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That's it, I finally received all the figures that I bought during December as a Christmas treat--
Under the cut for the revelations! )
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This morning I received some of the first fruits of my Christmas Bonus, LOL.
I posted an "unboxing" article about them on my MFC blog ;D

--I also managed to organize the library in my room better, also if I saved lots of space and now it looks tragically empty ;o; ...Oh, well, the point was to get more room for my books and comics in the first place XD
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OMG! I can finally share a review on my last purchase, an awesome Oda Nobunaga 1/6 figure *_*
You can read about it on my MFC account ^^

I'll talk more about it tomorrow, I've more to say but I have to go to bed in I wanna wake up at 6 am tomorrow morning for work XD !
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I bought this a while ago over AmiAmi :D
I preorder it on June, got told on September that the item will be available on October, and finally I got to buy it on October 29 :3 The thingie was promptly shipped, and I got it today via SAL.
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..KYAH :D !
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So, I used the services of Yokatta under Teap's suggestion to get a few Mutsumix goodies and I must say that it worked quite well :3 They are fast with their replies and the shipping.
They ask for a commission of 700 yen each 3 items, but note that the commission applies to each shop. If you buy, for example, 2 doujinshi from Toranoana and 1 from K-BOOKS, you'll have to pay a commission of 1400 yen..!
So, yeah, it's not very convenient unless you organize your shopping with a friend and plan on splitting the expenses.
--Also, they don't do convention/events shopping :/ !

--Isn't it a lovely pack ;o; ..? It's Happy Summer Time copybook, the porny そして、涕の理由を and the set of Uchiha Neko charms/keychains ;o; Everything is so adorable∼♥ !!

Under the cut for pics and summaries! )

...And that's it!
Now I better work my ass of MY Uchihacest doujinshi >3> ...
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...And in the end I got back with 3 bags weighing 11 kilos each!

Ah, guys, what a great trip. Despite the electricity saving, the typhoon and the happy earthquake aftershocks I really enjoyed myself!!!
Now I have to get updated about all the anime and manga that I didn't check in these two weeks XD
..And someday I'll review and share all the doujinshi that I got <3 Just gimme the time to organize things (LOL, my room looks like HELL) ^_^;

Ah, in case you're curious, I posted my pictures over Facebook (but I'm still missing some that my friend took when my camera was dead XD)
You can check the albums here:
Osaka -> http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.171786202882120.44311.100001522233548&l=c6935c2379
Kobe -> http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.171792596214814.44315.100001522233548&l=1704f3c89d
Nara -> http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.171797789547628.44316.100001522233548&l=d72ba8e7c6
Nagoya -> http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.171801052880635.44317.100001522233548&l=5654a35448
I'll post Tokyo's pictures tomorrow, they are too many and I need to sleep @__@

See you in the next days for some shopping check ;D !!!

PS: I LOVE JAPAN AND IT'S THE BEST PLACE IN THE WORLD, but I REALLY MISSED my pasta, pizza, bread, bidet towels and coffee D': !!!
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--Just a late evening post to brag about my last manga acquisitions...

There's not even much to brag, considering how many people on my f-list reads those XD


Also, I promised [livejournal.com profile] m3n747 to show my brand new NERV t-shirt!
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Oh! First of all, thank you BD for your Montreal postcard and tiny dreamcatcher!! I got the dreamcatcher yesterday morning, and the postcard a few days ago ^_^
Thank you for your support and-- for stalking me, LOL x'D

Anyway, yesterday I also got in my mail the Ninja t-shirt that I bought myself for Christmas over DEVArt:
I thought that "female" sizes just meant that they're kinda tinier than male sizes, on the contrary they're fitty ;_; ! B-But it's ok, I needed some girly t-shirt in my wardrobe anyway >3>

Then, a picture of a cosplay Uchiha t-shirt that I bought over ebay a while ago, profitting of a cool "no shipping fees" promotion XD
It's a cool t-shirt that I'm going to use for my young!Itachi cosplay, unfortunately with the cheap price came a terribly lousy collar >_<; It also performs such extreme sewing, it's going to be difficult to open the collar to stuff it with something hard to keep it in shape-- Well, I have time to work on it anyway ò_o; My next convention is going to happen on October the least!

...Ok, I guess that I horrified you enough with my terrible pictures XDDD I leave you to your devices ^o^/


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