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I finally managed to finish the face-up (haircut included!) of my custom 1/6 doll of Char Aznable :D
Under the cut for making-of and further pics! )

Now there's clothes left to do--
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This morning I wanted to see if my hand could still deal with painting and inking stuff traditionally-- So I decied to try my hand on this simple portrait of Madara and Itachi, to use for the new version of Fire&Blood, hopefully...

Weapons of choice: heavily watered acrylic paint on 90gr paper (it's the paper you use to print photocopies, to give you an idea XD); Total time: around 15 minutes-- )

...And here's the finished product once I cleaned it up with Photoshop ^_^;

Long story short, I need to "refresh" my traditional skills every now and then >_>;
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Oh, guys ;_; ...

1) So, on August 15 I went to the summer festival here dedicated to Virgin Mary-- I was wearing my yukata (everyone was shocked to see me dressed up like that and I couldn't escape some sarcastic comments, but at least nobody made fun of me and a guy selling crepes showered me with compliments about how awesome and pretty I was --And that was probably the most embarassing part XDD) and I took a few pictures of the place and at a certain point, when I was taking picture of a Porchetta stand, MY CAMERA FELL OUT OF MY HANDS AND CRASHED D': --Honestly, I'm still shocked about this. Now I have to buy a new camera T____T --And I didn't even manage to take a picture of myself in the streets in an abuse of folklore ;____;
Well, the son of the friend who came with me took a few pictures of me in yukata, but we were in their home during dinner with their relatives (ANOTHER MOST EMBARASSING MOMENT)-- Unfortunately both of them are technologically impaired XD, so they can't send them to me, but as soon as I'll teach them some stuff I could probably be able to share at least those, hopefully with what is inside the memory card of my dead camera ;_; *mourns*

2) The above friend, knowing that I hate communists and I love homosexuals, borrowed me "Before the Night falls" by Reinaldo Arenas.
It's a really wonderful book, bitter, fun, cruel, but never pathetic. I'm just surprised to see how much gay sex was available in Cuba even during Castro's dictatorship XD
My friend told me that there's a movie about it too, so we're going to rent and watch that together :D I really look forward to it, also if I don't know how all those happy fucking will be rendered on screen XD
--Also, in a fit literature libido, I bought "Fear and Trembling", "The Character of Rain" (...) and "Tokyo Fiancée" (...Seriously, who came with these terrible titles XDD ?!) by Amelie Nothomb, one of my favourite writers.
I bought them in English, 'cause I couldn't find the Italian editions on BookDepository, but I'm quite glad: I spent around 18 euros for all of them, when the average price in Italy would be something like 35 euros >_> --And then people call me "dishonest" 'cause I read books for free at Feltrinelli >_>;
..Please note that I owned "The Character of Rain" "The Metaphisics of Pipes" already, but I borrowed to someone and it got lost ;___;

3) In these days I went into huge fights with everyone D: It's obviously my problem, but recently I find everyone stupid, irritating and worth my rage.
I'm probably just ovulating, but the only result I got was halfing my Facebook friendlist... I feel bitter, but also relieved. --Tastes a bit like "Justice", yanno.

4) When browsing pixiv I stumbled on a porny picture of Haruka and Natsuki from Uta☆Pri and I FELT LIKE THROWING UP.
Recently I'm also in a rabid shipper mode. I'm sorry, it's the worst kind of fujoshi and I know it, but as I got more and more amused by some pairings I can't really stand anything different D':
--Natsuki/Sho for ever >o< !!

5) Apparently Fei from Sacred Seven is not a cute shota, but a cute loli. I want to assume that the subbers can't just translate but it's not very likely and so I HATE THE WORLD.
Well, probably it's weirder to think that he was a boy instead of a girl and be so SURE about it as I was XD Pico, DAMN YOU!

6) Speaking of traps, I finally finished this:
--And click here to see my new half-assed -but effective- way of colouring stuff :D )

And that's all for now ;_;
See you when ovulation isn't turning me into a complete douche or as soon as I'm getting hold of a new (cheap) camera T_T ...
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--When you draw something, you ink it and then you realize that you really want to change some of it XDDD ..?


..In case you're curious, you can check the finished art here :3
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Lalala-- I promised you some making of, right?
Today I had a day off so I could take care of some stuff--

The Shark God
by ~daevakun on deviantART

--And here's the making of with some detail's shots! )

Sorry for the lack of explainations but I'm a in a rush :D
I hope you enjoyed <3
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I started this pic a while ago and today I finished it.
It was an exercise where I just copied this scene from Sidooh manga by Tsutomu Takahashi-- I really love the way this author inks and shades, so I tried to train my hand with him.

I used various tools to ink this pic :3
Here they are:

Since I was there, I took pics of the various inking stages and details :D )

No commentaries 'cause I'm in a rush to update DevART with some new stuff XD
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Today I was looking around my old albums and I found some pretty old arts∼
It's almost 10 years old (I was 18, happily attending Art School... Aah, I liked my High School times, so much fun ;_;), but I still like these--
--At the time I was pretty fixated with angels, demons and decorative arts..Among the arts I even found my old notes about angelology and demonology *_* Aaah, those were good times! )

I made these with China ink and ball-point pen :3
--I felt really nostalgic and I decided to remake one of the pics :D But I was out of China ink, so--The infamous return of watercolors (on copy paper... MORE AND MORE difficult XD !) )

...Now the art is obviously pressed under the dictionaries and my feet XD
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--OH MY!

Back to watercolours! INTENSE MAKING OF !! (--And I'm out of brushes D:) )

--Now the pic is under three dictionaries and my feet.
The water "waved" the paper and now I have to find a way to flatten the sheet back or it would look ugly once scanned T_T

PS: Barber brushes suck for watercoloring :/
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And here I am with another realistic Uchihas making of∼
This time I used this pretty picture as reference for the pose and anatomy; I'm not extremely plesed with this picture as I was for Madara's, but it's been an interesting exercise anyway.

Itachi+Sasuke+Maddie )

--As I told you already, I'm not extremely happy with the finished product... Well, hopefully it'll get better once coloured >3> ..?
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Finally, the last part ^_^;

This is about coloring. It's not the ultimate tutorial about CG coloring but it shows how do I get certain results and obviously you can use it as a reference to develop your own style.

For this tutorial I'm going to use ADOBE Photoshop 7.0.
Every program that supports layers and multiplying would do, but I personally prefer Photoshop 'cause its brushes are really pretty and easy to use and edit.

Read more... )

And that's it ^_^
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Here I come with the second part of the making of/tutorial :3

This time I'll tell you about inking.
I'm not particularly good at inking (and I hate it >_>), but I have some tips that you may find interesting :3

My weapon of choice for this part of the tutorial is my STAEDTLER Pigment Liner size 0.3

Read more... )

Now run to next step-- Coloring.
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--I'm checking my work's schedule. Today I was supposed to work for 9 hours. And it's raining.

Anyway, since this morning I feel a little better and I feel kinda guilty 'cause yesterday I went to sleep at 22.00, I decided to work on another commission :D
I'm taking my time 'cause I'm really enjoying drawing it ^_^
So I thought that it would be nice to share with you some kind of drawing tutorial :D
Well, it's mostly a step-by-step making of more than a real tutorial, but I tried to add some tips while showing the various steps... I hope you'll find it interesting ^_^

I'm using my STAEDTLER Noris pencil (2H-4 degree) here ^_^

Mhhhh, muscles... )

And that's all :D
It's pretty, but also overflowing with details... In the next part we'll ink it, so to emphasize the most important parts ;D !
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--I started to draw this while my PC was dead-- I hoped I could post it as soon as I got it back but -Ah,ah- I FAILED and I'm still colouring it XD
It's really short and not quite porny-- But it's being a good exercise!

A making of under the cut ^^ ! )

--And now, let's going to get some sleep--
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--That's what I'm doing instead of working on your christmas artworks.
Ahahah :D

No, really. This morning I was wondering about anime things... And I decided to make a magical boy short comic.
I've already the title. Something like Magi Magi PunPun!.
No idea about what "Magi Magi" could stay for (what about "Magic Magister"? COOL X'D !!) but I'm totally psyched about it.
I'm going to post it all over y!G... It's not going to be strictly porn, because there's a little boy, but I'll probably add some spicy scenes between the other characters--And probably some shota hints. After all after Gurren Lagann WE'RE ALL SHOTA.

Anyway, drawing a cute character is quite difficult... )

Are you feeling like a pedophile X'D ? Don't worry, he's going to grow up EVENTUALLY :D )

Wish me luck.
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--Second part of the tutorial :D
Well, since today I just finished the background I didn't make a step by step tutorial, but only a mere making of to show you XD
Next time I'll be more detailed in the explainations, trust meh.

Background GET--! )
The WIP 'til now :3 )
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So, as I told you days ago I tried to colorize some Karin from Naruto, but my PC decided to die, leaving me all bothered and frustrated.
Today I tried again (despite the sempiternal heat >_>) and I decided to convert the experience in some making of/tutorial to share.
I never colorized a manga page, so it's an interesting experience for me too ^_^;; I hope I won't mess with things >_>

Anyway, in this first part I took care of the lineart and the first basic coloring.
For this tutorial I used my happy Paintshop Pro :D *huggles it*

Here are the first steps-- )
--And here's a fullshot of the page. )

And that's it. Next time (tomorrow XD ?) we'll turn it in a fancy picture with happy Photoshop :D
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So, today I profitted to work a bit on my cosplay for LuccaComics... I was supposed to finally sew flashback!Itachi's t-shirt, but things didn't go as planned D:

Since I did a little but I indeed did SOMETHING, get ready for a pedantic post with pictures XD )

I painted and re-painted that damn crest all day, waiting for it to dry properly between a repaint and another >_>
It wasn't suppose to take me the whole day, the bastard ;_;
Hopefully tomorrow I'll make more progresses >_>;;


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