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--I can find a moment to talk about the adventure of the recent LuccaComics&Games only now XD

Under the cut for Usamaru Furuya, JoJo and cosplay pics! )

--And now I'm off to catch all the anime episodes that I left behind-- AAARGH D'x !
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All these website plotting and weird work shifts left me a bit late with my anime watching duties D:
This morning I was glad to see that new Litchi episodes were online:
It was really amusing to see Jaibo fangirling over Hakuei x'D As much as it was to see Tamiya blushing because Zera told him that he should be the vocalist because he's handsome-- AWWWWW.
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Today I attended the first day of Romics comic/games convention :D
I'm quite sleepy, so I'll go with pictures and fast commentaries ;D

Convention )
Cosplays )
Conferences & meetings )

My cosplay - Tamiya Hiroshi (Litchi Hikari Club) )
My purchases! )

--And that's all, folks! Now, it's bedtime for me >3> !
I hope you enjoyed this tiny report of mine!
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#1 - Don't expect webcomics updates in a while. Right now I'm busy with cosplay and in the next days I'll be busy with the Dorian fanbook thingie. Before I settle with these projects, I can't really focus on webcomics!
I'll try to resume them as soon as I can though, so don't worry, I'm not going to drop them ^_^;

#2 - I went to watch Prometheus. I must be honest, I ENJOYED IT. )

#3 Summer Anime season ended!
The "cover" of this bit of post is dedicated to Gundam AGE (score: 8). It's a series that I really enjoyed, managed to keep me entertained, and I was glad to see that the last episode was not SO HORRIFYING compared to the previous one. Zera is alive ;_; ! Since we're not showed what happens right after the battle against La Gramis, I decided that io brought Zera-chin home and "trained" him to feelings. If you know what I mean >D
Now onto the other series :D
TSURITAMA - score:8 )
KUROKO NO BASKET - score:9 )
PHI BRAIN 2 - score:7 )

#4 And what about Fall Anime Season :DD ?
You can get the chart of the upcoming series here :D
As far as your Dae is concerned, I'm definitely going to follow Litchi de Hikari Club (also if I'm wary of the humorous format-- I mean, there are lots of idiots in the fandom already, not sure if we need more thanks to some 1-minute crack T_T;), Jojo's Bizarre Adventures (it was about time for a proper anime about Araki's epic!), Bakuman 3 (for the sake of completion XD) and Magi (I saw a lot of orn doujinshi around, I'm too lazy to check the manga, so I'll try to watch the anime for now!)... I'm also contemplating to give a chance to Psycho-Pass and K, they look like stuff that I may enjoy :3
What about you guys :D ?
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Post in the comments how much you love my new haircut and I'll give you a fandom and then you can go berserk on the questions.

I molested Teap and she gave me Litchi Hikari Club to make me rant for hours ^o^ !!
So, Enjoy the adventures of cute boys in gakuran under the cut <3 (with DevART contributions so to entertain yourself visually too!) ! )
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I bought this a while ago over AmiAmi :D
I preorder it on June, got told on September that the item will be available on October, and finally I got to buy it on October 29 :3 The thingie was promptly shipped, and I got it today via SAL.
Further pics and review under the cut! )

..KYAH :D !
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So, yesterday I worked on those two comiclets I told you, and here they are:

On his Own?! - Litchi Hikari Club / All Characters / G
GIRLS HAVE COOTIES! (remake) - Naruto / SasuIta+Shisui / G

Damn, I was looking around my comics gallery over DevART and I really feel like re-drawing the most of them o__o;
--Stuff like "Maybe Next Time" or "Getting Things Started"... UGH o__o; I'll never manage to take care of all this stuff T_T !


30/7/11 22:09
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..I realized that July is practically over and I didn't draw any Hikari Club doujinshi :DDD
Ahah, great.
Actually, there wouldn't be such a great need of it, 'cause the fandom is quite tiny (and kinda moronic, to tell the truth :/) and the only feedback that I ever got-- Well, I don't think anyone would be interested in a cheap-made Tamiya/Dafu/Kaneda thingie from Nobody Me XD But yeah, I guess that I'll do it anyway :D
Don't know if I'll also stick to the Starry Sky doujinshi... Maybe I'll release it in sketched version only..? I could do the same for that Star Driver Ryousuke/Reiji/Shingo book that I plotted MONTHS ago D': Ah, I must keep my bunnies updated to the anime series that grab my floating heart D: !!

...You guys can't tell from the result, but doujinshi is a lot of hard work :/

Anyway, today, trying do fight menstruational (not a word, but gives you the idea) cramps and a terrible headache (and my seasonal laziness), I sketched the first page-- And I inked it too.
Tamiya is so cute ♥
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Oh, guys-- You know, those days when you can't stop your mind from thinking ;__; ?
And you just have two hands and limited time in a day, and you can't KEEP UP WITH YOUR BUNNIES XD

Anyway, plotting out two new copybooks∼
Starry Sky & Litchi porn )

Also, this same digital printing service offers printing ON FABRIC.
Do you know what it means..?
I think that I'll go with Litchi for now... But I just can't decide which character is better--- ;o; !!!
What do you think f-list?

...I don't know how I could take care of my original projects now, but I'll try to fit everything in XDD ?
Besides the original ninja manga, I want to work on an artbook with original illustrations of the soft erotic side ;o; ...

*heads explodes*
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--Recently I just fall asleep all day in the afternoon and consequently I go to sleep late at night to draw stuff :/
It's not very healthy since I have to wake up everyday at 6 in the morning to go to work >_>;

Anyway!! LI-LI-LITCHI!

Litchi Hikari Circle (2 pages, G)
Picasso vs Zera (1 page, PG?)

Crossposted to [livejournal.com profile] hikari_club 'cause I'm lonely in gorgeous in fandom.

Also, yesterday I updated The Bride of the Shark with 2 new pages! Go read and comment D:

--And in these days I scanned lots of new doujinshi! Enjoy!
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Another review post. Guys, I'm getting kinda bothered, you know XD ?

This time is about my last manga purchases... I noticed that there are a few Furuya's titles available! I picked Genkaku Picasso 'cause it's art related, cute and very fun! I was positively surprised by this booklet ^_^ Then Sidooh #14, my constant resource of delicious Hijikata goodness and finally Black Butler #2 :3

Now, onto some pics+comments!

SIDOOH #14 )

Also, I wanna review this, since I was asked over DevART to share:
It's Shirokuro Game, a Litchi Hikari Club anthology that I got throught [livejournal.com profile] babyrubysoho neverending patience ♥ Thank you again, sweety ;3; ♥
But let's go through it... )

...I'm sick of reviews ;_; I wanna draw ;_;


14/5/11 16:50
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--Well, I wanted to cut them short, but in the end I chickened out and so I just cut away the damaged parts (= a good 60%!)--

Oh, God, everytime I took a picture of myself I look older and older T_T So, since I was wearing a Disney Witch long-sleeve already, I went on and I 'hairplayed' as Jaibo XD )

*rushes to get nails-polish*
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So, SuperComic City is over and I couldn't buy anything ;_; It's really a bad period for purchasing through an agent, isn't it ;_; ? *hugs [livejournal.com profile] ceasefire*

Anyway! Yesterday I got some good stuff! So I managed to go at work with a smile on my face despite the terrible 1500-2200 shift--
All Rounder Meguru #3 )
Shigurui #15 )
PuchiEva - R-Style 1.5 (Rei) figurine )

To top everything with a cute cherry, I was rushing to work when I spotted a suspicious pack in the courtyard-- LOL, the postman threw it in 'cause it was too big for the mail-box XDD
...My copy of Lychee Light Club arrived yesterday afternoon!!
Click here and read the details of my amusement-- )

And that's all for now, my friends-- Now it's really time for me to update Verflucht and Sameyome, isn't it >_>; ..?
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So, here's the schedule for the webcomics updates for this week:
Verflucht - 2 pages (1 already posted, another posted tonight)
Sameyome - 4 pages (1 new page everyday 'til Friday)
Please, keep an eye on everything and provide me massive feedback XD
--Now let's hope that starting next week I won't screw things up again >_>;

Also, I sketched two thinglets today!
Starry Sky & Litchi cuteness under the cut∼ )

--And I have a pair of bunnies for two shorties featuring Kazuki/Homare and Oushiro/Kazuki ;o; --! Will I managed to finish everything properly within today..? UGH.
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My friends, recently I feel like I'm living in well full of poo, even unable to see a bit of sky to give me a bit of hope ;_;
It's not like me to feel all emo and depressed, listening to songs and cry and such-- But my period is about to come, so I guess that it's normal..? Still, I'm having a terrible luck with everything, I really hope that all of this will be over soon, 'cause I'm overly sensitive to bad luck, and I feel like something even worse is about to come T__T

--So, to give you some positivity, let's talk about other things--LIKE DELICIOUS ANIME/MANGA UPDATES!
Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san! #2 )
Hyouge Mono #1 )
Kuragehime #29 (manga) )


Also, as usual when I feel down, I plot to cut my hair short.
Here's some cute hair-cut that I'm considering...What do you think, f-list? )
*sighs* ...Why do I lack a cute face T_T ?
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So, today I finally wrapped everything up to get my passport.
I went to the Police office to give 'em the stuff and let 'em take my fingerprints. There were some LOL moments:
-I was asked by the officer if I were a minor. I mean ò__o ..? I know that I look kinda younger, but 17?!
-When he was getting my fingerprints, the officer told me that my fingertips were ruined and urged to know what was my job XD (?!)
-The guy was a SS Lazio fan ;o; He was listening to one of those terrible sport shits on the radio, on one of those fucking latials channels ;o; !!!
I was about to tell him "So you're one of those maggots?!" but fortunately my civic education had it better on my hooligans tendencies XD
Plus, he's a policeman, I didn't think it was safe to insult his ridiculous football tastes there∼

So, yeah. I can get it in the next 15-20 days.
I better put it on some use, the deal with all this electronic shit was fucking expensive >_>#

So, in these days I produced some Litchi arts!
I posted some over [livejournal.com profile] hikari_club (LOL, I hope that they'll change the layout ASAP XD), and down here my last batch of 4koma!

Litchi Hikari Club - 4koma 2
by ~daevakun on deviantART

Speaking of Litchi, looks like Himaruya-sensei posted a picture of his hand on his blog.
So, here you have mine °3° --GUESS THE NUMBER, LOL!
I-It looks WAY TOO yellowish D:
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As you can guess from my brand new avatar, I'm currently obsessing over Litchi Hikari Club *3*
Of course I always notice such series at the wrong moment, in fact it's been licensed by Vertical so it looks like I'll never read the whole thing D:

Anyway, I went in a fanart spree over it, so now indulge my cute gakuran guro BL-ness :D )

What really troubles me about these fanarts is that I have no idea of how I should colour them D: Should I color them as I use to do? Stick to the original art? Try with some naif style..?
What do you think, my friends ;3; ?

Also, run over my devART 'cause I'm just about to post a 4koma about Zera and Jaibo XD
---Aaah, I should dram some Tamiya next... Tamiya/Zera, maybe..? Mhhhh-- *lost in deliciousness*


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