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The Expo brought another excuse for the release of random limited edition stuff to eat.
Here are the first experiments, that your Dae tried out for you <3

The first was the beer flavoured with ingredients typical of certain Italian regions by Moretti.
Out of the four choices I picked the Siciliana, flavored with orange blossoms ("Zagara"), and the Friulana, flavoured with Reinette apple ("Renetta").

If there's something that I can't stand is flavoured beer, so I picked what looked like the more incospicious flavours... Fortunately, though, the "alien flavours" are quite vague if not non-existant compared to the beer's, and the most that you notice is a peculiar note in their fragrance if smelled with attention.
It should have felt a bit like a fraud, but I was quite glad that my beer didn't taste like apple x'DDD
--Next time I'll try the Piemontese, flavoured with cranberries and rice!

The second new shit was a set of hamburgers by McDonald's!
Out of the two choices, I picked the Veggie, that sounded like something crazy XD The special edition burger is said to take inspiration from Indian cuisine (I wonder how, maybe just because Indian cooking is one with a strong Vegetarian tradition?) with an abuse of Italian flavours: so here's a "red pesto" sauce (I tasted some red peppers in there-- Yum...) and smoked scamorza cheese.
Guys, I devoured this stuff in a second ._. It was very good (for McDonald's standard, of course!) ;_; And when I went there again to try the Angus burger, I just gave up and took another Veggie ToT;
--These burgers will be available only 'til June 9... I'm waiting to see what will come next :DD

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