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Another report of my recent, usual walk in Rome-- Apparently in this period terrorism is spreading around the world in place of the usual flu, the FBI is saying that Rome will be targeted in the next days, personally I couldn't care less, I'll keep wearing my scarf rather than fear (as for umbrellas, the exterior decor supplies them)!
Under the cut for my random walks that led me to the Ghetto, Saint Peter's, checking out recently restored fountains, eating stuff and freezing up! )

Later in the evening I attended an interesting conference led by my friends Antonio and (newly-acquired XD) Francesca:
Under the cut for the report on this interesting introduction on Japanese gardens! )

And well, this is all for now, see you later!
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I spent this summer visiting some cool exhibitions set in historical libraries dating the Baroque period (XVII century).
As I compiled articles dedicated to the exhibitions for my Rome Blog, here's the practical index where you can check all of them from a single page ;D
--In brackets is the theme of the exhibition :3 !
Biblioteca Alessandrina ("La Sapienza" of Borromini)
Biblioteca di Archeologia e Storia dell'Arte (Vittoria Colonna and Michelangelo)
Biblioteca Casanatense (Lands and Flavours from the World in the Ages of Exploration)
Biblioteca Vallicelliana (Saint Filippo Neri)

The only one that I yet have to manage to visit is the Biblioteca Hertziana! That place is more difficult to access than the Pentagon XD !
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I mean, something new XD

First of all, pimping two new articles over my Rome's blog.
This time I delivered promptly, so you can read something cool and detailed already ;D Here are the direct links to the posts dedicated to an exhibition at Quirinal palace and the report of the Railway Museum of Porta San Paolo :D

Under the cut for the rest :D )

--And, well, that's all for today!
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Back in Rome and back in action.
Yesterday I managed to take another nice tour of the Capital, looking for materials for my Rome blog.
Before updating that poor, neglected blog, I'd like to share some shots with you, and talk a bit about yesterday whereabouts... )

And that's all, see you again when I'll pimp the stuff that I mentioned above :P
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..Yesterday I went to another walk around Rome XD
Sorry if I don't post anymore gay porn and the like T_T

Going back to the subject of this post, an interesting bit was that Piazza Venezia was a pedestrian area! OOOH, it was great! The whole Via dei Fori Imperiali and the square, free from the Roman traffic∼
We had to thank some demostration pro-Palestine... The whole place was packed with police, but honestly, it was a blessing.

Anyway, under the cut for some food spam and a bit of baroque! )

--And well, this is all, I'm going to watch my new episode of The Paradise now *_*
BBC is the best. Fullstop.
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As I mentioned earlier, yesterday I tried to take part to the European Heritage Day: museums were free to access (or you had to pay 1 euro for entrance), open 'til 2400 and some events and shows were organized almost everywhere.

I was really tired when I got back from work, but I really wanted to check a few places :3
My pick were the Museums of Villa Torlonia (as there was an exhibition that I wanted to look since for ever and these are the last day it's up), Palazzo Barberini and Palazzo Spada.
"Unfortunately" I could visit only the first place as I couldn't organize things properly to visit everything, but I presented myself an interesting theatrical rendition of the Eneid by a group of Sicilian actors-- But let's go in order-- )

All in all it's been a fulfilling day, I'm just sorry that I had to skip on some places that I wanted to see ;_; Next time I'll organize myself better!
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Oh, Divi Princeps∼!
It's been lovely to spend the night with you∼
Even if you ditched me at the end D:

Yesterday I managed to organize myself with work and public transportations, so I enjoyed myself some of the events of this year to celebrate the 2000 years from Augustus' death.
When I say "Augustus" I mean the first Emperor of Rome-- Just saying XD

First, a concert in Latin on music from the Reinassance, following the tradition of Humanism and its love for classics∼
The authors were Tyrtarion, the "didactic orchestra" of Vivarium Novo, an Academy dedicated to the study of Latin, Greek and all their implications.
I took a video of the intro to the concert, a hymn to Venus by Lucretius. --Please, enjoy my efforts XD The place was crowded, and the best places were reserved for the "authorities" ;_;

The concert ended around 9 pm, after it I went to take a peek to the Ara Pacis.
On certain nights (yesterday was one) it's "lit up with colours" to show its (hypothetical) original look.
In fact, the monuments of Ancient Rome were mostly painted, not as white as we see them now.
As the ticket for this monument is kinda expensive and I visited it already recently, I limited myself to peek from the outside.
Fortunately the "showcase" designed by mister Meier lets the monument being perfectly visible even from the outside.

I found a promotional video on Youtube, you can see better details of the colours and statues here ^^

I had lunch at a McDonald's (how sad x'D) around there-- It was another fulfilling experience, 'cause I managed to finally try that damn pasta salad that they do on summer!
The sauce was made with cherry tomatoes, olives and peppers. It was pretty decent.
Together with it I ordered some mini panzerotti, they were delicious ;o; ! It's the kind of crap that I can easily get addicted to T_T; !! --I EVEN GOT TO KNOW THAT THEY ARE SOLD IN A BOX WITH OTHER SIMILAR SNACKS!!!! I WANT THAT, AND I'M NOT GOING TO SHARE AT AAAALL!!!!

So, all the ingredients were there to grant me a special evening but-- I couldn't manage to reserve a ticket for the show on the Imperial Forum of Augustus ;_;
Basically, it's a documentary about Augustus and his times, projected on a (huge) wall of the site.
--As I couldn't enjoy the show, I just stood there looking at the projections for a bit, then I got home ;_;
To give you an idea (that surely you won't get from my shitty picture XD)I found another promotional video of the event, you can watch it here :D
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First of all, yesterday evening I managed to upload my last artworks of Nobu on DeviantArt-- I tried to do the same on Pixiv, but I kept getting an error, so I managed to upload only one ToT HOW FRUSTRATING--!

Anyway, the real deal with this post is to share my experience during a visit to Palazzo Doria Pamphilj, one of the residences of the noble families of Rome.
This was, to tell the truth, a visit born from a misfortune-- )

PS: As the voice of the prince, with his charming British accent, "intrigued" me a lot, I took a little research on the intraweb... It ended up that the prince is married and --GAY!
I was devasted and amused and the same time XD !
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Yesterday it was possible to access the Statal Museums for free in Rome :D
I profitted to take a walk around glorious ruins in a homage to Augustus Imperator∼
You know that the mont of "August" is named after him, right..?

This post is an excuse to share with you some bits of my tour for yesterday, where I took informations for my posts on Roma a Mozzichi e Bocconi-- So, here you go with some pics and a mini-report ^o^ )

And that's all for today, I hope that you found this walk around ancient Rome entertaining ^o^/
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--Just a little post to update you guys on my whereabouts XD

First of all, you have to know that I'm experiencing some troubles with the internet... I think that I got some virus on my PC, as the connection of my father is fine D: But I'm not in the mood to have my PC checked, so, in these days, I just focused less on my internet and more on my real life: reading, watching TV, going outside for a walk-- I must say that I'm fine with this turn of events, even if watching anime oin streaming in such a condition can get really frustrating Dx !

The bigger cause for my net inactivity is, paradoxally, my Rome's blog:

Going around to check the places and visit them sure is time consuming and tiring, and once I'm home I'm happy, but tired XD

I'm also spending more time watching TV, entertaining myself with some documentaries of sort :D
Besides the artistic ones (Rai5 for ever!) and the naturalistic ones (Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan! KYAAAAH ♥ !!), I like that stuff featuring millionaire things-- For example, Million Dollar Rooms-- Everyone tells me that I should quit with such things, but they are so interesting ;_; --I want an aquapark in my garden, too T^T !!

On the anime front, here's what I'm going to watch this season:
I'm expecially looking forward to Barakamon and Nobunaga Concerto.
I'm going to give a try to bishounen stuff like DRAMAtical Murder and Shounen Hollywood... As I'm relatively reassured with DRAMAtical (Nitroplus ♥ ) I'm still doubtful about Hollywood... I won't tollerate any "otome shit" here :/ --But for now I'm quite reassured by a "male only" cast.
I'm also looking forward to the second season of Yami shibai, after I marathoned the first season yesterday and managed to get to sleep filled with terror T_T; ... Maybe it's the same as with those million dollar rooms XD I should quit that--!
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Today I managed to attend a conference dedicated to the world of yokai and Japanese monsters/supernatural issues!
The conference introduced the book of this young Italian scholar, Marta Fanasca, dedicated to the symbology and sociology behind the development of Japanese "unknown". It's incredible how much one can learn about a civilization by taking into consideration its folklore!
Here's a picture of the author and her book, and the two professors of Oriental Studies of "Sapienza" University, that followed Marta through her academic career and were there to give their contribution to the discussion (it mostly ended with the professor of Japanese and Chinese literature talking about his adventures with ghosts in his childhood LOL).

The location for the conference was the garden of the restaurant/gallery Doozo, in Rome. It was very cute, but it was also hot and the place was filled with mosquitoes D': I had one of those smoky mosquitoes repellent burning besides me, I wasn't touched by the mosquitoes but I was almost getting intoxicated myself D': *coughs*
--The place was quite crowded! It was nice to see so much interest about the subject :D

Under the cut for the contents of the discussion! )

All in all it was a really interesting discussion! I was pleased and motivated <3
...Now I just need to find that book so to buy it >3> !
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The weather is still a bit WTF over here, but at least I still managed to have fun XD
Two days ago my friend Babi came to visit from the desolated lands of Padania Northern Italy, and we enjoyed ourselves some pretty places in Rome∼

Under the cut for pictures and the like! )

--Of course I'm going to talk further of both the Roseto and the Orto on my Rome blog when I'll find some mental strenght XD
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--I finally managed to write about this XD
Please, enjoy!
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How long, my friends∼!

Today I visited again the Institute of Japanese Culture in Rome, since I finally managed to reserve a visit to its Japanese garden by Ken Nakajima ToT; !

I'm going to make an extensive article about it on my Rome's blog when I'll have the chance to visit the other garden of Nakajima in Rome, the one at the Orto Botanico.

Once there, I also managed to buy a booklet that explains the traditional festivals in Japan and how they originated, inspired by the early exhibition of koi and other references to the Boy's Day (now "Children's Day") at the entrance of the institute...
I feel really guilty that I missed the dolls exhibition on Hinamatsuri T_T
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--I must say that I'm really enjoying the work that I'm doing with my Rome's blog.
One may think that a blog is another excuse to plant your ass in front of the PC and do nothing, but I love how it's turning into a daily discovery of my city: and I'm not talking about the locations only, but also about the people living here.
Last time I entertained myself with Pierina of the Clinica delle Bambole, yesterday is was about Antonio of the Orti Urbani della Garbatella...

Sharing my best shots of yesterday's hanami, and of course the related article on my blog, where you can find my talk with Antonio about his karesansui garden too:

--And tomorrow ...ROMICS XD !
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--Here I am to share my new blog stuff *_* !
These last projects come from some recent thoughts and considerations about the stuff that I want to share on these pages-- In the end I opted to give more relevance to subjects that I hold dear by inaugurating these two new projects that I now bring to your attention∼

♥ Roma a Mozzichi e Bocconi
My blog dedicated to my walks in Rome, curiosities and trivia about the city, its monuments, and the occasional reviews on exhibitions and events.
--If you're curious about something and you want me to write about it feel free to ask ^o^ !
Also, at the moment I'm quite troubled by the layout of the website-- It's supposed to show a cool picture in the preview of the article but I don't know how to make it work T^T; ...

♥ 上様団子
My blog dedicated to Oda Nobunaga *_*
Here I collect infos, datas, reasearches, but also reviews of anime, manga or TV series about the Demon King and whatever comes to my mind, so it's going to be updated quite frequently ♥
I'm also going to post about my upcoming manga projects in there, since they are revevant to the Tenka interests∼

And that's all :D
Please, watch and read everything and let me know what you think of it ^o^ !!
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So, yesterday I went with my cousing to check this wonderful exhibition dedicated to Sir Lawrence Alma Tadema and his fellow Preraphaelites and Aesthetists!
The exhibition was set in the adorable Bramante's cloister, by the church of Saint Mary of Peace-- The problematic thing of the location is that it's squeezed into a lots of tiny roads so we got lost. )
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Yesterday, profitting of an unfortunate misunderstanding where Babi ditched me in the park of Villa Borghese, I decided to give a sense to my trip and take a touristic walk in Rome, as an excuse to gain material for a sort of "touristic blog" about this city that hopefully I could launch in the next days.
I'm probably being narrow-minded and pigheaded, but to me there will never be a city more beautiful than Rome.
I may understand that many persons would never get used to its sempiternal chaos, the way its citizens make fun of you, the WTFness of public transportations or the gipsy pickpocketers at the train stations, but let's be honest: walk around here and you'll always feel like you're part of a movie.
At a certain point you'll think "Is it possible to have all this beauty in just one spot?" and hopefully you'll forgive all the shit that you had to go through before you realized it--
Under the cut for bits of Villa Borghese, lunch at the Jewish Ghetto and MOAR Trastevere! )

And, well, that's all ^_^
I hoped that this tiny post charmed you at least a little bit!
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So, yesterday, profitting of the last day of sun 'til the end of the month (the so-called "The Days of the Blackbird" are coming ;_; !!), and most importantly, profitting of the free access to a majestic exhibition in Rome dedicated to Octavianus Augustus and the periodic Japanese market, I decided to go ahead and getting myself ready for an evening trip to my favourite city ^^
under the cut for the whole thing! )

And this is the end of a wonderful night in Rome :D
--Now I'm back to my everyday life T_T; *works on both The Groom of the Shark update and on commissions at the same time*

Aaah! Sic transit Gloria Mundi, my friends..!
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...And here's a report with pictures!

I know that many of you enjoy my reports on Rome with turistic bits, so I gladly took some extra pictures to let you enjoy my walk :3
After all those gloomy couldy and rainy days it was nice to have some sun, even if it's pretty cold!

I was lucky to find a wonderful sunny day :3
Here's a spot from Testaccio, precisely Via Marmorata.
Testaccio is a pretty popular quarter, famous for its fans of AS Roma football club XD
--Do you see that arc in the middle of the sidewalk? It dated to Middle ages :D Very little people know about it, even if there's an explanatory sign next to it XD
Under the cut for the rest of the tour! )


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