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Now that my webcomic The Groom of the Shark (a sequel of The Bride of the Shark) is almost reaching its conclusion, I feel like babbling a bit about sharks and mermaids and ukiyo-e.

As you should know, I live in a town by the sea, and even if I can't really swim and drowning is one of the deaths I fear the most, I feel a strong bond with this element-- )

...Speaking of Japanese prints about mermaids, I also find one where a mermaid is sexually assaulted by an octopus, but I leave that to your Google skills to find XD
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--Of course! Go figure if I can manage to follow a schedule every now and then XD

Anyway, yesterday I started to sort out things, I came up with a "storyboard" for Tra i Fiori and its conclusion.
Feel free to take a peek at how my mind works x'DD

I saw that it'll take me 13+1 pages (the "1" is just a tiny extra "Thanks" page) to finish the story.
And I decided that I want to end it within this month.

So expect multiple pages updates in the next days. I'm going to start tomorrow with 4 pages 'til I'll be done. *determination*

Once I'll be done with Fiori, March is going to be The Groom of the Shark's month: in fact the second part of the sharky sequel will come to an end within this month.

The spring season will see the start of Hana no Ka wa tsugu (that will be shortened as HanaKa... I can tell you this already XD), which is going to be a very short comic, that hopefully I can take care of during the whole month without further stress.
The protagonists of this tiny sequel of Sakura Mishouzo are going to be Mitsubachi (that now goes by the name Hachida Mitsuhiko) and Oda Nobutada, the son of the famous general Oda Nobunaga.

Outsuke-dono, another short story about the youth of Nobunaga through the eyes of his young retainer Maeda Toshiie, will see light on May, as I anticipated, if not earlier, once I'll be done with HanaKa.

...And let's see if I can follow this shit. One step at time, let's start to get rid of these fucking bunnies.
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--I thought that a Facebook account would be enough but people seems to like to ignore it, so I'll write about it here too.

About my webcomics updates!

Tra i Fiori has been just updated today, on WEDNESDAY, and it WILL BE UPDATED EVERYDAY 'TIL SATURDAY 15/6.
The Groom of the Shark will be updated NEXT MONDAY, and it WILL BE UPDATED EVERYDAY 'TIL FRIDAY 21/6.

You got it?


29/10/12 14:00
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I finished the new page of Samemuko (online at 9 pm Dae's time) and now I'm working on the bookmark gift for those who purchase my booklets online:

After I'm done with this and I sent it to the printers I'll probably go and chill out with my Nobunaga's thinglet coding... All this recent HTMLing inspired me to update the layouts and contents of both my neglected Tamashii no Refrain and Fire&Blood (I'll probably change its title, too XD right now it sounds soooo lame!) --But it's lots of work, so I'll probably take care of it another day XD

On the random fangirly side, I'm seriously contemplating to buy this ULTRA-EXPENSIVE figure... I'm probably crazy, but if I can't waste my money like this what I am working for, after all?
Assuming that my independence and my own house are out of question, with such a salary and in these times--
--Or maybe I should save money to attend YaoiCon 2013 and for my tour to Bavaria ._.; ..? Surely a trip to the States is WAY MORE EXPENSIVE than a mere RARE, HANDMADE, LIMITED EDITION figure of my favourite Sengoku samurai...

Speaking of my atworks, I was thinking of opening a page about it on Facebook :o ...Still wondering what category I should put it in-- "Artist", maybe >_>; ..?
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Uhm, yeah, updates on SameMuko, both comic and questions, tomorrow :o !
I went shopping with my mom today and I got late!
I was contemplating to work on it right after dinner but tomorrow I have to get up extra-early for work, so I don't think it's the case.

Among the other stuff I bought (a really cool cargo jacket *_* !!), here's my most prized possession XD
This is just one of the few "Westerner Stuff Re-Discover" moments in these days.
First I have this urge to buy Batman comics/t-shirts/crap and ship Bruce and Dick like there was no tomorrow (I FUCKING NEED THIS T-SHIRT), then I revived my Giger's fangirling while getting in the mood for Prometheus movies-- I heard from bot Forchy and Menty('s Skype status XD) that it kinda sucked but I wanna watch it anyway, 'cause I'm intrigued by the visuals ;_; I'm not really expecting anything great from the plot anyway >_>;
--I'll keep you updated once I'll manage to buy some comics :3 Unfortunately the most of the titles that I'm intruigued by are already sold-out ;3; I hope that I'll manage to find something at Romics!

...Off to bed now!
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...Sorry, I was kinda sick yesterday and I couldn't update you about it ;3;
Also, you can read the first answers to the ASK THE SHARKS! event >o< !
Enjoy, and feel free to ask your questions here >o< !
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Finally x'D

The extra goodie that I promised you once we'd reach the 500 fans of my webcomic ^^
For the whole month you can ask the characters of The Bride of the Sharks or The Groom of the Sharks (sure, also the characters that yet have to appear!) whatever you like ^_^ Why Toshi finds Keani cute? What kind of underwear 'Ehukai wears in the human world? What's Shinji's favourite dish or who's Ano'i's favourite Disney Princess? Ask whatever you like to your heart contents!
I'll update the webcomic with the answers every week ^_^

I look forward to your delicious request, have fun and thank you again for the support >o</ ♥ You can ask your question on the <a href="http://samemuko.smackjeeves.com/comics/1573922/samemuko-500-fans-special-ask-the-sharks/" target=new>webcomic's comments or here on DevART ;D <3
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Recently I'm really busy and un-focused on my webcomics duties, so I decided to take a short hiatus and resume working on the webcomics once the weather will be nicer and I'll be less busy with real life and/or easily distracted.
Hopefull on September 3 everything should be back on track :3

• In these days I was extremely busy with work, working overtime almost everyday kinda killed me, also if I rarely work more that 6 hours a day.
• I'm busy with my cosplay, in an unproductive way that makes me way too aware of its imperfection, in a neverending work of sewing-ripping that makes me feel as smart as Penelope... • For the sake of cosplay I took a few commissions to pay some horrifying white boots, and I'm not even sure if they'll reach me per time, since it's crap from China and the customs really enjoy keeping such things FOR EVER in their care.
• Besides this, I also managed to keep up with some otaku duties. I watched Madoka Magica, as I told you already, and managed to read Hellsing and Bokurano mangas in their entirety, finally.
• I also started to read Elfen Lied manga, I used to keep up with the RAWs once the anime was over but that was quite useless and stopped XD
• I found a copy of The Portrait of Dorian Gray on an aircraft during work, and I decided to keep it to give it a read, since nobody requested it back... IT DRUGGED ME x'D
I filled it with all kind of gay subtexts everywhere (I decided that Dorian/Alan totally happened LOL) so I managed to enjoy it even more! I'M COMPLETELY CHARMED, I TELL YOU! I HAVE TO DRAW THIS SHIT!!!
While searching the internet I got to know that an 'uncensored' version, featuring the original version printed in monthly magazines, and I'd like to read it.
Maybe I found the Italian version, I need further investigations!
• I also got to know that a fancy movie starring Ben Barnes was released, but I don't really think that I'll watch it, because reading bits of the plot DISGUSTED me >_<; ..!
I may consider to watch Wilde, though....
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A..A belated update, sorry ;_;
But, at least I finally upped the characters page :D I look forward to your opinions :D !
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Ok! Right now I'm working on SameMuko page 7, and after this it'll be Fiori's turn :3
Tonight (Dae Time) I'll update both comics, so keep an eye on both >o< !

Yesterday I started to work on my cosplay for Romics! The result is still a bit WTF at the moment, but I'm still fired up >o< ! Today I went to buy more fabric and stuff for the details, I was lucky and spent less than I thought :D As soon as I'll get together something decent I'll show you some 'making of' :D
I also bought the new Sidooh vol.17, as soon all I'll have free time I'll make you the usual summary :DD I got so busy that it's still wrapped in my bag ^_^;

And most importantly, I finally tried this new Japanese restaurant (as usual, it's owned by Chinese people XD) close-by and I GOT MY KATSUDON!!!
It looks a bit "unorthodox", but it was quite delicious and filling! It costed 8 euros... It was a fair price, considering the size of the bowl! I was a glutton and I had a salmon onigiri before this, so once I was done with the katsudon my tummy felt like exploding X'D
I saw that they had katsukare on their menu too (for 10 euros ò_o)! Next time I'll try that too >o< !!
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--It's been so hot, so I had no chance to work on the new pages yet ._.
I'll upload pag.7 of The Groom of the Shark on Wednesday, July 4, together with Tra i Fiori's update. Look forward to it, and sorry ;o; !

Also, a little note on yesterday match: AAARGH, MI CORAZOOOON T_T; !! I was expecting a defeat but not such an HUMILIATING defeat ;_; --IS IT PUNISHMENT BECAUSE I MADE FUN OF GERMAN FANS' PUREST TEARS?!! I STILL THINK THAT IT WAS TOO CRUEL ;_; !!
--Even if we can always complain about the fact that we had too little time to rest, that a good amount of our players were more or less injuried already... Really, that's NOT how you face such a strong team like Spain-- *is a sore loser XD*
Anyway, in a sense, the result was a perfect picture of the problems of our team: a worthless defense (that's what you get from Juventus-- Buffon can't do everything by himself!) and the lack of proper scorers. --Let's hope the in the next two years Prandelli will realize that (but I doubt he will =_=;)...

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PS: I never cursed in my life as I did during today's match ^_^; LOL SPORTMANSHIP!


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