Eurocosplay in London and the World Cosplay Summit in Nagoya, besides the other winners∼
All in all it's been fun also if unsatisfying XD

...And now I'm off to watch ALL THE ANIME that came out yesterday ;_;# Wish me luck, UGH.
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FUCK YEAH, GUYS, tonight I went to the cinema to watch the Evangelion Night event, a marathon of Evangelion 1.0 and 2.0 in high definition and Italian language :D

Aaah, such an emotion T_T; !
I attended the event with some co-workers∼
It was really wonderful checking out the movies at a decent resolution, and dubbed, also if I wasn't ecstatic about it and if I guessed that 1.0 wasn't such a great thing, as anticipated (I refused to watch it when it was out subbed!)-- But again, what an emotion >o< !! The whole theatre was filled to the brim, and it was great commenting the scenes with my friends XD We even had a "post movie discussion" in the streets (LOL), where the husband of my co-worker kept bashing the OST XD He particularly hated Tsubasa wo Kudasai and kept saying "What the fuck with that song? It sounded like kids were singin' it! All while PEOPLE WAS DYING!" x'DDDDDDDD
--Well, I didn't like that song and scene either-- UGH, Shinji/Rei xQ°°°°

Anyway, it's late and I have to go to work in something like 4 hours, so have the rest of the pics:
--Look at people twitting frantically right after 1.0 was over x'DD

Me and co-workers (+ her husband) right after the movies :D
LOL, the cinema was practically closing down XDDD
--Also, I was trying to show off my plasters (you got the reference, right..?) and all I got was looking ninja-like >3>; !

And that's all-- I'm off to sleep!
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--Well, guys, you know. Better late than never!

Yes, sometimes I go to conventions for socializing purposes too.
In this period, as you should know by now, I'm pretty hyped by Hiroshi Takahashi's mangas, so time ago I joined this Italian forum about the subject and-- I found some new friends ;_;
Unfortunately everyone is gloriously scattered all over the country, so it's extra difficult to meet T_T For this edition of the Romics some of them managed to come, though! The pic above shows the only ones of us who were dressed in a WORST theme XD Another girl was featuring an Adventure Time cosplay (everyone recognized her and we kept on being the obscure morons, LOL), two other members were dressed normally (it's weird that I have to specify this...) and there was a Teap, too XD !

Convention's overview )
My cosplay: Fujishiro Takumi (WORST) )
My purchases )

My experience in a comic-maker's reality show X'D (everything was so embarassing I wanted to disappear) )

--And that's all :D
See you later to talk about anime! 'Cause your overly busy Dae here managed to catch up with all the anime that she wantd to check on during this season!
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--I wasn't supposed to attend this convention, but since a co-worker of mine bought some Catwoman costume and never managed to wear it properly, I suggested to go there and-- I had to go with her XD
So I dusted off my Scarecrow mask and offered her my arm!
I was quite wary about it, but I'm glad that I managed to buy some nice stuff and met some nice people :DDD I also had lots of fun with my co-worker and her boyfriend!
Now, let's get to the pictures and stuff! )

I have so many other reports to do (I visited quite a few exhibitions in Rome!), and manga to talk about (I finally bought All Rounder Meguru vol.8 and the first Gundam - The Origins databook---I mean guys, there's a WHOLE PAGE about Garma's hair and the hot oyaji from Zeon, I gotta share such things!!!) but I'm dealing with some family issues and I can find a minute to work on them ;_; I hope things will get better soon..!
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--Ok, you know what? Today Romics was over, I took over 100 pictures of cosplays of AWESOME but-- I'm sleepy and I want to go to bed, so just enjoy the pictures of MY OWN shit XD
My Cosplay - Scarecrow (Batman Begins) )
--And a little present for M3n747∼ )
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--I'm a bit late today XD But at least, this time, I properly resized the pics :'D

Convention )
Cosplays )
Meetings )

My cosplay - Kycilia Zabi (Gundam -THE ORIGINS-) )

And that's all for today :D
Tomorrow will be the last day of the convention, the one with the most cosplayers because of Nagoya Cosplay Summit's selections, so expect a good number of cool pictures >0< !!
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Today I attended the first day of Romics comic/games convention :D
I'm quite sleepy, so I'll go with pictures and fast commentaries ;D

Convention )
Cosplays )
Conferences & meetings )

My cosplay - Tamiya Hiroshi (Litchi Hikari Club) )
My purchases! )

--And that's all, folks! Now, it's bedtime for me >3> !
I hope you enjoyed this tiny report of mine!
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...It's going to be a image heavy post ^_^;

Happy Birthday, Itachi '12 by ~daevakun on deviantART


This said, here's the long waited doujinshi reviews post :D
This year I managed to catch one of my Japanese friends available to attend SuperComic City, and offering to pay the entrance, she accepted to buy me stuff- Horray ;_;/
So, this year I managed to get goodies from the second edition of Uchiha Matsuri, a "Petit Only Event" managed by the legendary Mutsumix.
Unfortunately the weather was bad and she managed to get there later than usual, and the most of the Uchiha deliciousness was all sold-out already, but I got the things I wanted the most anyway >o< !
As you can see, I got the Uchiha Matsuri anthology (KYAAAAH!) featuring short stories from (almost!) all the circles taking part to the event, then Oniichan to Issho by Bisco☆Lover, the new book of my beloved Shiokagen, Oniichan Hagukutemasu!
Then my friend presented me Mutsumix's new copybook, Kyoudai ai de idome!! and the event's pamphlet (which wasn't for free!) ;o; ♥
Under the cut for pics and-- Shhh, a tiny, mysterious download too >3> ! )

And that's all >o<
...Wow, writing this post took me for ever T_T; *cries a bit*

*crossposted without honor or humanity!*
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Finally, the report of my T&B experience in Namja Town ^o^
I had to wait 'til today because the people who went with me were slow with pictures sharing XD

Report on the park, the food and the merchandising! )

--I'm still crying over the fact that I didn't get to eat Nathan's ice-cream, FUCK T_T; ..!
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Yo guys!!!
Yesterday I got back from my trip to Amsterdam/Enschede to attend YaYCon, so here's a freshly baked report just for you :D

First of all, let me say that the Netherlands are a WONDERFUL PLACE.
Ok, the weather sucked and the food was quite ambiguous (LOL), and of course the lack of bidets is always a bad thing (but apparently we have those only in Italy--), but THE PEOPLE WERE SO KIND AND EVERYONE WAS SO NICE, CIVILIZED AND TALLER THAN ME, IT FELT LIKE HEAVEN ;o; !!!! I DID NOTHING BUT SAYING "Thank you, thank you..!" EVERYTIME ;o; !!!!!

Basic things that me and Teap noted during this trip:
- Holland is filled with people who look like Bunny-chan. At all ages. Even genderswitched. SERIOUSLY.
- "Dutch is the language of elves."
- We still don't know how "Enschede" is pronounced.
- I can't believe that these guys watch TV shows in English and German with Dutch subtitles ò_o Me and Teap had fun "dubbing" a reality show about the daily troubles of German policemen, LOLOLOL XD
- The Netherlands are cold ;_; Expecially at night, it felt like living on the moon T_T;

This said, let's go with Amsterdam and Enschede :D )

Obviously, I posted more pictures about everything (expecially the full report on the Amsterdam ship) on FaceBook ;3
Here's the link to the album: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.332682806792458.78397.100001522233548&type=1&l=8854a25e59

Now, onto the YaYCon! )

Aaah, and that's all!
I decided that I have to go another time to Amsterdam to visit everything up properly..! Such a lovely place :DD
--But this time I'll make sure to go during the warmer months of the year >_>; !!


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